The Ascendant: Your Face to the World

Your ascendant is the impression you make on others.

It shows how others see you. It projects the “self” and your personality and the façade or mask you wear.

It indicates the vehicle you use to get through life.

The Ascendant fronts for you.

Other people initially see your Ascendant before they get to know you and then they see your Sun.


The second thing you need to learn is your Ascendant sign. This is likely to be different to your Sun sign although it could be the identical. You will only know your Ascendant sign if you cast your chart.

Your Personality

The Ascendant is a symbol of your one-to-one, face-to-face, meet-and-greet personality that you employ to socialize.

It is a vehicle you use to interact with others.



It is your personal interface and is like a cloak you wear to ‘appear’ to others when you walk out of your front door.

Your Ascendant is your opening position and obvious agenda.

Your Ascendant is a collection of expectations you have of the world and your immediate place in it.


First Impressions

Your Ascendant reveals the first impressions you make and receive which start out as early messages about your behavior (are you good or bad, or right or wrong).

How you strive to meet the expectations of others through your actions when you were a child is indicated by your Ascendant.

Your personality is seen in your Ascendant complex, and most importantly its sign and major planetary aspects to its degree.

It is the variable means by which you negotiate your needs with others (as seen by your Moon) and formulate or build something we can identify as character (as seen by your Sun).

Your Ascendant acts as an interface between the Sun or Moon (or other parts of the chart) and the immediate world around you.

Your personality has energy.

You have a particular attitude, humor, engagement and interaction.


Ascendant Energy

The Ascendant energy is quite different from the accumulation of early behaviors (Moon) or the formation of your character (Sun).

Personality is easy to pick up on, quick to read and decipher.

You can usually see it when you first meet someone (Ascendant).

Personality traits have little to do with our true character.

They are what we show to others.



Your appearance, and how you come across and the means you use to get through life.

Astrologically, the Ascendant is often seen as the vehicle by which we reach the Sun’s destination which is your life goal.

The Ascendant is the route to getting your needs (Moon) met in relationships and how you negotiate these personal needs in a one- to-one environment.

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Alison encourages you to explore your unique creativity and live a satisfying life through your personal astrology. She offers her insights from the heart and with a sense of humor.

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Your Gauquelin Sectors

Your Gauquelin Sectors

Your Gauquelin Sectors

Advanced Chart Technique

On your astrology journey there are many avenues of knowledge to wander down.

Once you have the first twelve months of study under your belt, where it is all about the signs, houses, planets and aspects, continuing to study astrology opens up like a fan into a whole new world.

I often relate learning astrology to the medical profession where, everyone is a doctor (who knows the basics and can save your life) but some of them continue into speciality fields such as dermatology, neurosurgery and anesthesiology.

The analogy here is that all astrologers can interpret your chart (and most are very competent) but some continue to learn new techniques and gain more knowledge even if it is simple small pieces that can be used to tweak their readings and become more detailed in their interpretations.

To my mind using the Gauquelin sectors fall into the “nice to have” skills of any astrologer.

Two Main Gauquelin Sectors

There are two Gauquelin sectors in every chart.

They span a section of the zodiac which is different for every chart.

There is your Ascendant Gauquelin sector and your Midheaven Gauquelin sector.

Not every chart has planets in the Gauquelin Sectors, but if your chart does then those planets are important both in natal interpretation and forecasting work.

People in Astrology Michel Gauquelin (1928 – 1991)

A French husband and wife team Michel and Francois Gauquelin originally set out to disprove astrology and ended up creating the most in-depth proof for astrology.

Their most famous research is known as The Mars Effect.

Briefly, they checked hundreds of charts to see if a particular planet was prominent, or on the ascendant or Midheaven, of people who had the same job.


How to find your Gauquelin Sectors

The Gauquelin sectors cover ten degrees of the zodiac on both sides of your ascendant and your Midheaven for a total of twenty degrees each and forty degrees in all.

Both sectors together cover one ninth of the 360° wheel.


Example 1: Say your Ascendant is at 15° Gemini then your ascendant Gauquelin sector spans from 5° to 25° Gemini.

Example 2: Say your Midheaven is at 2° Aries then you Midheaven Gauquelin sector is between 22° Pisces and 12° Aries.


Gauquelin Sector Planet Houses

Planets in your Gauquelin sectors are usually in the first, twelfth, ninth and tenth houses.


Gauquelin Sector Planets Conjoined the Angles

Planets in a conjunction aspect (orb 8°) to your Ascendant and Midheaven are automatically in your Gauquelin sectors.

Example Chart – Justin Bieber

Birth data 12:56am, March 1st, 1995, London, Ontario, Canada.


Ascendant Gauquelin Sector

Bieber Ascendant is at 29° 02′ Scorpio therefore his Ascendant Gauquelin Sector is from 19°02′ Scorpio to 9°02′ Sagittarius.



Pluto is in his Ascendant Gaquelin Sector.

Note that Pluto is also conjoined the Ascendant so it will automatically be in his Ascendant Gauquelin Sector.

Midheaven Gauquelin Sector

Bieber’s Midheaven is at 15 25′ Virgo so his Midheaven Gauquelin Sector is from 10°25′ Virgo to 05°25′ Libra.



Chiron is at 04°48′ Virgo so the Wounded Healer is in his Midheaven Gauquelin Sector.

Also note that Chiron is NOT conjoined the Midheaven.

Chiron is a true Gauquelin Sector planet and needs careful consideration when interpreting this chart.

Ascendant Gauquelin Interpretation

Planets in your Ascendant Gauqueline sector typically:


  • Show how others see you through the urges of the planet.
  • Can be a rising planet.
  • Are stronger when applying to a conjunction to the Ascendant.
  • Are weaker when separating from a conjunction to the Ascendant.
  • Are highly prominent planets.
  • Are high profile planets.
  • May easily be the strongest in the chart.
  • Will affect yoru appearance.

Midheaven Gauquelin Sector Interpretation

Planets in your Midheaven Gauquelin Sector typically:


  • Indicate how the world sees you through the urges of the planet.
  • This planet may be the most elevated planet.
  • May be conjunct the Midheaven.
  • Are strong when applying to the Midheaven.
  • Are weaker when separating from the Midheaven.
  • Suggest a career in line with the nature of the planet.


If there is more than one planet in these sensitive areas of your chart they have to be interpreted in a blended way as they will all influence you from their position in the Gauquelin sectors of your chart.

Author Bio

Alison encourages you to explore your unique creativity and live a satisfying life through your personal astrology. She offers her insights from the heart and with a sense of humor.

Go here to read more about Alison’s story.

If you want to send Alison a quick message go here.

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