Sagittarius Horoscopes

Sagittarius Horoscopes

Which Sign to Read

These horoscopes are written for Ascendant signs. If you know your Ascendant sign then read that horoscope.

Otherwise, read your Sun sign, and while you’re at it, think about getting your chart cast so you will know your Ascendant sign for the future.


Sagittarius September 2023

Sagittarius Social Life

Around the 23rd, your social life starts to heat up as the Sun moves in, casting its illuminating rays on all shared activities. This period encourages you to take the lead within a group or assertively voice your opinions. You may find yourself eager to step forward and make your presence felt.

Moreover, this moment serves as an indicator for you to consider creating a club or community that aligns with your core motivations and passions. It’s an opportune time to gather like-minded individuals and channel your energy into a collective endeavor that brings joy and fulfillment to all involved. Embrace this chance to shine in social settings and potentially initiate something truly meaningful to you and others.

Sagittarius Work

As Jupiter stations retrograde in your work area, a period of quiet expansion and self-reflection commences. Jupiter, the planet of growth and opportunities, turning retrograde in this domain suggests that the expansion and progress in your work may take a more introspective and measured approach.

During this time, you may experience a subtle but powerful shift in your work life. Rather than seeking external recognition or major changes, Jupiter’s retrograde encourages you to focus on inner growth and a deeper understanding of your work dynamics.

This is an ideal time for reviewing your daily habits and routines. Take a closer look at how you approach your tasks, time management, and overall work environment. Identifying areas that require improvement will lead to increased efficiency and productivity.

Use this retrograde period to reassess your long-term health goals as well. Reflect on the direction you want to take for your body and how you can align your actions with your aspirations.

While the expansion may not be as apparent during this retrograde phase, it is essential to trust in the process. Quiet growth and internal reflections can lead to powerful insights and set the foundation for more significant advancements when Jupiter resumes its direct motion.

Embrace this time of self-exploration and focus on the little improvements that will lay the groundwork for long-term success in your daily life. Be open to learning and growing, and you will find that this retrograde period can lead to meaningful progress and fulfilling opportunities in due course.

In the upcoming month, the New Moon graces your career zone, presenting exciting opportunities for a fresh beginning. Moreover, the New Moon on the 15th specifically influences your public sector, indicating that the latter part of September holds great potential for significant advancements in your career. If you are seeking career growth and progression, this period promises to be highly lucrative and rewarding.

Sagittarius Love

As the month draws to a close, a significant and illuminating Full Moon graces your love life. It’s a time to be open and receptive to the attentions of any potential love interests. Avoid dismissing them hastily, as this lunar event may bring about delightful surprises in your romantic sphere.

If you engage in any dating activities during the first week after the New Moon, they are likely to blossom and develop positively for you. Embrace this time with an open heart, as it holds the potential for meaningful connections and exciting romantic prospects.

Horoscopes for All Signs

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Sagittarius Symbolism

The symbol for Sagittarius is the Archer.


Sagittarius Dates

The Sun is in Sagittarius from around November 22nd to December 22nd.


Sagittarius Key Phrase

A Sagittarian key phrase is “I seek.”


Sagittarius Ryuling Planet

Your ruling planet is Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system.


Sagittarius Polarity, Element and Mode

If you are a Sagittarian then you are in the fire element suggesting you are inspirational and can make a spark.

You are of the mutable mode and this makes you changeable and adaptable.

You are of the positive polarity which provides you with an outgoing personality.


Sagittarius Keywords

Archers are cosmopolitan and love anything international.

You are open and have a breadth of vision.

You are a seeker and are keen to explore the world.

You are optimistic and like to live life large.

You are forgiving. You can be tactless and plunge in like a large puppy being excited but at the same time it can be disturbing for others.

You are the sign of the upwardly mobile and you can bring ethical principles to your life.

You have an extensive reach which you may use to gather life’s abundance.

You see the horizon as an opportunity to explore as who know if the be dragons there?

You have a strong faith and a positive spirit.

You can be philosophical and will search far and wide for your truth.

Sagittarius Compatibility

Passionate for Libra.

Loves Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Friends with Libra and Aquarius.

Stretches with Virgo and Pisces.

Grinds with Taurus and Cancer.

Ignores Scorpio and Capricorn.

Sagittarius Extras

Here are some more Sagittarian planets and extras. I’ll add more as I write them.

The Other Signs

Discover more about the others signs.

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Sagittarius Horoscopes

Sagittarius Horoscopes

Which Sign to Read These horoscopes are written for Ascendant signs. If you know your Ascendant sign then read that horoscope. Otherwise, read your Sun sign, and while you're at it, think about getting your chart cast so you will know your Ascendant sign for the...

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