Pure Astrology Reading Cards

Get You Own Pure Astrology Reading Cards

As an Aspiring Astrologer it is a good idea to have some astrology reading cards to round out your readings with your clients.

These cards are from Pure Astrology and can help you to not only learn astrology but to add a polish to your face-to-face readings.

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What You Get

In your pack of Pure Astrology Reading Cards you will receive 54 cards comprising of:

  • 12 Sign cards
  • 4 Elements
  • 3 Modalities cards
  • 12 Planet cards
  • 12 Houses cards
  • 8 Aspects cards
  • 3 Glossaries cards

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Pure Astrology is a Canadian company and I am happy to support them.

If you do decide to increase your astrology techniques with these reading cards, please let me know how you fare and how you found the service and quality.

Email me at starzology@gmail.com I would love to hear from you. Alison ⭐️


Review: The Canadian Astrology Conference – Calgary 2017

Review by Alison Price

The Canadian Astrology Conference

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
September 2017


The Canadian Astrology Conference is an all Canadian speaker astrology conference is in its second year.

Hosted jointly by the Calgary Astrology Association and the Edmonton Astrology Association it moves up and down Alberta. There was some talk of it going East to Ontario or West to Vancouver at some point.

The conference is like your Mars’ return and only comes around every two years.

In 2015 it was held in Edmonton and will be again in 2019. Then I understand it will be back to Calgary for 2021.

All speakers have to be Canadian or new Canadians who have made Canada their home, like me. Yes, I have a Canadian passport.


Held at the Executive Royal Hotel in Calgary near the airport to help attendees and speakers with their travel. The shuttle bus picks up and drops off.

Christine at the check-in desk was perky at midnight when I arrived. She even organized a complimentary cup of 2% milk for me so I could make tea in my room just like at home.

I take my own Twining’s Earl Grey tea bags and run the boiling water through the coffee machine. The only thing I always need is the 2% milk. The milk went in the room fridge for my late night and early morning tea.

I had a room with one queen size bed. The sheets were clean and crisp. The towels white and fresh. There was a super large desk and electrical outlets for my computer, phone and ephemeris etc.

I always offer On-the-Spot astrology readings (by donation as you see fit) at conferences where I am a speaker and I did so this time. My room was generous enough for clients to sit comfortably on a chair in a conversation style.

I do not like it if my room is so small that my clients have to sit on the bed. I only work with female clients in this way all of my male clients are accommodated in the public meeting rooms.

There was no room safe for valuables (computer) which was surprising. However I did appreciate the laminate floor instead of carpet. The illusion is of cleanliness all the way.

I tip my chambermaid every morning so we know where we are.

Alison and Kelly

The barman/server Ken was excellent and his sense of humour had the ladies laughing all night. He handled multiple changes of orders for dinner with ease and aplomb and brought several wine samples for our dearest lady to try before she chose her favourite.

The house white was a Chardonnay so I was good with that.

The Organisers

Organized by Donna and Peggy with help from Geni and no doubt many faceless others (and husbands in the wings) whom I never met.

Donna and Peggy


Apparently, these two women have been astrology friends for years and the ease with which they worked together as a team showed. They are caring people whom I am now pleased to call my friends.

Alison and Peggy

The event had a pre-conference morning with Kelly and then officially kicked off at 1 pm with the opening ceremony and then it was straight into the lectures.

I was delighted to be the initial speaker with my presentation on Superior Planet Synodic Cycles and I’d like to think that set the tone for all the quality talks to come.


My engaged audience. Thank you!


I want to give a special shout-out to my good friend Toby and my “longtime-no-see” old friends Franco, Kelly and Hillory. They all gave excellent talks.

I was happy to meet JoAnn and chat before dinner. There were good wines in the bar and the pre-dinner drinkies were a roaring success of conviviality and sparkling conversation.

The Saturday night buffet banquet was substantial as only you can get in Alberta. The haunch of Albert AAA beef was roasted and seasoned to perfection.

Fresh local vegetables (raw and cooked) and enough variety for the vegetarians amongst us. There was an enormous font of gravy with which to anoint your meal. Yum.

There was a dessert trolley with Nanaimo bars and other Canadian favourites. Double yum.


Alison, Toby and Caz.


Madame Popo had much to say and drew many laughs with her outrageous political commentary poking fun at leaders both local and abroad. Go for Justin.

