Your Oriental Planet book now available at Amazon

Your Oriental Planet book now available at Amazon

by Alison Price

Your Oriental Planet – Insights into Perception and Vocation

I am really excited to let you know that my latest book Your Oriental Planet that was previously only available for Kindle is now ready for purchase on Amazon.

I want to thank all my patrons for their support on this process to get this book to publication. 

It has taken many months and countless hours of time and energy that I had to pour into this project.


As a creator on Patreon I thank you.

You can get your copy here.
This book is for aspiring astrologers and those who would like to begin to fine tune their readings using the powerful attributes of the oriental planet.

If you are a writer or creative you will understand the feeling of this accomplishment. 

If my new “baby ” is to grow and flourish it will do so through your help.


Please tell your tribe and followers about my new book and help us creators all improve and survive together. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart,








Wellbeing Astrology Guide

Wellbeing Astrology Guide

2015-WB-astrology_f_improf_300x395Wellbeing Astrology Guide

I highly recommend this Australian classic astrology magazine brought to you from the dynamic astrologer and editor Kelly Surtees.

The Wellbeing Astrology magazine is published every year and is packed with features from astrologers around the world.

It has in-depth horoscopes for all the signs, many other interesting articles and beautiful images.

Kelly invited me to write a feature article What’s your oriental planet? For those of you who know me this particular topic is a great passion of mine.

Presentation in Vancouver

I have presented lectures on this topic before and spoke about this fascinating part of astrology in November 2014 in Vancouver, see details on that talk here.

Order your copy now

This magazine is a truly a worthwhile investment and your will treasure it for years to come.

Order your copy of the 2015 Wellbeing Astrology Guide.

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If Books are Written One Word at a Time then Astrology Books are Written One Glyph at a Time

If Books are Written One Word at a Time then Astrology Books are Written One Glyph at a Time


Handwriting example from Charles Darwin’s note book No. 2.

During the last twelve months I have been busy with my general work of consultations, course prep, teaching, mentoring, speaking and presiding over my local astrology group and all that that entailed.

As well as the day to day ebb and flow of life I have myself been studying and taking advanced courses on several topics and alongside all of this I have been nurturing my latest baby, no not a real baby, but a creative endeavor – a book manuscript.

A writer

It is only in the past few years that I have considered myself a writer. During a productive Jupiter transit of my ninth house, when I first received acknowledgement for an article I had published, I began to see the light with the written word and it has grown to brighten my day.

I now have a little shelf space for grammar, writing, editing and publishing books which have found a place in my home. This is unusual as I now have precious astrology books piled on the floor which is something I would never have done before. Horrors.

But we change and evolve.

A title

My book is about The Oriental Planet and has that title. The name says it all. It explores insights and perceptions on my original research and observations over many years.

You don’t know what goes into a book until you yourself are writing yours. Time and time management is the thing. I’m getting near the end now. Ha, I’ve been saying that all this year. But I really am into the home straight and can see the winning post in the distance.

A deadline

I have pencilled in March 21st as the final date to get it off to the publisher. Even I noticed I didn’t mention the year. But I mean 2014. For sure. Definitely.

A dream

When this mammoth task comes to its conclusion it will be a dream come true for me. My father was writing a personal memoir way back in the seventies. I vaguely remember him tapping page after page on an old typewriter working into the wee hours. He was a hunt and peck typist. I wish I had paid more attention as he had skills I am now scrambling to learn on a sharp curve.

An invitation

If you are familiar with this chart feature and would like to share your experiences with me I would love to hear your oriental planet story. I invite you to write to me at I will read every message.


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Follow Your Passion

Follow Your Passion

Oriental Planet research papers

Those of you who follow my work know one of my special interests in astrology is the oriental planet.

It has fascinated me for ages and I have presented lectures about it to the astrological community and written papers. There are endless journals, colored tables and scrapbooks piled up on my desk attesting to avenues ventured down to explore this special chart feature.

You may even be aware that I have a book manuscript two thirds complete and I have challenged myself to get it published by the end of this year.

As if I’ve not got anything else to do… classes, consultations, research, volunteering at my local astrology group, mentoring others and blogging etc. not to mention family life.

Finding time for what is important to you is a key step in personal development.

It really is a case of follow your passion because within that sphere you have the energy and drive to stay for the long haul.

