From an audience of 60+ at Canadian Astrology Conference in Calgary to Presentations at NORWAC in Seattle, group workshops in Vancouver, and lectures in Toronto and Niagara Falls, I’ve spoken to a wide variety of crowds internationally…and loved every minute of it.


Some people get nervous when they think about speaking on stage. I get elated.

It’s a delicate balance though.

  • The audience needs to be entertained, yet also informed.
  • Interaction is crucial… but you also need to keep things moving!
  • The content needs to be concise and smooth, yet succinct. Brevity is key. Too much can overwhelm an audience and that’s never good.

I’ve mastered the art of presenting to live audiences. I put my all into each and every presentation, and am committed to bringing my absolute best to your event.


Here are a few topics you can choose from and I also welcome your ideas:

Astrology Business Topics

  • How to Set up and Run Your Prosperous Astrology Business
  • Composite Midpoint Charts – Your Astrologer/client relationship
  • The Astrology of Money

General Public Introductory Topics

  • Introduction to Sun Signs – for the general public
  • Children’s Astrology

Astro Art Hands-On Workshops for Creativity

  • The Creativity in Your Chart
  • Wheel of Fortune

Advanced Astrological Topics

  • Solar Returns
  • Outer Planet Synodic Cycles
  • The Graphic Ephemeris
  • Saros Cycles and Eclipses
  • Solar Arc Directions
  • The Oriental Planet
  • The Dispositor Tree
  • Astrological Theories on Conception

Listen and Learn

Alison Price is a professional astrologer, speaker, writer, editor, and author.

She encourages you to explore your unique creativity and live a satisfying life through your personal astrology. She offers her insights from the heart and with a sense of humor.


“I believe that astrological insights are the best way to discover personal enlightenment. You owe it to yourself to have some astrological understanding because it has the potential to improve your life in so many ways.”— Alison Price

Contact Alison to Speak at your event

Alison is interested in speaking at your Corporate event, New Age meet-up, Women’s club, Senior’s group, Creative get-together or School event etc.

Alison is available to speak at your event, such as keynote, Q and A, quotes, panel discussions, subject-matter workshops, webinars, and half-day and full-day seminars.


Alison offers readings at all her public speaking events please contact her beforehand to discuss your personal needs.


See the Previous Speaking Events with Alison

Your gracious testimonials on my Speaking Engagements:

“Thank you Alison for your gems of knowledge.” –  Joan Morton, President Fraser Valley Astrological Guild.

“Thanks to you too Alison. A great way to spend my Saturday with great people.” – Karen Musselman.


“It was so nice of you and appreciated more than words can say! On behalf of Astrology Toronto, a warm thank you for being our speaker today and bringing new insights into a popular and complex subject.” ~ Sincerely, Anne-Marie MacDonell, Treasurer, Astrology Toronto..

“Dear Alison! Your Fantastic Presentation of Relationships Was Outstanding! Thank You very much!” ~ Andrew Mehreider.

“Alison is a knowledgeable, professional and exceedingly competent astrologer. As a teacher/presenter she is thorough, clear and easy to follow. Here writings reflect the abilities she demonstrates in on-on-one encounters and when speaking to a large audience. Alison is always a pleasure to work with and in all other interactions.” ~ J. B

“Alison is a skilled astrologer and a wonderful lecturer who can capture an audience’s attention. I highly recommend Alison for either a reading or to present a workshop for your organisation.” ~ F. M.

“The class you gave was fabulous – I loved it! I’d love to see a class on the dispositor tree….and now you have it…..how to go about interpreting it more…” ~ SOTA Holly Poole.

“Alison gave a terrific talk on the Oriental Planet for Astrology Toronto…” ~ Wendy G.

“I did indeed enjoy your workshop on Saturday particularly your calling-card concept… ‘Tis informative and fun.” ~ Bette

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