I enjoyed her risqué assessment of the speakers and their quirks that she had picked up earlier.

Her lavish costume was breathtaking and clearly this is Vivienne Westwood’s inspiration and muse for her exotic creations. Madame P. had the personality and presence to pull it all off.

Delightful as she was Madam Popo had a valuable message.

That the gift you have of astrology, and its understanding, needs to be cherished and shared with your clients. This is your gift, use it well.

I loved this part. Her words were on my mind as I travelled back home to Vancouver.


Madame Popo

This conference had wonderful after dinner entertainment. You should go to this event simply for the pleasure of experiencing spectacular Madame Popo.

Why You Should Attend

If you are Canadian you should support local astrology. There is a certain pride in the excellent quality of the people you will meet both those who run the show and those who attended.

This is what I would call a boutique astrology conference. Quality speakers, topics and fare but not so well known.

“a boutique astrology Conference”

If you are an American you should go because you love astrology and you need to experience Canadian hospitality at its best. Live dangerously and travel north of the border. You will love it.


Alison and Franco


If you live anywhere else (not North America) you should go because you can learn from a rich resource that is the basis of modern Canadian Astrology.

The Take Home

These are the things I have taken home from this weekend.

* Gratitude for having being invited to share my insights and experience with this audience.
* Inspiration to try new things in astrology.
* New friends to keep in touch with and join up with when they come to visit my city.
* The knowledge that there is always something to learn in astrology and it is not always a technical detail.
* That in my audience, if the light goes on in only one person’s eyes, I have done my job.
* Thankful for those who enjoyed my talk and their private comments to me afterwards. Thank you. Hugs.


Why I’ll Be Back

I wasn’t always a Canadian. In fact I lived in Africa for most of my life. But Canada is an inclusive country that embraces cultural diversity.

This is good.

There are many options for astrology conferences but to make the most of them you need to know how to have fun at an astrology conference so you get the best from your first, or fiftieth, experience.

If you decide to go to the next Canadian Astrology Conference In Edmonton learn what to pack for an astrology conference to make your event going that much sweeter.

See you at the next one.



Fish Can’t Climb Trees – Book Review

Book review by Alison Price

Fish Can’t Climb Trees by Helyn Connerr

The title Fish Can’t Climb Trees may seem a strange one but it references Einstein’s quote:

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

And on from this that each person can be a genius but they need to be measured differently to each other. That one method of scoring intelligence does not fit all.

Helyn Connerr has written a book about how we actually process information as adults based on astrology.

She references ancient archetypes and builds her case on solid foundations. There are detailed explanations of the twelve possible learning methods as shown by each birth chart Mercury placement.

Connerr writes in an easy to read style with clear and articulate explanations for each sign. She makes memorable symbols for the Mercury signs like Procon for Mercury in Libra that references the Libran need to see both the pros and cons or both sides of any situation.

Say you and your friend both have your Sun in Aries, but if you have Mercury in Taurus you will learn and process information differently than your buddy who has their Mercury in Pisces.

There are chapters on learning style groupings, similarities and differences and polarity, relating and uptake of information. An astrologer will connect this to the astrological elements, qualities and polarities.

This book can be read by non-astrologers but for astrologers is it a wonderful resource on how each Mercury placement actually processes information. These insights can be used if you are a practicing astrologer right now in your daily readings.

My biggest take away from Fish Can’t Climb Trees is that as a teacher I naturally present my classes through my individual Mercury Model and I can see the strength and weaknesses in myself which can be improved to reach through to my own students who have different Mercury signs themselves.

Through the nature of your natal Mercury and it’s sign your speaking, learning, thinking and genius can be shown.

I’ve read a few astrology books in my time and I have to say that Fish Can’t Climb Trees by Helyn Connerr is exceptional on several counts. She has many original thoughts, insights and comments on astrology. She suggests practical methods of dealing with each Mercury sign. She has written a book which is well crafted with a woven message of intellectual diversity that should be embraced and not shunned.

If you are an astrology student, teacher, speaker or lecturer you need to read Fish can’t Climb Trees.

I enjoyed this book immensely.