If you work on things that you find interesting you are likely to push past time limits and other constraints to reach a place where something special happens.

It is when you work tightly in your niche that you perform at your best and with a smile.

A day spent engrossed in your special subject will provide you with a feeling of satisfaction at the end of a busy day. Where your evening can be relaxed and enjoyed as you know you have followed your path.

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Chiron as the Oriental Planet

Chiron as the Oriental Planet


by Alison Price

For only a few days each year Chiron will be the oriental planet.

Chiron as vocational indicator

Chiron does not have a sign that it rules and therefore it cannot be the MC ruler. When Chiron is the oriental planet it shows another route to vocational attributes.

If you have Chiron oriental it suggests that you are good at support services with the human touch. You are capable of in-house teaching and explaining exactly what the company does and what is expected of each employee.

Chiron skills

  • Teacher
  • Employee training
  • Therapists and healers
  • Works at a shelter
  • A key person

Chiron vocations 

Key-card company access person, first aid trainer, lock keeper, locksmith, guru, mentor, nurse, teacher, paramedic, physiotherapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, rehabilitation worker or therapist.

People with Chiron oriental include: 

  • Charles Darwin
  • Celine Dion
  • Abraham Lincoln

Astronomy of Chiron Oriental

Chiron when oriental rises before the Sun.

Astrologically we refer to Chiron as a planet it is also known as an centaur although NASA is still referring it is a comet.

Chiron lies between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. It is often referred to as a bridging planet because it bridges between the visible planets (Sun to Saturn) from the outer planets (Uranus outwards).

Depending on its position in the orbit Chiron may be either a visible planet or an outer planet.

Chiron is closer to the Sun in Libra and further away in Aries. At present it is in Pisces the Fish.

Note: Chiron is not an asteroid like Ceres and Pallas Athene as they lie in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.


Saturn as the Oriental Planet

Saturn as the Oriental Planet


by Alison Price

Saturn will be oriental planet on and off each year.

The oriental planet is the one that rises before the Sun in any chart. To find the oriental planet locate the Sun and look clockwise in the chart to the next planet which will be the oriental planet.

The Oriental planet changes throughout the year as the Sun transits the zodiac.

Which planet can be oriental?

I consider all the planets, including the inners and Chiron (but not the asteroids), as possible contenders for the oriental position. I also watch out for Eris for those with an Aries or Taurus Sun.

The Sun cannot be the oriental planet. Chart points are never considered such as the nodes or Vertex etc.

Saturn as tribune

If you have Saturn as the eastern planet you are cautious and like to master their actions first. You prefer the old tried and tested methods for presenting yourself. There is much concern regarding your public status and keeping ‘face’. Your reputation forestalls you. Saturn oriental has patience for the long game and so you will bide your time. These people make good ‘backers’ and will stay for the long haul. Well known seniors often have Saturn oriental.

What they say about Saturn oriental people:

“You can rely on him” and “He’s looking old.”

Saturn as vocational indicator

When Saturn is the oriental planet the vocational indicators are towards management and the tried and tested. You can follow instruction and give them as well. You play it by the book and will often refer to the company manuals. You work well in a structured environment and prefer to have your back to the wall. You may be seen as old-fashioned but that does not concern you. You rely on previous methods and know they pay dividends in the long run.

Saturn oriental skills

  • Managing a business.
  • Reliable and dependable.
  • An authority.
  • Good time management.
  • Productive.
  • Accepts hierarchical structures.
  • Embraces patriarch organizations.
  • Accepts the tried and tested.

Saturn vocations

Bricklayers, business administrators, candlestick makers, cement companies, civil engineer, controls department, dentists, dermatologists, dam builders and operators, dry wall construction, economists, endodontics, engineers, entrepreneurs, fencing and walling companies, geriatrics carer, lead roof merchants, lobbyists, middle and top management positions, masons, orthodontists, orthopedics, organizations, office managers, plumbers, politicians, producers, quarrymen, sculptors (stone), seniors worker, stonemasons, watchmakers or well diggers.

Those with Saturn oriental include: Wayne Gretzky, Marc Edmund Jones, Mick Jagger and Martin Luther King Jr.

Research into the Oriental Planet

I am conducting ongoing research into the oriental planet and its meaning in natal charts. Please send me your birth details if you wish to participate in this research.