Barbie’s Birth Chart Interpretation Guide

Barbie’s Birth Chart Interpretation Guide

Author: Alison Price   –   Published: February 2024

Barbie’s Birth Chart

Chart Details

If you want to cast Barbie’s chart for your own interpretation please (and why wouldn’t you) I’ve got the details here. Barbie’s birth information is as follows: ahe was born on Monday at 10am, on March 9th, 1959, in Manhattan in New York City, NY, USA.


Rodden Rating

All of the best astrology charts have a Rodden rating. For Barbie’s chart there is a AA Rodden rating which is better than most people’s charts who visit an astrologer, so that is amazing. It is always best to work with a good birth time.


Ascendant Complex


Gemini rising which makes Mercury the chart ruler.

Ascendant Aspects

Ascendant sextile Mercury (chart ruler).

Ascendant sextile Eris.

First House Tenants

Mars in the 1st house in Gemini conjoined the Ascendant. Mars squares the Sun.

Chart Ruler Complex


The chart ruler is Mercury in Aries in the 11th house.

Chart Ruler Aspects

Neutral Aspects

Mercury is conjoined Eris and the South Node.

Easy Aspects

Mercury is also trine Jupiter and Uranus.

Chart Ruler Rules

Chart, 1st house, northern hemisphere, 1st quadrant, 1st triple division and 2nd triple division.

Chart Ruler Disposes

The chart ruler, Mercury, disposes Mars in Gemini and Pluto in Virgo.


Sun Complex

Sign and House

The Sun is in Pisces in the 11th house.

The Sun Rules

The Sun rules the western hemisphere, 2nd quadrant, and the 4th house.

The Sun Disposes

The Sun disposes Uranus in Leo.

Sun Aspects

Neutral Aspects

The Sun conjoins the Moon.

The Sun quintiles Saturn. Part of the Quintile Pointer major aspect pattern.

The Sun biquintiles Uranus. Part of the Quintile Pointer major aspect pattern.

Hard Aspects

The Sun squares Mars.

The Sun sesquiquadrates Neptune.



The Moon Complex

Sign and House

The Moon is in Pisces in the 11th house.


The Moon Rules

The Moon rules the 3rd house.


Lunar Phase

The lunar phase is the waxing crescent phase where the light is growing.



Major Aspect Pattern: Thor’s Hammer

Thor’s Hammer

The Thor’s Hammer major aspect pattern contains three planets, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto.

  • Venus is in detriment in Aries in the 11th house.
  • Jupiter is in dignity in Sagittarius in the 6th house.
  • Pluto is retrograde in Virgo in the 4th house.

Thor’s Hammer Aspects

The three aspects in the Thor’s Hammer major aspect pattern are:

  • Jupiter square Pluto.
  • Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter.
  • Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto.



Major Aspect Pattern: Quintile Pointer

Quintile Pointer

The three planets in the quintile pointer aspects pattern are the Sun, Saturn and Uranus.

  • The Sun in Pisces in the 9th house.
  • Saturn in dignity in Capricorn in the 8th house.
  • Uranus retrograde in detriment in Leo in the 3rd house. Uranus is the focal planet.

Quintile Pointer Aspects

  • The Sun is quintile Saturn.
  • The Sun is bi-quintile Uranus.
  • Saturn is bi-quintile Uranus.

Arwynne’s Article

As discussed in our podcast episode, Arwynne has written an insightful article titled Battle in Barbie Land where she reviews the Barbie movie up for an Oscar in 2024.



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Author Bio

Alison Price: Professional Astrologer

Alison helps you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart with a touch of humor. She offers Consultations for everyone and Coaching for Aspiring Astrologers.

If you’d like to get in touch with Alison, you can reach out to her via email at

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Chart Interpretation Example for Bo

Chart Interpretation Example for Bo

Author: Alison Price   –   Published: October 2023   –   Revised: January 2024

Chart Interpretation Example

See how to get organized to start a CHART INTERPRETATION. You can listen to the interpretation in the podcast episode below or read on for all the main margin notes that I extracted to read this birth chart. I’d like to thank Bo for giving us permission to use his birth chart for this training. We appreciate you.