About the Author

Helyn ConnConnerr_Helynerr, MSc. is creator of personal development workshop the Mercury Model, which is a culmination of her personal interests including her long term study of astrology with its mythic themes and archetypal patterns. The Model assesses individual’s natural cognitive style, and has been successfully adapted into a professional development version too. Author of Learning Without Tears (2008), she has also featured in a wide range of journals and publications, including The Guardian. Helyn currently works as a teacher, trainer, coach and consultant while running her Cumbria-based UK business Astro Innovation.


Book review: Venus Signs – Discover Your Erotic Gifts and Secret Desires Through Astrology by Jessica Shepherd

UnknownBook review by Alison Price

This book is about how your Venus placement will express itself through your chart and it is an easy read. There is much thought given to the many facets of Venus which is refreshing.

Venus in your chart is not typically a difficult planet and can be often ignored in favor of understanding more demanding planets like Saturn or Pluto.

Shepherd has brought each Venus sign placement to life and we can all benefit from a more rounded understanding of the brightest planet in the sky. I found my personal Venus in sign beautifully expressed which brought me another dimension to understand this much loved planet.

This is the type of book that you may not read from cover to cover but dip into as and when you need more understanding of the twelve possible Venus sign placements.

My copy was a PDF eBook suitable for an iPad or iPhone. The pages are clearly formatted and it is easy to read.

It is a beginner’s book and could be understood by all. There is a handy list of the Venus placements in the back although if you are over 65 you can’t get your Venus sign here and you will have to search elsewhere.

I recommend it as a Venus specific book for your astrological bookshelf.

* * *

2015 Wellbeing Astrology Guide

2015-WB-astrology_f_improf_300x3952015 Wellbeing Astrology Guide

I highly recommend this Australian classic astrology magazine brought to you from the dynamic astrologer and editor Kelly Surtees.

The Wellbeing Astrology magazine is published every year and is packed with features from astrologers around the world.

It has in-depth horoscopes for all the signs, many other interesting articles and beautiful images.

Kelly invited me to write a feature article What’s your oriental planet? For those of you who know me this particular topic is a great passion of mine.

Presentation in Vancouver

I have presented lectures on this topic before and spoke about this fascinating part of astrology in November 2014 in Vancouver, see details on that talk here.

Order your copy now

This magazine is a truly a worthwhile investment and your will treasure it for years to come.

Order your copy of the 2015 Wellbeing Astrology Guide.

* * *

Nelson Mandela’s Astrology Chart

Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013)

Nelson Mandela was 95 years old.

Madiba was born was on July 18, 1918 in the small village of Mveso near the town of Butterworth in the Republic of South Africa.

Natal Chart

He has an unknown birth time so his chart is calculated for noon.

This chart features the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto inCancer. We have to remember that Pluto had not been discovered and therefore was not part of the human consciousness when he was born.

Mandela-page-001Pluto half-return

We note that transiting Pluto has recently made the opposition to his natal Pluto which in itself is interesting as the ruler of Scorpio usually takes 245 years to make one orbit of the Sun. On average it takes 125 years to form an opposition to its natal place.

This has happened sooner as Pluto was faster in Scorpio at the closest to the Sun  during the 1980’s. In the past people would never get the Pluto half-return in their lifetime. This is the case for people in their nineties alive today.

Mutual reception

The Moon in Scorpio and Pluto in Cancer are in mutual reception by sign and may be linked by a sesquiquadrate aspect (birth time permitting). This reinforces the connection between the people and change through upheaval.

Massive (Jupiter) resistance and upheaval (Pluto) brought the spotlight (Sun) to his country (Cancer) and was a part of his life for many years. This was interspersed with years incarcerated on Robben Island off the coast of Cape Town.

His triumphant position as the president of South Africa and global acknowledgement for his efforts will be remembered.

One can only guess at the transformation occurring in the streets of South Africa this week as the country mourns their loss.



Solar Arc Directions – The other forecasting method

Alison at SOTA13Recently I gave an exciting presentation at the State Of The Art (SOTA) astrology conference in Niagara Falls, NY, USA.

My two hour topic for 2013 was Solar Arc Directions – The other forecasting method.

I use four methods for my astrological forecasting and this is just one of them. They are great for pinpointing timing for events shown by the other forecasting methods of transits, secondary progressions and solar return charts.

This lecture covered: 

  • The history and development of solar arc directions
  • How to calculate solar arc directions
  • Interpretations and exercises (yes, the audience had to think!)
  • Sample charts.

