Halloween in the sign of Scorpio the scorpion

October 31st

October 31 is Halloween and also known as All Hallows’ Eve.

Halloween is traditionally the night the dead rise from their graves until the dawn of All Saints Day when they are once more put to rest.

Hence skeletons and ghosts are the theme.

November 1st

All Saints Day follows Halloween on November 1st each year.

Samhain begins at sunset on October 31 each year.

It is an old Celtic festival which came from the northern hemisphere and celebrates the completion of taking in the harvest and crops.

It indicates the darker days of the year and winter will soon be upon us. Samhain is traditionally celebrated with the burning of village bonfires.

The Astrology of Halloween

Astrologically the sign Scorpio is associated with the end of things, death and the dead.

The animal that symbolizes Scorpio is the scorpion. Not all scorpions are poisonous but many are deadly.

It seems the smaller the species the more venomous the sting. Several scorpions simply paralyze their prey and eat them live.

Every Halloween the Sun is at 7/8 degrees Scorpio.

Trick or treat

Now this is a practice that sticks in my craw.

I love that the kids dress up and have super inventive costumes. This stimulates creativity and their imagination.

I love the streets and gardens decorated with tombstones, spiders and pumpkins. Soma have smoke and eerie music to set the tone for the evening.

Having lived in Africa where hunger is pretty much the norm for many people, the practice of buying candy to give to the kids at the door so they can have a sackful at the end of the night is strangely disturbing.

I would be happier if the kids gathered food for those in need instead.

Maybe I’m still not fully assimilated into life in North America. They do say that resistance is futile.autumn-2905_960_720-2



How Much Astrology Prep Time do You Need to Do for Your Client?

by Alison Price

I was at an astrology event earlier this week which was attended by those who are aspiring astrologers, those who are getting better at astrology and some who are really good at astrology.

You can see what your skills and abilities are astrology wise and where you are on the five levels of astrologers to decide which camp you are in.

Anyway, it was general chit chat at the pre dinner (as is the way with these events) and someone asked me “How you much time do you do in your chart preparation before the consultation or do you just wing it?”

Never just wing it

So straight off the bat I replied “No, I never wing it, you simply can’t.”

The danger of winging it or just reading a chart on the fly with no thought for the intricacies of the dynamic elements in the chart are huge.

If you wing it:

  • You get it wrong
  • You diminish your credibility
  • You get it wrong
  • You damage your reputation and that of astrology in general
  • You get it wrong
  • They want it for free (That’s another story)

Did I say you get it wrong?

Weak astrologers just wing it.

If you are serious about your craft and believe you provide your clients with your best work through your experience, techniques and knowledge.

You owe it to yourself and your clients to give your best. Heck, you have to give more than your best you have to give them everything you have got. It’s that simple.

If you cannot dig deep for your clients then don’t bother setting up as an astrologer.

How much time to spend on each chart

I am often asked by those learning astrology “How much do we really have to do for a client?”

This comes down to, how long should you spend analyzing a natal chart or a forecast before the consultation?

A month, a week, a day or an hour?

There is no exact answer because it depends on your level of astrological expertise and the depth required for the client.

Some time has to be spent in prep work for each and every session.

If a consultation is booked for one hour, how many hours does an astrologer spend in preparation work before the appointment?

Starting out

When I first began as a professional astrologer (that is one who takes money for astrology services), I needed at least a week to plough (I mean work) through the chart.

I would explore all the permutations of the astrology and cover everything I could think of.

Every time I discovered a new technique I would slavishly add it into the list things I did.

There was no end…

These days I probably spend twice as much time in prep as the session is in reality. So, if I have a client booked for a one-hour session I will likely spend two hours analyzing the chart or charts.

If it is their second or third consultation (where we are working through and exploring several themes in their lives) I try to keep it the same. Two hours prep for a one-hour consultation. This is my plan.

It can, and does, overrun but you have to draw the line somewhere.