Podcast Episodes

Bo’s Natal Chart Interpretation

In the first podcast episode, Alison and Arwynne go through a new chart interpretation step by step and extract the most important planets and signifiers. This is the way professional astrologers begin their chart readings.


Listen now >>> Bo’s Natal Chart Interpretation Prep


The Duality of Pisces

In the second podcast episode Arwynne welcomes Bo. This is a wide-ranging discussion on the most complex and hard-to-define sign of all. Pisces might also might be the most misunderstood and maligned sign in the zodiac. This episode is an illuminating deep dive for anyone struggling to pin down what the deepest of the water signs is all about. We explore the complexities, contradictions, dreams, intuitions, addictions, ambitions and sacrifices that make this sign so unique, and why we would all benefit from understanding the oceanic energies of Pisces a little better.



Chart Details

Bo’s natal chart details as given are as follows:

  • 9:32 am, January 22nd, 1988, Ness City, Kansas, USA.

This birth data is rated “AA” on the Rodden Rating as the time (9:32 am) is recorded on his actual birth certificate in hand.


Chart Calculation Defaults

We are using standard Western astrological defaults including:

  • The Tropical zodiac.
  • The Placidus house system.
  • The True Node.

This chart is calculated with Astro Gold.


Standard Orbs

Our standard natal orbs for both applying and separating aspects are:

  • 8° for conjunctions, oppositions, trines and squares.
  • 4° for sextiles.
  • 2° for semi-sextiles, semi-squares, sesquiquadrates and quincunxes.
  • 1° for quintiles, biquintiles, parallels and contra-parallels.


Begin Gathering the Information

This is how to approach a chart interpretation using the method I’ve been using for years. The aim is to get all the relevant information onto one page to start with.



Step 1: Balances

The balances refer to the polarity, elements, modes, hemispheres, quadrants, triple divisions, signs and houses. Only count the seven visible planets.


In this chart the active polarity has five and the passive polarity has two planets. This makes the active polarity strong. People who are strong in the Active polarity are positive and eject energy into the world by their thoughts and actions.



Now let’s consider the elements. In this chart there are three planets in Fire, Earth has no planets, Air has two planets and Water has two planets. This makes Fire slightly stronger than the other elements. Technically, for an element to be strong it must have two more planets than the next best element, which fire doesn’t. It only has one more planet than the next best elements which are Air and Water. Strong fire people are inspirational and will inspire others as well.

Explore more >>> Astrological Elements

Explore more >>> The Elements and Herbs



Turning to the modes. In this chart. Cardinal has one planet fixed has two planets and Mutable has four planets. This makes the Mutable mode strong with four planets. For a mode to be strong it technically must have two more planets than the next best mode. In this case the next best mode is Fire with two planets therefore Mutable is strong. People who are strong Mutable types are amenable to change.



Of the four hemispheres, the Northern hemisphere has three planets, the Southern hemisphere has four planets, the Eastern hemisphere has six planets, and the Western hemisphere has one planet. This makes the Eastern hemisphere strong with six planets. People with a strong Eastern hemisphere. Have a great focus on their lives and what they are doing.

Hemisphere Ruler

The Eastern hemisphere ruler is Jupiter (as Sagittarius is on the MC). Jupiter is in its own hemisphere (Eastern) so this make Jupiter a focus planet for us to note.


Considering the quadrants. The first quadrant has three planets. The second quadrant has zero planets. The third quadrant has one planet. And the 4th quadrant has three planets. Because the 1st and the 4th quadrants have equal amount of planet. There is no strength in quadrants here.


Triple Division

Moving on to the triple divisions. The first triple division has three planets. The second triple division contains zero planets, and the third triple division has four planets. This makes the third triple division slightly stronger. However, technically, for a division to be strong it needs to have two more planets than the next best triple division, which the third division doesn’t. That’s why the third division just getting the “slightly stronger” label. The third Triple division is the “Them” division, where the focus is on what’s going on in the world.

