Introduction to Astrological Forecasting 16 week course – Level 3

Advanced Astrology Course

To take this course you have to be proficient in chart reading and have been a student of astrology for a while.

How long is a while?

Well, typically at this stage you can;

  • read a chart,
  • have done at least ten chart interpretations,
  • you know the difference between a parallax Moon and a parallel Moon, and,
  • if you still are unsure, I invite you to complete this crossword challenge and send it to me.

Why so strict?

Students dash in and go from level 1 to level 2 and then straight into level 3 and then stop.

The work seems so much harder and complex in level 3 that if you do not have a solid basic grasp of astrology and know everything you are supposed to you may easily start to flag, stop doing the homework and ultimately don’t do the final assignments. Sad but true.

Still not sure if this is for you?

Schedule a Meet ‘n Greet with me and we can find a solution to your learning needs.

You can purchase the related Introduction to Forecasting eBook if you wish.


Before you sign up please note the following:

  • You have to send a natal chart interpretation of your own chart (1000 words), and,
  • You must have completed the Natal Chart Analysis course before signing up for this course, or,
  • You must have passed the Starzology year 2 exam or have a FAS certificate.

Semester 1: Direct Forecasting 

Semester 2: Symbolic Forecasting 

This two semester (eight weeks each semester) advanced course is an introduction and covers the main four methods of astrological forecasting: Transits including the Graphic Ephemeris, Solar Returns, Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions.

This course is the Starzology year 3 syllabus. After successfully completing this course you may write the Starzology Year 3 exam if you wish.

If you have any questions about this please contact me beforehand.

Each student will receive a copy of their birth chart, PDF lesson notes at each session and some homework.

This course is suitable for advanced students of astrology.

This course will be held in Vancouver, via eLearning or via Skype.

For more information please email me at to discuss your learning needs.

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