Crossword Challenge

Oh, and everyone received a copy of my astrology themed crossword and I’m still waiting for someone to complete it correctly. There is a crossword challenge which has been going on for some time.

Lecture recording

Many folk at SOTA who could not get a seat in my lecture because the room was full bought the recording on CD afterwards to take home.

If you would like a copy of the recording of my lecture you can buy an MP3 from AC-Tapes which is run by Al and Carol Groznick who are a really great couple and they were at SOTA professionally recording all the workshops.

Seven SOTA’s

This was my seventh time at SOTA and the third year presenting astrological topics close to my heart. You can also get my past lectures from AC-Tapes which are The Dispositor Tree and Astrological Theories on Conception both from previous years.

AC-Tapes have a huge selection of lectures from SOTA conferences going back for many years. They also did the taping at the Midwest Astrology Conference (MAC) and recently at the Great Lakes Astrology Conference (GLAC) all held in the north east.

I believe each recording is around $10 each. For more details please visit AC-Tapes  website.

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New Astrology Podcast

Arwynne and Alison in the recording studio.
Arwynne and Alison in the recording studio.

My good friend Arwynne O’Neill and I have collaborated in our exciting new venture, podcasting! We are under the label Axis Astrology you can listen to the first recording of our podcast and the second Scorpio episode.

We will be up on Itunes soon.

Arwynne is a second generation research astrologer with many years of experience. We met at the twice-a-month downtown  Astrology Vancouver Meetup group earlier in the year and have quickly become firm friends.

We each have our ideas, entertainment and a love of astrology which we want to share with you in a light hearted manner and with plenty of laughs along the way.

In our podcast we:

  • Discuss the astrology of the day such as planetary transits and ingresses,
  • chat about the current Moon phase and eclipses,
  • explore one or two charts of famous people or those in the news,
  • give our take on astrology book and products with fun reviews,
  • clue you in on up-coming events and,
  • share our unique ideas on astrology.

This is something new for me and it suits my present astrological offerings. I hope you enjoy it, let me know.

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Oxford Summer School 2013

Oxford - Exeter CollegeAs the Sun enters the last decanate of Leo the season reaches it’s peak for warmth and relaxation. 

I don’t always plan my summers very well, and let’s face it often family life dictates certain activities, but fortunately this year things are going my way.

This week I shall be leaving home to attend the Faculty of Astrological Studies summer school at Oxford University in England and I am really excited about that. I was last there in 2008 when it was the Faculty’s 60th birthday, so it should be good fun!

I hope to be re-energized and inspired with new thought and techniques in astrology. They always have great speakers and lecturers and the accommodation is in the student rooms at Exeter college whose more famous student is J.R.R.Tolkien (born in Bloemfontein) author of The Lord of The Rings adds to the experience.

It promises to be wall-to-wall astrology for breakfast, lunch and dinner, sigh…

Although I will be receiving emails I perhaps will be delayed responding but I shall be back in my office on Monday, August 26th and then I will pick up the threads with everyone.

Have a great summer.


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NORWAC An Attendee’s Review

North West Astrology Conference

Seattle, WA, USA


I attended NORWAC for the first time this May (2013) and I have to admit I was impressed on many fronts.

This was the 29th year it has been held and any astrologer will tell you that it clearly makes it it’s Saturn return year. Any conference that can survive the first orbit from the Old Guy has to be doing something right.

The Lecture Topics

There was a broad variety of astrology topics covered although some talks strayed into consciousness raising area, which to my mind is not mainstream astrology, but an interesting aside to the meat of the conference.

The Organizers

I did not know this was a family run event until I arrived but it works well as every member plays their part. Laura is a gracious hostess who manages to touch base, chat with everyone and remembers your name. These guys and gals are clearly well organized.

The Speakers

World class! NORWAC does attract the big boys and girls of the astrology world. At this conference you know the names of most of the speakers because they wrote the books that are nestling on your bookshelf at home.

I want to give a shout out to Chris, Kelly and Steven whose talks resonated with me for being thought provoking, practical and giving hope for astrology’s future.

The Vibe

With over 130 people sitting down for the Saturday night banquet you know there is a buzz.

Conversations were constantly in full swing covering every aspects of the astrologer’s experience. Evenings continued into the night with plenty of socializing at the bar. Cheers!

The Venue

The Doubletree Suites hotel near SeaTac airport was most agreeable and every room has an astrology work room en suite. This is perfect for lecture preparation and for giving client consultations.

