Introduction to Synastry and Relationship Astrology – Level 4

by Alison Price

Synastry and Relationship Astrology

This advanced course will address your personal relationships.

Each lesson is two hours with the expectation that you will do two hours of homework and related study per lesson.

You will work with two charts throughout the course; your chart and another person’s chart of your choice (boyfriend, husband etc.).

This course covers the CAAE Relationship course requirement for the elective course.

You must be able to read a natal chart and forecast in astrology.

Course overview

You will be shown how to first interpret the two charts separately and learn to analyze them from a relationship point of view.

You will compare two charts for their romantic potential and determine the synastry between the two charts.

You will begin to appreciate the value of using a composite midpoint chart and Davison relationship charts in personal relationship analysis.

You will get some pointers on how to select a wedding date.

Lesson 1: Synastry I

  • Pairs of charts
  • Interpretation for the romance of natal charts
  • Types of relationships – planetary focus
  • Comparing two charts – elemental and modes
  • Using double charts (bi wheels)

Lesson 2: Synastry II

  • His and hers charts
  • Venus and Mars
  • Sun and Moon
  • 7th house
  • Lunar nodal axis
  • Vertex

Lesson 3: Synastry III

  • What to look for
  • Ascendant / Descendant axis
  • Chart shape
  • Vindemiatrix
  • Part of Marriage
  • Inter chart aspects

Lesson 4: Composite midpoint charts

  • Midpoints overview
  • How to calculate a composite chart
  • The composite inner planet paradox
  • Composite angles
  • Composite houses
  • Composite vertex

Lesson 5: Davison relationship charts

  • Davison biography
  • Davison theory of chart construction
  • Comparing composite to Davison charts

Lesson 6: Marriage date elections

  • Natal marriage indicators
  • Elections brief overview
  • Marriage elections desirable features
  • Dates to avoid
  • Choosing a wedding date window

Each student will receive a copy of their birth chart and their partner’s birth chart, printed lesson notes at each session and some homework.

This course will be held in Vancouver, or via Skype.

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