Sign Emphasis

The sign with the most planets is Sagittarius. Therefore, the sign of The Archer, Sagittarius, is emphasised.


House Emphasis

There is no house with more than two planets thus no house emphasis.

Step 2: Ascendant Complex

Ascendant Sign

The Ascendant sign is Pisces. This makes the chart ruler the greatest planet of all, Jupiter.

First House Planets

The planets in the first house are Venus in Pisces and the Moon in Pisces. We also note that the north node is in the first house in Pisces as well.

Aspects to the Ascendant

Looking at aspects to the Ascendant, and we have Venus conjoined the ascendant and Mars is square the ascendant.

Step 3: Chart Ruler Complex

Chart Ruling Planet

The chart ruler is Jupiter because Pisces is on the Ascendant and Jupiter rules Pisces.

Ruler’s Sign

Jupiter is in Aries. Note that Jupiter is in mutual reception with Mars in Sagittarius.

Ruler’s House

Jupiter is in the second house.

Ruler’s Aspects

Jupiter is conjoined the Part of Fortune and Eris. It receives sextiles from Mercury and Chiron, and trines from Saturn and Uranus. Note that Jupiter only has soft aspects and therefore is unafflicted. Very nice.


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Step 4: Luminaries

The Sun

Sun’s Sign

The Sun is in Aquarius which is in detriment as it is in the sign opposite its rulership sign of Leo, so it gets a score of -5 in Essential Dignity.

Sun’s House

The Sun is in the 12th house.

Sun’s Aspects

The Sun is unaspected as it does not receive a Ptolemaic aspect from another planet. However, the Sun does receive a lesser-used aspect, the bi-quintile, from Chiron. Additionally, the Sun is trine the South Node. Even though the Sun receives two aspects, it is technically considered “Unaspected” because the Sun does not receive a Ptolemaic aspect from another planet.

Luminaries: The Moon

Moon’s Sign

The Moon is in Pisces.

Moon’s House

The Moon is in the first house. Well placed in an angular house.

Moon’s Aspects

The Moon is conjoined the North Node and trine Pluto. The Moon is quintile Neptune. The Moon’s hard aspects are squares from Saturn and Chiron. The Moon is the focal planet in the T-square. The Moon receives an opposition from the South Node. The Moon is opposition and contra-parallel the Vertex. This makes the opposition to the Vertex a double whammy opposition and is therefore a more significant aspect.

Lunar Phase

The lunar phase is Crescent.


Arwynne and Bo

Part 5: The Other Planets in Order


Venus’ Sign

Venus is in Pisces, in exaltation. Venus gets a score of +4 for it’s exalted status in Essential Dignity.

Venus’ Position

Venus is the rising planet and Venus is in the Ascendant Gauquelin sector.

Venus’ House

Venus is in the first house. Well placed in an angular house.

Venus’ Aspects

Venus is conjoined the Ascendant. Venus is square Mars. Venus is trine Pluto and sextile Neptune. Venus is quintile Saturn.


Chiron’s Sign

Chiron is in Gemini. Chiron is the only retrograde planet in Bo’s chart.

Chiron’s House

Chiron is in the fourth house. Chiron is part of the only T-square.

Chiron’s Aspects

Chiron is trine Mercury and sextile Jupiter. Chiron is opposition Saturn and square the Moon and part of the T-square. Chiron is opposition Uranus. Chiron is biquintile the Sun.


Pluto’s Sign

Pluto is in Scorpio, in dignity and gets a score of +5 for Essential Dignity.

Pluto’s House

Pluto is in its natural eighth house which makes it in accidental dignity. I give Pluto a score of +1 for this. Well placed.

Pluto’s Aspects

Pluto is square Mercury. Pluto is trine the Moon and Venus and sextile Neptune (generational aspect).