Wifi available throughout the whole complex. The restaurant served reasonably priced meals and the coffee shop had a selection of herbal teas to suit any discerning tea drinker.

The Friends

I was happy to catch up with old friends (well some younger than others, I of course am the same age as before) and reinforce acquaintances recently met in Vancouver.

At the various talks and events I was able to meet new friends and exchange contact details. I’m back home and already interesting people are popping up in my inbox reaching out and connecting. A wonderful feeling.

A wonderful feeling.

The Take Home

I enjoyed this conference very much. I will endeavor to make it back next year as it celebrates thirty years providing astrology for the North West astrological community.


Learning Without Tears – Book Review

Discover how the Mercury Model (TM) can: 

  • Identify a child’s unique learning style
  • Unlock a child’s true potential
  • Turn tension into talking

Publisher: Watkins Publishing, London, 2008, 229p. $14.95 USD. ISBN-10: 1-905857-53-5. ISBN-13: 978-1-905857-53-1. Order your copy directly from the website: www.astroinnovation.com.

A book review by Alison Price.


Of all the astrology books I have had the pleasure of reviewing over the years Learning Without Tears is in a class of its own. Connerr takes the Mercury archetype, well known by astrologers, to a new level.

The author does not complicate the information being presented with an excess of technical terms, words and astrologese. She specifically uses regular dialogue to get her message across to the layperson.

There is the option to skip the detailed astrological explanations, if you wish to clearly focus on the child’s learning style, and not where it originates. With this brilliant approach the author has subtlety woven birth chart features into mainstream education which is directly aimed at parents and teachers.

We often hear the lament that astrology is not taken seriously by science. It is portrayed as the poor relation to astronomy and psychology. This fact was brought home to us during the 2011 online heated discussions. Here lies the beauty of this original book from an astrologer’s point of view. The author has parlayed astrology, and its centuries old traditions, into mainstream educational thought even perhaps without its detractors noticing.

This book is divided into three parts.

Part I – Individual Learning Styles and How They Interact

In the first section she discusses each of the twelve possible learning styles and how they manifest in every child. Presented with colorful animal characters clearly identifying each role.

Areas of similarity and difference are brought out in a subset by the style groupings and divisions which are easily recognizable to the astrology student as polarity, quadruplicity and element.

Connerr presents some real life parent and child scenarios and the resolutions are provided using the Mercury model.

We are challenged to explore our own learning style as parents and to consider how we default to that particular method by personally giving it preference and value

Part II – Variations and Background

She discusses how features in the whole nativity can influence each personality and provide modifications. Then goes on to explain the extraction of the essence for each Mercury archetype during individual analysis.

Part III – Identify a Learning Style

The author provides yearly assessment tables (Mercury ephemeris) to discover each persons learning style.

The New Physics and Essential Mercury

Helyn Connerr MSc is well qualified to write this book. Her background is impressive and she has studied astrology for over thirty years. She brings a scientist’s mind to an astrology problem.

Believing you can observe the energy principle of Essential Mercury in action and watch its effects, she discusses how the principles outlined are shown by planet, element, music, animals, literature, esoterica and the physical body. That Mercury, as an information receptor, is inherent in how we live, breathe and perceive.

Final thoughts

Although this book is aimed at educators, parents and children, one wonders if astrology teachers, when using this method, will find their students benefit and grasp new information in a way each learner can assimilate.

It is quite apparent that we retain our learning style throughout life. If as grown-ups, we choose to embark on further study, we will benefit by aligning ourselves with our own Mercury model.

This simple practice would enhance the adult education process. Rather than thinking, “I’m too old to learn this” perhaps we need to open up our minds, because, obviously we can learn if we are presented and communicated information in a way we each can appreciate

Learning Without Tears comes highly recommended for students, parents and educators.

Book Review: A Sealed Fate

Book review by Alison Priceasealedfate_lisagordon-720748

A Sealed Fate by Lisa Gordon

Publisher: Janus Publishing Company Ltd, London, England

ISBN 978-1-85756-654-3

Buy your copy from Amazon.

This well written novel is set in present day Dubai and South Africa and tells of a modern woman trying to find her way through romance, both old and new, and the unexpected life choices she makes. She consults an astrologer, hoping for some direction for the complex situation in which she finds herself, who casts her chart and predicts a future which seems unbelievable to start with but then develops in an unexpected way. The pace picks up when the two women become friends and hatch an ingenious plot to thwart the dangerous situation in which our heroine finds herself.

