Oriental Planet research papers

Those of you who follow my work know one of my special interests in astrology is the oriental planet.

It has fascinated me for ages and I have presented lectures about it to the astrological community and written papers. There are endless journals, colored tables and scrapbooks piled up on my desk attesting to avenues ventured down to explore this special chart feature.

You may even be aware that I have a book manuscript two thirds complete and I have challenged myself to get it published by the end of this year.

As if I’ve not got anything else to do… classes, consultations, research, volunteering at my local astrology group, mentoring others and blogging etc. not to mention family life.

Finding time for what is important to you is a key step in personal development.

It really is a case of follow your passion because within that sphere you have the energy and drive to stay for the long haul.

If you work on things that you find interesting you are likely to push past time limits and other constraints to reach a place where something special happens.

It is when you work tightly in your niche that you perform at your best and with a smile.

A day spent engrossed in your special subject will provide you with a feeling of satisfaction at the end of a busy day. Where your evening can be relaxed and enjoyed as you know you have followed your path.

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