If I have a client booked in for a sequence of say three sessions over the course of a few weeks I will spend six or more hours preparing their interpretations. It does not matter if it is the first or the third in a sequence of consultations.

More, more, more

Of course, I can easily do more preparation work.

Some charts need more, but if I am to see one or two clients a day that is what I do.

Other astrologers may have different methods.

Mars can Kickstart Your Projects


Mars is the planet of beginnings, pioneering action, expended effort and it shows where you are happy to burn energy.

Mars rules the sign Aries the Ram, which it the first sign of the tropical zodiac, and is the traditional ruler of Scorpio the Scorpion.

As the first of the planets further from the Sun than the Earth, Mars takes about two years to make one complete pass through the zodiac. Because of this orbital period Mars can be used to kickstart events and courses of action in your life.

Mars return

This two year period is known as a Mars return. When Mars returns to the natal position in your birth chart it will be your Mars return and you will have one every two years.

Having two years to do something may seem a long stretch but if you consider planning to complete a course at college or organizing a wedding it can offer a convenient time span.

The trick is to begin what you want to do when Mars transits the planet in your chart that rules the activity you want to start.

  • Mars conjunct your natal Venus or 7th house ruler can be pleasant for initiating wedding arrangements.
  • As Mars approaches Jupiter, or your 9th house ruler, it suggests you could be open to studying.
  • The red planet crossing your Midheaven indicates a period to take your career on another tack.

Close encounters of the third kind

If you are lucky (?) to receive a Martian three contact transit to a natal planet, it shows the time is ripe to expend the effort required to get that particular project started.

At the first direct transit you may initially be enamored by the idea and inspired. During the retrograde pass doubt can set in about the validity of the venture. Finally on the last contact your plans should be steaming along and well under way.


Support Local Astrology


by Alison Price

A while back there was a bumper sticker that said “Think Global, Act Local.” It was in reference to pollution and what you can do about it.

The idea being that you have to think about the global implications of pollution but you can only really make changes in your local environment.

Perhaps not the best correlation, but the theory is the same.

As an astrologer or an astrology student you can think of how you would like Astrology to be viewed globally (taken seriously, taught in schools, accepted in mainstream or covered by medicare etc.) but you can really make a difference locally.

There are several international astrological associations dealing with research (NCGR, ISAR) public relations (AFAN), education (CAAE) and news (ANS) from the astrologer’s perspective, but that is a discussion for another day.

Supporting local astrology means: 

  • Getting involved with your neighborhood astrology group or chapter if you have one.
  • Creating a space to form a meeting in areas where there are no recognized astrology groups.
  • Reaching out to other astrology practitioners and making contact.
  • Getting to know those who can support your practice by their different skills and interests.
  • Gifting your time to speak or teach at an astro get-together.
  • Attending local astrology conferences and special events.
  • Serving on the board of groups (if there is one).
  • Supporting the year end celebrations or other milestones.
  • Participating.

All the above may sound like a lot of work or be of out of your comfort zone. You may feel inadequate or so new a beginner as to have nothing to offer. But that is not so.

We all benefit from cross pollination of ideas and techniques. Knowing others in the astrological community takes away the isolation that can plague many budding astrologers.

Finding you are not alone and having someone to talk to about your craft is a comfort.

What to offer to your local astrology group

If you live in a city the chances are there is an established astrology group having meetings, lectures, a newsletter and seemingly organized. So what can you offer them?

Get the their start chart. Every astrology group or organization has a “Birth chart” (or an election chart as it may be known) and they will probably have this chart posted on their website. If not the actual chart then at least the chart details with time, date and place.