The author presents current astrology and astrologers in a positive light which is refreshing in itself. This book is a great contemporary read and a must for all practicing astrologers.

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Your Astrology Business – Progress Checklist

Is your astrology business getting any better or can’t you tell?

blank_pencil_and_padAs you start out as an independent practicing astrologer it makes sense to monitor your progress. It is hard to see any improvements if there is nothing to measure you efforts against.

A good idea is to track your progress. One way to do this is with a quick monthly checklist.

You don’t want to get to December and not know where you started. When looking backs last year can easily blend into the one before.

Use the progress checklist and tweak the questions now and then to reflect areas you’re focussing on as your interests change over the years.

Do it each month and file away for later. At the end of the year as you reflect you will probably see some improvements in general business and income and even the mood you were in.

Your Monthly Astrology progress Checklist-page-001

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Review: The Book of the Moon by Steven Forrest

A book review by Alison Price

Publisher: Seven Paws Press, 321p., $24.95USD.

ISBN 978-0-9790677-4-7

Steven Forrest’s latest publication The Book Of The Moon is likely to become is a modern classic. Here is an author who actually has something new to say and he effortlessly gets his ideas across in a most engaging fashion.

A well beloved astrologer for many years Forrest appears to be a self styled Wizard, he can certainly be placed in the “Master astrologer” category where his strong teaching ethic and years of experience shine through. He urges us to take the time to look up at the night skies and discover what the classical astrologers saw.

The author expands on some of the Moon’s lesser known astrological attributes for example the parallax phenomenon (of interest to those with the natal luminaries square), declination, being out of bounds and why we use phases, to name just a few.

The void of course Moon is fully discussed and it is explained why astrologers need to appreciate all the factors pertaining to this state. He explores the history and paths taken by those who went before regarding lunar astrology.

Forrest puts forward a really good case for the eight phases of the Earth’s natural satellite and why astrologers should be incorporating them into their work.

Progressed Moon cycles and progressed lunar returns are examined. The author offers one an opportunity to consider new theories on lunar astrology. With his modern writing style he gets complex concepts over and gently leads the reader into the light of understanding.

In this publication Forrest provides much food for thought as he discusses deeper meanings with an evolutionary slant. At the same time he challenges students and experienced practitioners alike to take a wider view on the many features of the Moon. All of which he presents in an easy to read, informative book showing that there is more to lunar astrology than meets the eye.

The Book Of The Moon is modern in its approach and relevant for astrology today. This book comes highly recommended for both students and professionals alike.

Your Year End Astrology Review

By Alison Price

As the year ends it is a natural time to have a retrospective and evaluate your progress.

Undoubtedly your life will have altered over the past twelve months.

Experience tells us how to create our future in a conscious way. You can learn from the past and you may choose your future. Free will anyone?

Looking Back

It is natural to have had some good times and a few hard days in the past 365 days. If you accept what is done has gone then the only way from here is towards the future.

What you do from today on are the only things you can affect.

During this year:

  • Which transit do you feel stimulated the most response in you? Which natal planet was involved?
  • Which progression opened you up to deeper insights? Which natal planet was involved?
  • Which house in your natal chart was invigorated the most by astrological factors?
  • We’re there any interesting astrological tips or tricks that you learned?
  • Is there a section of astrology have you decided to drop because it doesn’t speak to you?

Looking Forward

As an astrologer you may have forecasted for yourself for the next twelve months. These predictions will likely include transits, secondary progressions and other techniques.

Next year:

  • Which is the most important self-prediction you can make for next year?
  • What new astrological technique will you be exploring?
  • Do you have a plan to buy a speciality book?
  • Will you begin a research project this year? What is the title of this project?

Make sure you stand facing in the right direction when opportunity knocks next year. Don’t get caught napping.


SOTA 2012 – A Speaker’s Review

Moon from plane window

The Conference

This was my sixth year attending The State of The Art (SOTA) astrology conference and my second time as a speaker.

Many of the attendees return again and again which says a lot about this organization and its dynamic leader Donna.

Once you get bitten by the SOTA bug you start going back much like a magnetic solar return in Scorpio.

