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If you are still not sure about exploring astrology why not make a appointment for a Meet-and-Greet with myself?

This is a valuable personal connection opportunity for you to meet with me before you invest in yourself.

Typically for 20 minutes.

This is complimentary, free, gratis, on-the-house and at no cost to you.

What are you waiting for?

What is a Meet-and-Greet?

A Meet-and-Greet is when you and I get together to casually chat about astrology and what I can do for you.

It gives you a chance to talk to me and assess whether my style and approach is what you are looking for. It is not a reading.

Where is a Meet-and-Greet held?images

Usually at a coffee shop and now also on Skype.


Coffee shop: I like Waves Coffee House or Starbucks for example. It will be in downtown Vancouver as that is where I have my astrology practice.

Skype: Many folk who live far away wish to have a Skype Meet and Greet so I now offer them although you have to make your own coffee.

When is a Meet-and-Greet held?

I like to meet new people in the morning, afternoon or evening. I am happy to schedule this free session with you so we can get to know each other a little before you move forward with your astrology needs.

You may want a reading or a class or something else and by getting together to discuss your goals we can find a good fit.

How to request your Meet-and-Greet

Please contact me in the form below to request your complimentary Meet-and-Greet. I will contact you with timing options that suit you and me both.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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