Look at the group’s start chart and see where your natal Sun falls in their chart by house. For instance, if your Sun is in the group’s:

  • 1st house – Offer to redesign their logo or give them an image overhaul.
  • 2nd house – Offer to be treasurer and ensure they charge enough.
  • 3rd house – Offer to edit the e-newsletter and build community.
  • 4th house – Offer to be their historian or caterer.
  • 5th house – Offer to organize the annual parties and competitions.
  • 6th house – Offer to serve on the board or be secretary.
  • 7th house – Offer your skills as a public relations co-ordinator.
  • 8th house – Offer to research and unearth new life in both speakers and events.
  • 9th house – Offer to teach a class or expand their visions.
  • 10th house – Offer to help promote the organization and stand for president.
  • 11th house – Offer to co-ordinate with other astro groups nearby and fix the website.
  • 12th house – Offer to curate the library of books and recordings’s etc.

Give it a try.


What type of Astrologer are you?

by Alison Price

Know thyself

“Astrologer, know thyself.” –  Socrates.

Ancient words but as true today as the day they were penned (or is that quilled?)

As an astrologer you really do need to know your own natal chart well. Why not get a blank piece of paper and try to draw you chart from memory. This shows how well you know the ins and outs of your chart.

Self-knowledge is the key to understanding others. This includes the good, the bad and the ugly, warts and all.

I may not know you personally but I can hazard a guess about you:

  • You are your own person.
  • You are accomplished.
  • You read books.
  • You have lived.
  • You have laughed.
  • Your journey has brought you here.
  • You can do your own thing.
  • You have life experience.
  • You search for more.
  • You choose your own path.

You owe it to yourself to be the type of astrologer that sits well with your planetary indicators. We cannot all be the same type of astrologer.

Some explore their astrology through face-to-face consultations, video forecasts, supporting the astrology community via groups, writing or being the spokesman for astrology in the public eye.

In your astrology life you may want to:

  • Forecast and predict.
  • Write a Sun Sign column.
  • Understand your family better.
  • Host a blog.
  • Research an obscure technique.
  • Be a niche guru.
  • Curate the astrological community.
  • Support others.
  • Teach others.
  • Learn astrology for your own pleasure.
  • Write a book.
  • Get you name in lights.
  • Be rich.
  • Be famous.
  • Be on TV.
  • Live your life in tune with planetary cycles.
  • Understand yourself.
  • Understand others.
  • All of the above.
  • None of the above.

Chart indicators for an astrologer

Your natal chart gives clues as to the type of astrologer you are likely to be. Modern astrologers take Uranus, as the ruler of our craft and the traditional ruler is Mercury.

During transits to sensitive planets and chart points in your natal chart external changes may occur to alter your life path.

Experiencing progressions to sensitive planets and chart points is a time when internal changes are likely to develop to alter your karmic direction.

The above two points (transits and progressions to your natal chart) can suggest times in your life when astrology will begin to loom large. The more forecast triggers happening at once the more likely it will be.


As the modern ruler of astrology and astrologers Uranus indicates an astrologer if it is conjoined your ascendant, Sun, Midheaven or Mercury. Or if Uranus is oriental where it suggests your vocation.

There are many instances where Uranus aspects the oriental planet in well-known astrologer’s charts.

All natal aspects to your Uranus will modify the type of astrologer you are likely to become.

Uranus conjunctions are the strongest indicators.

When natal Uranus is stimulated by progressions from the Sun, Mercury, the ascendant or Midheaven an interest in astrology will probably develop.


Aquarius on the first house cusp shows a personal interest in astrology.

On the Midheaven the Water bearer indicates that a business can be made from astrology.

When your progressed or directed ascendant or Midheaven enters Aquarius the focus of your life will shift. This change alone will not confirm astrology, but it will if supported by other indicators.


The traditional ruler of astrology and astrologers is Mercury the planet of information gathering and dispersal and of scribing the events of the day.

When your natal Mercury receives aspects from transiting Uranus astrology becomes an interest.


As the philosopher and teacher, Jupiter often conjoins, squares or opposes the Sun or Uranus in astrologer’s natal charts.

It also frequently contacts Mercury, the ascendant or Midheaven.

When natal Jupiter is stimulated by transiting Uranus or progressed Mercury it may spark an interest and you will seek astrological knowledge.