Mars’ Sign

Mars is in Sagittarius.

Mars’ Position

Mars is well positioned as the Most Elevated Planet. Mars is in the Midheaven Gauquelin sector.

Mars’ House

Mars is in the ninth house.

Mars’ Aspects

Mars receives a trine from ErisMars receives a square from Venus. Mars is quintile Mercury.


Saturn’s Sign

Saturn is in Sagittarius.

Saturn’s House

Saturn is in the tenth house so is in accidental dignity because the 10th house is Saturn’s natural house (+1).

Saturn’s Aspects

Saturn is conjoined Uranus. Saturn is trine Jupiter and trine the Part of Fortune. Saturn is square the Moon, opposition Chiron and square the Lunar Nodes. Saturn is quintile Venus.


Uranus’ Sign

Uranus is in Sagittarius.

Uranus’ House

Uranus is in the tenth house.

Uranus Aspects

Uranus is conjoined Saturn, trine Jupiter and trine the Part of Fortune. Uranus is opposition Chiron and square the Lunar Nodes.


Neptune’s Sign

Neptune is in Capricorn.

Neptune’s Position

Neptune is the oriental planet.

Neptune’s House

Neptune is in the eleventh house.

Neptune’s Aspects

Neptune is sextile Venus and sextile Pluto (generational). Neptune is square Eris. Neptune receives a quintile from the Moon.


Mercury’s Sign

Mercury is in Aquarius.

Mercury’s Position

Mercury is the occidental planet.

Mercury’s House

Mercury is in the twelfth house.

Mercury’s Aspects

Mercury is sextile Jupiter, the Part of Fortune and Eris. Mercury is trine Chiron. Mercury is square Pluto. Mercury is biquintile the South Node.

Dispositor Tree

Bo has a Mutual Reception Tree with Jupiter in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius on the top line. Also note the Saturn is a Gateway planet with three planets below it.


Explore more >>> Dispositor Trees



Part 6: Major Aspects Pattern


There is only one Major Aspect Pattern which is a T-square. The T-square composes of Saturn in Sagittarius opposition Chiron in Gemini, and both are square the Moon in Pisces. The Moon is the focal planet of this T-square. The energy of Saturn and Chiron will be channelled and often expressed through the Moon. This is a mutable T-square as all the planets are in mutable signs. This T-square can be referred to as a “Moon mutable T-square.”


Author Bio

Alison Price: Astrology Coach

Alison wants to help you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart with a touch of humor.

Learn more about Alison’s journey.

If you’d like to get in touch with Alison, you can reach out to her via email at

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The Astrology of Good Omens

The Astrology of Good Omens

The Story

This is an old story of good and evil.

The opening scene is in the Garden of Eden where we meet the angel of the Eastern Gate, Aziraphale who expels Adam and Eve just after they taste the fruit.

Aziraphale is joined by Crowley, a demon.

The son of Satan is born to be brought up on Earth by a normal family when he is switched out, just after birth for another baby at St Beryl’s Maternity Home.

By the time he reaches the age of eleven he will start the Apocalypse as mentioned in the book of Revelations.

The Nice and Inspiring Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch are woven in and guide the characters to discover the time and place for the start of proceedings.

The four riders of the apocalypse represented as Hell’s Angels are summoned and descend on Lower Tadfield in Oxfordshire, England to start the end of days.


The Creation Chart

Chart Data Source

This creation chart is cast from the information from Aziraphale in Good Omens.

The place is from the suspected place of the Garden of Eden near Jerusalem in Israel.

I use the base chart with reference to Nick Campion’s “Book of World Horoscopes.”

This chart data is close, although probably not perfect, but that does not mean we can’t use the chart.

Chart Data

9:00AM, October 21, 4004 BC, Jerusalem, Israel.

Chart Features

This chart features two Grand Trines and multiple trines in air.

The Sun is in Libra and the book says the Earth is Libra.

A stellium of Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus in Gemini.

