Astrology for Aspiring Astrologers

You will enjoy Starzology if you want to use astrology to improve your life.

This site will appeal to a select segment of readers in the astrological community and those people who strive for creative astrological knowledge.

Starzology is different in that we are not simply a horoscope site but we explore astrology in a unique way.

We bring astrology to you from different angles to stimulate your creative juices.

Only learn what you need to know in astrology.

You will find:

You will like this site if you:

  • Want to understand some of the basics to do-it-yourself.
  • Want to start your own astrological practice.

Starzology YouTube Channel

Watch the Starzology YouTube channel for the latest information and tips and guides on chart reading, forecasting and featured charts.

Books at Amazon

Alison Price has written several books on astrology, both to learn the basics and to understand specific topics in astrology.

Find Alison’s books at Amazon here.

Consultant Astrologer

This site showcases the specific astrological philosophies, research, and humor of Alison Price (that’s me) a consultant astrologer, writer, editor and creative based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


“I am dedicated to bring creative astrological understanding to those who want to know more.”

You don’t have to be a super astrologer to benefit from the information here, you just need an open mind.

Learn Astrology

I offer high quality classes in three main categories:

  • General classes – for everyone and the general public these are getting-to-know-you classes.
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced astrology- Learn how to read a chart and forecast for others.
  • Business classes – How to set up and run your prosperous astrology or new-age business.



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