Many factors contribute to an interest in astrology. If you take your passion for astrology a step further it makes sense to look at the career indicators for “An astrologer” in your chart. This can guide you towards fulfilling the potential shown by your natal placements.

If you live in tune with your natal chart you are more likely to be satisfied with your life and you can more readily be the type of astrologer your chart suggests, than one which you think you should be, by attempting to emulate those around you.

Do you have a strong Uranus or Mercury? What are your astrology indicators?

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How to Give an Astrological Referral

In one of the Dirty Harry movies Clint Eastwood famously said, “An expert knows when it’s time to call in the experts.”

This is exactly what client referral is all about. Astrologers cannot be all things to all people.

There will be those you can’t help for one reason or another. Sometimes you need to refer your clients to other experts.

What is an astrological referral?

An astrological referral is where you (the astrologer) suggest your client consults with someone else who may be an astrologer or another person in a related new age field. You should know the other expert to whom you are referring and ideally you will have had a working relationship with them in the past.

Astrologers refer clients for several reasons:

Physical distance:

The prospective client is on the phone and wants a face-to-face consultation but lives miles away. A good astrologer will know the names of those working nearby and will be able to refer to them.

Not in their field of expertise

Perhaps the client wants a chart rectified and you do not offer that service. Not every astrologer does everything. Personally I don’t work on health issues or illness, but I do specialize in conception work and children’s astrology. Other astrologers concentrate on health and wellness or various related fields.

The astrologer feels uncomfortable

On occasion the energies emanating from a client may not sit well with you. It may be a gut reaction but you know you cannot connect with this person.

No time

You are fully booked for months ahead and then are off to a conference for a week after which you are going on vacation for six weeks (well, we can hope).

Who can refer?

All astrologers can, and at times should, refer their clients to other astrologers or related practitioners.

Who can you refer to? (Get the grammar police)

If you are a new astrologer you may not yet know who is good and you likely are not confident in referring. Ask your teacher or mentor to provide some recommendations. If still at a loss your local astrology group will have a list of names of neighborhood experts to offer.

For example:

  • Other astrologers in the proximity
  • Specialist astrologers (e.g. Rectification and decumbiture)
  • Numerologists
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Psychics and mediums
  • Others

How to Give an Astrological Referral

Once you have decided to whom you are going to refer your client, what do you do? Do not give the name of your referred expert to your client. Yet.

Step 1:

You contact the expert and ask if they will accept this client. They too may be going away or be otherwise engaged. If this person cannot see your client you then contact the next one on your referral list and in this manner you find someone who will help. Briefly explain the situation and let them know you will get your client to call directly and make an appointment.

Step 2:

You provide your client with the email address and phone number of the chosen one and your client can personally make the arrangements to consult with your choice.


In my experience if you simply give your client the expert’s number they may call and discover that person will not see them either. Sometimes clients can be in a fragile state and see this lack of acceptance as a form of rejection. This unfortunate situation is avoided if you confer with the one you are referring to first and make sure your client will be well received.

Do you?

Do you refer your clients? Do you have another way of doing this? Do you wish to be considered an expert in a particular astrological field? Write you thoughts in the comments section below. I bet the buzz on everyone’s mind is “Why would I send business away when it is so hard won?” That is a question for another day.


Astrological Peer Review – Is It For You?

Astrology by its very nature is often practiced in isolation. You can go for months without meeting another astrologer face-to-face.

As an astrologer you may have read the recommended books and taken a course or two but why not get some direct feedback on the work you are presenting to clients?

This is particularly important in your first “public” consultations. It is one thing to forecast for family and friends and another to take the big step and consult for strangers.

I believe that as astrology is not regulated (like realtors) support has to come from inside our community.

That means you and me.

What is peer review?

Peer review is when you ask another astrologer to look over your work and provide useful feedback.

It is no good someone saying “Oh, yes I would have interpreted it like that.” What you need are specifics.

Areas for consideration can include:

  • Manual chart calculations
  • Natal chart interpretations
  • Forecasting and predictions

Peer review is where you go to bounce interpretations, new theories or fresh techniques which you may have developed off a more experienced person.