The Location

Niagara Falls. World class awesomeness!

If you have seen them then you know what I say is true.

If you have never been for a visit do yourself a favor and get the Falls at the top of your bucket list.

The Vibe

Very friendly and cosy is the first impression and it carries through.

Could we say boutique astrology conference?

Most attendees were excited to be rubbing shoulders with astrology buffs both local and from around the globe.

The Speakers

I can only comment on lectures I attended and of those – Kudos goes to Andrew, Janet, Julie and Demetrius.

Personable, thought-provoking, vibrant and creative.

I call it as I see it.

The Venue

Sheraton-at-the-Falls, Niagara Falls, NY, USA. A neat hotel, and incredibly, they boast an astrologer-on-the-staff. Talk about go where you are welcome.

I want to give a shout out to Rick the hospitality manager commanding the sixth floor at cocktail hour.

He was as debonaire, charming and attentive as before and he actually  remembers your name which is a nice touch.

Mr. Scorpio recommended a mellow Pinot Noir and plans to have a Malbec out breathing for our next visit.

The Contacts

I made some new friends and got back in touch with old friends. Not old, old but those who are simply a comfort to see again.

These are people with whom you can pick up the conversation and carry on from whence you last spoke (who writes this?), even if it was twelve months ago.

Hugs all round XOXOX you know who you are.

The Entertainment

They provided live entertainment every night. A Galaxy of Mediums was an evening with a very different message.

I received a communication later in the night through from Ms. M. Thank you.

Chocolate Nuit well, who knew there was so much trivia about chocolate? And there I was thinking you just ate it.

The banquet with cheesecake-to-die-for… Improv Theatre, featuring Keanu Reeves and friends, bravo, bravo Franco, Nick, Samuel, Suzi and Andrew.

The Backroom Boys and Girls

I can only imagine what it takes to pull off an event like this one.

There must be a million details to be attended to by those we perhaps don’t realize are in the wings allowing us in the front to fly.

The Take Home

Astrology is alive and well and living in the spirit of SOTA or should that be the Spirit Track?

Now I need to go and book for SOTA next year.

Will I see you there?


I write this as I am flying high over the prairies on my way home to Vancouver.

From the cabin window I can clearly see the first quarter Moon.

In my photo the Moon is the bright one and the lower light simply the Moon’s reflection on the wing.


Book Review: The Twelve Houses by Howard Sapportas

Reviewed by Alison Price.

Flare Publications, www.flareuk.com revised edition 2007, approx. 18.99 GBP, 323p.

The late Howard Sasportas was an acclaimed astrologer of the 20th century. His book “The Twelve Houses” is a thorough interpretation guide to the houses in a horoscope.

The houses are one of the three basic building blocks in chart interpretation after signs and planets. House systems are a perennial discussion for astrologers. Sasportas begins Part I by covering in great depth the different house systems available. If you choose not to use equal house or whole sign houses in your work you may select a time based system. He explains the specific calculations and theories to determine house cusps. You may wish to skip the astronomical detail in this section and reference it later.

‘Mapping the Journey’ is the sub-title for Part II and here he covers the four angles, succeedent and cadent house cusps and offers a delineation of each. Every house is explored from a psychological viewpoint. This approach may be the ultimate path taken for chart interpretation by contemporary astrologers.

In Part III he presents a guide to life’s possibilities and analyses every planet/house combination. Here he again takes a psychological and sometimes spiritual approach to the suggested interpretations.

Some may say this book is the definitive work on astrological houses available today. Howard Sasportas, an Aries Sun, has pioneered a solid astrology text book with insights to offer the beginner and advanced student of alike. I highly recommended this publication for all levels. It would be an asset to any astrologer’s bookshelf.

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Have you been fascinated by astrology and found it sometimes resonates with you? Do you want to learn a bit more? This eBook course workbook has been tailor made for students of astrology.

Written by Alison Price a passionate professional astrologer, international lecturer and teacher. Introduction to Astrology helps you build on astrology knowledge and you can work at your own pace. Chapters include the signs, the planets, the houses, chart division, the aspects and synthesis.

Included are details for setting up your own Starzology discussion group with your friends to find supportive and interesting peers for your studies.

If you want a better grasp of the basics of astrology then Introduction to Astrology beginner’s course workbook with questions and answers is for you. Learning astrology is a personal journey, start yours now by taking the first step.

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