Venus square Jupiter.

Mars opposition Pluto.

Uranus square Pluto.

Neptune Square Pluto.

Image Wikicommons

Terry Pratchett’s chart

Time unknown, April 28th, 1948, Beaconsfield, England.

Note as the time is unknown, you ignore the Ascendant, Midheaven and houses.

The planets in the signs and the aspects are correct.

The Moon is close to a sign cusp, so it could be either Sagittarius or more possibly Capricorn.

Chart Features

A rolling stellium (not a true stellium) with three planets in Leo – Pluto, Saturn and Mars.

The Sun is conjoined Mercury in Taurus.

Mercury is semi-square Venus and both are in mutual reception.

Image Wikicommons

Nick Gaiman’s Chart

6:30 PM, November 10th, 1960, Porchester, England.

Chart Features

Gemini rising. Mercury is the chart ruler.

Three planets in Scorpio.

Mercury conjoined the Sun.

Mercury conjoined Neptune.

Mercury square Moon.

Mercury trine Mars.

Mercury sextile, Saturn.

Mercury sextile Uranus.








The Characters

Ther are many characters in this story but here the main players and the gangs are mentioned.

The supporting parts are Mr. Young and R.P. Tyler and others.

Smaller parts include the management teams, the four other riders, the policemen and of course Elvis the cook.


The Spirits

The two spirits on Earth are representatives of heaven and hell.

One for each side of good and evil.

They first met in the garden and have grown to like living amongst the humans.

They want to keep things as they are and stop Armageddon.

They get into cahoots to be around and help bring up the son of satan and influence him to good so as to halt the bad things that are coming.


Crowley: Scorpio

Crowley is a demon and is good friends with Arizaphale. He wears shades and snakes skin shoes and is a smooth talker.

Crowley is a Scorpio and the actual book cover has the glyph for the sign of Scorpio as the letter “m” in the word “Omens.”

Aziraphale: Pisces

The angel of the Eastern gate is a Pisces.

He is intuitive and even when discorporated can be an effective angel.

Aziraphale worries that an angel can sometimes do wrong like when he gives his flaming sword to Adam and Eve for protection as they are banished from the Garden for eating the fruit.

He runs an old bookshop in London.

Aziraphale asserts the Earth is a Libra and was born at 9:00 am (which is only fifteen minutes out) on October 21st, in the year 4004BC.


The Them

The Them is a gang of four eleven-year-old kids in Lower Tadfield of which Adam is the leader.

They hang out at the quarry.


Adam: Leo

Adam is the gang leader and is symbolized by Leo.

He constantly looks for ways to entertain the other three through role play and imaginative games.

His love for Lower Tadfield and the surrounding area with ponds and trees to climb is his castle and the Them are his subjects is so strong he had bent the ley lines and willed perfect weather (sunny and no rain) for months at a time.


Pepper: Aries

Pepper is a girl in the gang and a bit a scrapper.

She will fight the boys if they tease her about her long name which is Pippin Galadriel Moonchild.


Brian: Sagittarius

Adam’s friend.


Wensleydale: Sagittarius

Adam’s friend.


Dog: Sirius

The Hellhound sent to pad by Adam’s side.

When Adam says that he wants a dog for his birthday he describes one who can go down a rabbit hole and has an inside-out ear.

A pedigree mongrel and this is what he manifests.

Sirius is the dog star and this fixed star rises in Egypt at the time of the inundation of the Nile and portends changes to come.


The Humans

The humans weave the story and some are swept up in the drama from the past and the potential in the future.


Agnes Nutter, Witch: Sagittarius

Agnes wrote the “The Nice and Interesting Prophecies” in a huge book that, although now out of print, there is a copy with her great, great, great, great, great granddaughter Anathema.

Agnes is the last witch to be burned in England and was found by the Witch Finder General who was an ancestor of Newton Pulsifer.


Anathema Devices: Gemini

Anathema is a young adult and has the book with the prophecies and moved to Lower Tadfield a year ago.

