Collabs with Alison

by Alison Price

What I can do for you

If you are looking for compelling articles, blog posts, sidebar snippets, eBooks. feature articles, online magazines or online courses I can help.

I can offer you an original fresh approach and/or align with your business voice. It’s your choice.

For your convenience, you can work with me on Upwork for your fixed price jobs in escrow.

Areas of Expertise

New age

I can ghostwrite for you in the New Age sector and I am well versed in astrology, crystal healing, palm reading, Reiki, Tarot, tasseomancy, chakra work, color therapy, numerology and angel work.


Allow me to help you with your lifestyle writing of cooking, crochet, and gardening which are all passions of mine.


I can help you in the micro-business setup and management area for creative artists, musicians, writers, crafters, astrologers, and solopreneurs. I love helping one man (or woman) businesses get up and running.

Writing for you

Engage me to write for your blog, pen articles and create mini books or full manuscripts.

Formatting books

Let me help you format your Kindle eBooks and nonfiction books (cookbooks, gardening, new age and business etc.).


Let me help you with a final proofread of your, article, eBook or manuscript to catch all those niggly little edits and make your work polished.


How I can help you

When you choose to partner with me the fee is decided beforehand and a delivery date is set.

The specific parameters of the job are laid out for example:

  • A 50-word snippet for your magazine sidebar.
  • A 500-word blog post delivered every Monday for four weeks on the topic “City Micro Businesses.”
  • A 3000-word feature article on “The Challenges Tarot Readers Face when Starting Their Business.”
  • A 20-page online magazine (ezine) for your group or membership with articles solicited, sourced, edited, designed and published.
  • A 10000 word Kindle ready eBook titled “Using Herbs for Health” with built-in file navigation and complete Table Of Contents.”
  • A 40000 word online home study course comprising of 16 modules including Q and A with extensive colored images and fun exercises.

For more information


Contact me via the contact page if you want to improve your business.

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