Resources for Aspiring Astrologers

Designed and created by Alison Price

Astrology Guides, Worksheets and Handouts

This page contains all the downloadable printable resources that I have made for my astrology students.

If you are an aspiring astrologer, then this is for you.

There are some worksheets, or as I like to call them “Starzsheets”, and handouts from workshops and lectures I have presented, and some guides for specific parts of astrology.

To help you further your astrology knowledge, I have now made available some valuable resources in the form of PDF downloads. You can get these selected files to help you in particular areas of astrology.

Every guide, worksheet or handout is prepared by me. Some of these reference documents were distributed at various speaking events. These handouts were typically gifted to attendees at places where I gave lectures, workshops or masterclasses and when I met some of you face-to-face.

I am making available these assets for everyone. These resources will help you get to grips with your chart and client work and assist you on your journey to better chart readings.

I am growing my resources list as time permits, so check back often.

You can find the full list of available downloads here, so you do not miss out.

Most resources cost a modest US$3.00 and some are completely free.

Aspects and Major Aspect Patterns Guide

Our ASPECTS and MAJOR ASPECT PATTERNS Guide is a handy PDF download to help you learn about one of the four building blocks of astrology namely aspects.

What You Get

This guide contains:

  • 8 pages of information.
  • All of the major, minor and lesser-used aspects – definition, angle, orb and keywords.
  • All of the major aspects patterns – structure and keywords.
  • Example charts of famous people with each major aspect pattern.
  • Astrology themed cover page for you to colour in.

File size

US Letter.

Cost: US$3.00


Good Omens Starzology Guide

The Good Omens Starzology Guide features:

  • The Creation Chart as mentioned in the book
  • The birth charts for both authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
  • A pen and ink drawing of Lower Tadfield for you to colour in

Read more about the astrology of Good Omens.


What You Get

A multi-page PDF download.

Page Size: US Letter size.

Cost: US$3.00


Retrograde Cycle Worksheet

If you are into retrogrades, then this is for you.

The Retrograde Cycle Worksheet is a multi-page file with retrograde worksheets to help you get organized when retrogrades come up.

For aspiring astrologers.

What you Get

PDF download about analyzing retrograde periods that you can complete for every planet.

Letter size.

Click the link below for immediate download.


Astrology Chart Basics – Starzguide

A summary of Signs, Planets, Houses and Aspects.

Suitable for beginners. Includes worksheets to help you understand your chart at the basic level.


Astrology Chart Basics #starzguide – What you Get

PDF download showing the basics of signs, planets, houses and aspects. Includes worksheets for you to learn more about your natal chart.

Letter size.

Click the link below for immediate download.


Astrology Trading Card Template

This is the template for you to make your own astrology trading cards.

See more about Astrology Trading Cards here.


Children’s Newborn to Two Year Worksheet

For Children’s astrologers.

Click the link below for your complimentary one-page PDF worksheet


Children’s 18 Year Forecast Worksheet

For Children’s astrologers.

Click the link below for your complimentary one-page PDF worksheet.