She discovered the ley lines were bending and the weather was unusually clement.

She has a theodolite, thermos and a bread knife and rides an old bicycle.


Newt Pulsiver: Virgo

Newt joins the Witch Finder Army as a private under Shadwell.

He loves Anathema and helps her discover the beginning of the apocalypse.


Shadwell: Aries

Shadwell is in the Witch Finder Army.

He takes on Newt and is protective of Madame Tracey.

He always wants to know how many nipples everyone has as more than two nipples is a sign of a witch.

He has a pin that he believes finds witches when he sticks it into people.


Madame Tracey: Pisces

Madame Tracey is Shadwell’s neighbour and cooks his dinners.

She offers intimate massage.

Madame Tracey is a psychic and holds seances to bring up the spirits.

She unexpectedly accepts to host the discorporated spirit of Aziraphale.

She helps him.



The Nuns of St Beryl’s – Gemini

St Beryl’s Maternity Home is the place where the son of Satan is taken by Crowley to be brought up in the care of an American family.

St Beryl’s is of the chattering order of Krakow and the sisters are:

  • Sister Mary Loquacious
  • Sister Grace Voluble
  • Sister Patricia Prattle

In Astrology sisters are signified by Vesta the asteroid named after the sister of Jupiter.


The Four Riders

The four Hell’s Angels ride in on their hogs and are drawn to the events when tipped off by the International Express delivery guy.


Red: War – Aries

Carmine Zuderbeger is a sexy female warrior (Eris perhaps?) and has Aziraphale’s sword strapped to her blood red bike.


Black: Death – Capricorn

Black wears a motorbike helmet and plays the arcade machine winning every answer and bringing in new categories of; war, pestilence, famine and death.


White: Pollution – Cancer

White is found on the banks of the river where he has made the pollution make the fish float to the top and the swans sink to the bottom. He loves pollution.


Pale: Famine – Libra

Pale is well, pale and upsets the balance in the food chain.


Other Parts

The International Express delivery guy: Gemini

This delivery guy finds the four riders in the places around the world and delivers each one a message and things. This alerts them to go to Tadfield for the start of the Apocalypse.


Mr Young: Leo

Adam’s Dad was there when his child was born and at the baby swop confusion.

He chose Adam’s name.

He enjoys smoking an evening pipe and defends his child Adam to the neighbours.


Mr. RP Tyler: Gemini

The complaining neighbour who walks his dog Suskie in the neighbourhood.

Mr. Tyler knows that Adam and the Them scrump apples.


The Policemen

The two policemen in the audiobook were played by the authors of Good Omens, Neil Gaiman, and Terry Pratchett.

So we know that Neil is a Scorpio and Terry is a Taurus.


Elvis the Cook

Elvis sings in the cafe.


The Management Team – Capricorn

The management training team plays paintball in the grounds of old St Beryl’s.

They meet up with Aziraphale and Crowley.

Crowley gives them real guns to shoot each other although no one is hurt and they will only experience near misses.

I love this story.

Author Bio

Alison encourages you to explore your unique creativity and live a satisfying life through your personal astrology. She offers her insights from the heart and with a sense of humor.

Go here to read more about Alison’s story.

If you want to send Alison a quick message go here.

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Featured Chart: Gary Vaynerchuk – Businessman, Documenter

Featured Chart: Gary Vaynerchuk – Businessman, Documenter

by Alison Price

Chart Details

Born on November 14, 1975, in Mahilyov, Belarus. Time unknown.


There is no birth time so I have cast the noon chart because that brings the margin of error down to 12 hours. This means you have to dismiss the ascendant, Midheaven and houses. What is left is correct which are the planets, signs and the aspects.

The Moon does change signs that day so if Gary was born in the morning he will have a Pisces Moon and if in the afternoon an Aries Moon.

If he was born in the morning the Moon T-square would not be in effect and if in the afternoon the Moon T-square would be stronger and in closer orb.


