Introduction to Astrology – Chart Interpretation Exercises

This exciting initiative is under development and will be available in late 2015

Practice your Introductory Astrology Interpretations with these examples and exercises.

If you have always wanted some practice charts then this is for you.

These chart interpretation exercises would typically be used to support the work completed in the Introduction to Astrology six week course.

Benefits of interpretation exercises

Many students (and astrology professionals struggle) with actual chart interpretation. The questions of where to start, what to include, how deep to go and how to prepare the report are a constant concern.

In this package the first interpretation is done for you. You can develop your interpretation skills with increasingly complex reports which build in complexity over the six chart delineations.

These charts are intended to be interpreted at the Level 1 depth of interpretation.

How it works

There are six natal chart interpretation exercises. You receive six natal charts and instructions for each one.

After you have completed the report you send it to me for assessment and comment.

You can do them all or just a few as you feel the need.

I will respond with a detailed comments and suggestions to sharpen up your interpretations skills.

This practice package includes:

  • Chart No.0 – Interpretation Example Report – Natal
  • Chart No.1 – Interpretation exercise – Natal
  • Chart No.2 – Interpretation exercise – Natal
  • Chart No.3 – Interpretation exercise – Love life
  • Chart No.4 – Interpretation exercise – Love life
  • Chart No.5 – Interpretation exercise –  Career
  • Chart No.6 – Interpretation exercise –  Career

You will receive your practice package as a PDF.

Cost $50

For your convenience you have up to six months from the date of purchase to receive my personalized assessments of your work.

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