Polarity, elements and modes

There is no earth and this indicates he may take a while to find his footing. he will likely surround himself with earthy types or strong Taurus, Virgo or Capricorns.

There are no mutable signs represented unless the Moon was in Pisces. At this stage it is difficult to say for sure.The strong cardinal mode suggests he does his own thing as a pioneer and rarely worries about what others think. he will lead from the front and if you choose to fillow he will be happy. There is not much room for compromise to suit you but when he feels he needs to make adjustments to his life or what he is doign he will change course and you need to keep up.


With his Sun in Scorpio it is in a power sign and indicates that he faces the haters and buries them. There is not much room for non-believers and he does not want to convert you, you have to believe in him for there to be a dialogue.

Moon in the morning Pisces in the afternoon Moon in Aries.

If Moon in Aries then there is a strong mutual reception between the Moon in Aries and

Mars in Cancer

Mercury oriental this is quite a common placement for Mercury and does indicate a talker. People like Gary have a message and can bang on or almost beat a drum. his voice is powerful and his choice of words is not always suitable for delicate ears. Even though he uses strong language it is never derogatory, vulgar or dismissive of others.


Venus conjoined Pluto is one indicator of a millionaire.  Venus in Libra is strong and as the final dispositor and makes him likeable and easy to love.


If his Moon is in Pisces (which I rather suspect) it makes him protect his wife from perceived publicity and intrusion. She is never on display or brought forward as a prop for his life.

Much the same goes for his mother although we do get glimpses of her early teaching about truth and her expectations. That she would not praise him for doing nothing in particular but only for when he did things for which she approved. His mother likely instilled many values he still refers to today and this role may have been picked up and continues by his wife. A woman is probably  holding up a mirror of accountability for him.

He revers his father shown by the Saturn trine Neptune and took his father’s small wine shop (again Saturn trine Neptune) and made it a prosperous business.

Gary knows where he comes from, how far he has come and he may see how much further there is ahead.

Genius and Creativity

His genius is shown through the aspects of the fifth harmonic or in other words any quintiles or bi-quintiles

Two strong planets are in this relationship the Sun is bi-quintile Jupiter which takes the credit for his positive buoyant outlook. This combination is double inspirational as they are the two fire planets.

Promotion is used to further his identity and place himself front and centre. He is not shy although there may be some natural stage fright at times.

He is proud of his journey. The path he takes satisfies his inner core and heart. He promotes himself and others from this place.


Gary uses his inbuilt charisma to grow. He enjoys being on the stage and laps up his audience.

Jupiter trines Neptune which shows the early promotion of the Wine Library which was the first public presentation on Youtube that started it al. Both of these planets are the Pisces rulers who work together in an easy way.


Neptune rules film and video and he uses it in a powerful way. To promote (Jupiter) his process and document his journey.

Unaspected Mercury

Gary’s unaspected Mercury may be a clue to why he is so prolific in his speaking and the easy way he shares his thoughts on how to do things.

His method of documenting his journey to share with others (in the Daily Vee and other productions) as an inspiration is driven by the unfettered state of his Mercury which rules speaking, writing, orating and off-the-cuff advice giving.

We have often seen him in the after-chat in a dark street of a big city speaking directly to the people. His people. This is his favoured way to share his message and reach his audience.

He sees life through the “thought, word and deed” method and believes it as well. His currency is his message as his unaspected Mercury shows in its role as the messenger of the Gods.


Featured Chart: Elon Musk – Visionary and Explorer

Featured Chart

This is another featured chart of inspirational people of our times. I have written a brief interpretation for Elon Musk and brought forward the important features of his chart.

Of course there are many smaller and minor details in this chart but as with all good astrology you need to stay on the high roads and leave the byways and back roads for another day.

On a side note, I love that he is from South Africa as you may know I spent the majority of my life there so it is close to my heart.


Chart Details

Birth details  7:30am, June 28, 1971, Pretoria, Gauteng, Republic of South Africa. 



Elon has an air and water emphasis suggesting his ideas and emotions are closely linked. He will go with his gut feeling when making decisions. Once the ideas come to him the level of excitement generated will allow his internal compass to choose the path he should take by the reactions each idea evokes.

There is a lack of the fire element which means he has weak inspiration but as we shall see this is counterbalanced by the two fire planets, Mars and Jupiter, being so well engaged in his chart.


The Sun

The Sun in Cancer shows his deep feelings for his family and he sees the business as a family. He truly cares for his employees and will make himself available for them.



Venus oriental in the sign of Gemini the Twins indicates people speak well of him and they will give him the benefit of the doubt. They love his message. He has a warm manner that attracts his audience.



The crescent Moon phase is a sign of promise to come as his life develops. Thing will emerge in their own time.

The Virgo Moon brings an emotional component to detailed work and he has the knack of spotting minute flaws in plans, projects or people. With this attention to detail he does not mean to bring others down but he uses it as a way to make things better for all. The smallest feeling or nuance will influence him to reassess his team and with whom he surrounds himself.


Mutual Reception

There is an interesting mutual reception between the Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Cancer. This supportive relationship suggests the feeling in his voice will be a give away as the coolness of his demeanor is belied by the emotions as he talks and shares his ideas with others.

Using gesticulations and strong words to make people care and respond to his message is a tactic he employs to great effect. He can talk and people will want to be a part of it all.


Major Aspect Pattern

Cardinal T-square Uranus opposition Chiron square Mercury.

With Mercury as the focal planet it draws the weakness and the breakdowns of his ideas through to be mentally processed. He probably has an active mind carefully assesses all inputs before he speaks. He will probably be aware of or be challenged by his perceived mental and verbal agility. He is a man of few words until he becomes comfortable with you. We may never know the real Elon as he protects himself through layers of technology.



The good Saturn trine Pluto aspect harnesses the power of determination which will encourage Elon to succeed.

The Jupiter conjunct Neptune (both Pisces planets) shows his exploration and vision are brought together to make something big. This is the sign of a dreamer.

The Jupiter opposition Saturn (and note both of these planets are also contra-parallel) makes this a double whammy opposition. His dilemma is between his reach and his grasp. Can he strive towards massive journeys without compromising his core goals? This aspect will be the energy that keeps him awake at night.

His natal Saturn is opposition to Neptune and again contra-parallel once more reinforcing his controlled imagination. He will likely see things through colour and feel and see the internal art they possess. This shows a duality of confidence coupled with the fear of following his own rainbow.


Thor’s Hammer

The Mercury square Chiron and both sesquiquadrate Jupiter form the Thor’s Hammer major aspect pattern. This drives the chart and the man. He may hesitate to speak up but his actions will be his voice. He may feel his background is weak but in time he will be lauded as a pioneer and explorer extraordinaire. In his own mind he is still a young man who struggles to make idle chit chat.



Inherent creativity is shown by the quintiles in his chart.


The Quintile Arrow

This is the most likely major aspect pattern that spearheads his innovation and creative drive. Mars is conjunct the north node in Aquarius indicating unpredictable leadership. As the head of his tribe he keeps everyone on their toes.

But that’s not all.

Mercury and Pluto are quintile each other and both are bi-quintile Mars. This forms the rare quintile arrow and points to Mars as the resolution for all his creative energy. He is truly a pioneer in fact he probably has many projects and ventures in the pipeline. He can turn his ability to any of them. This makes him a man’s man and a no nonsense kind of guy.

Mars trine Venus shows he will relish a beautiful woman on his arm. If she can communicate on his level or not it will not matter. He is likely to have the met love of his life at a young age and she may have been, or still is, the girl next door. He will use his early connection to the fairer sex as a yardstick with which to measure other women against.

The Sun biquintiles Neptune which suggests his vast imagination and how being identified with “out of this world” things is a part of his life.

He is a dreamer with the drive to make innovation. We have not seen all he can do. The best is yet to come.