Your Peers

Your peers are those in the astrological community whom you feel are at the same level of development as yourself.

You may also consider reaching out to more advanced astrologers and teachers. However, this may become a protégé / mentor relationship.

There is a good case to create study groups of like-minded people which can work very well.

Scared of self-exposure? Ask yourself:

  • Are you an astrologer with over ten years experience and think you don’t need help?
  • Do you believe it may somehow reduce your credibility within in the astrological community to seek peer review?
  • Are you scared of self-exposure?

These are all valid feelings.

The benefits of peer review

Each one of us approaches chart interpretation through the lens of our own chart. I often describe this as looking through our unique stained glass window where the nuances of our own nativity will play an important role.

To hear that your reviewer would have come to the same conclusions and interpreted the chart same way as you do is not what you need.

You will benefit from listening to another’s viewpoint. It lets you see your interpretations from different perspectives.

Clearly you will not agree with everything your reviewer may say and you can still go with your guts. It is all about keeping an open mind.

Who you gonna call?

Not all astrologers offer peer review. To find someone suitable consider the options below.

  • If you have or have had an astrology teacher he or she will be your first line of approach.
  • Old teachers can refer you to others who specialize in reviewing student’s work.
  • The big astrology organizations may be a resource as they have contact lists of astrology practitioners.

How To Get The Best From Your Astrologer

by Alison Price

Perhaps you have been considering taking the next step and are toying with the idea about trying a professional astrology reading or as they say having your chart done.

If it is your first time consulting an astrologer you probably don’t know exactly what to expect from an interpretation You do not know what he or she can actually do for you.

You may be nervous and wary of what could be revealed in the session. Remember that ghastly episode in the eighth grade? Being apprehensive of new experiences is a completely natural reaction. Your friends may have had a reading before and can no doubt tell long tales about their experiences.

But what about what the astrologer expects from you? If you want to get the most from your first meeting with your astrologer here are a few points to consider.

Be honest about your birth time

Your astrologer requests your time of birth so they can set up a personalized chart which is unique to you based on the time you have given. Birth times of 5 p.m. are highly suspect because it was more likely to have been 4:55 p.m. or 5:02 p.m. in reality.

An ideal birth time is the one that is captured when the newborn takes in their first breath. The infant thus inhales the potentials of the universe at that precise moment. It is important for those expecting or planning to have children in the future to get the birth time, at least to the minute if not to the second.

One day that child may seek out an astrologer and knowing their correct birth time will be important for them. If you don’t do anything else for your child get the birth time.

You can sometimes glean your birth time from your mother and some birth certificates have it or reference a baby book. If you do not know for sure please don’t guess either. You may think that any time is better than none, or that you have to have a birth time for your astrologer to do your chart are both incorrect.

In fact your Mother may not remember what time you were born. You may think “But why can’t you remember Mom? I was being born and aren’t I the most precious thing in your life? You were there so why weren’t you paying attention?”

The reality is there is so much going on during a child’s birth that if the time is not noted and written down then it really is up to memory. Being in a labor ward with strange nurses that you have just met attending to very intimate details of your person is an extremely stressful time.

Your astrologer would rather hear “My mother thinks I was born in the afternoon sometime after lunch but before supper.” With this information he or she can accommodate the wide time given and adjust his or her interpretations to suit.

When you provide a birth time of “Sometime after lunch” your astrologer will compensate for the lack of a precise time and construct your chart accordingly. This practice benefits you and your astrologer.

You will receive a better reading and your astrologer can give you a better interpretation. This may seem like the same thing but it isn’t. Your reading becomes pertinent and you are likely to perceive your astrologer as being competent, caring and insightful.

Get to the point

The face-to-face relationship between client and astrologer usually starts with a one hour session.

This may go over to the one and a half hour mark and even in some cases to two hours at a stretch. But usually one hour is all the information that you, as a client, can appreciate and absorb during the first appointment.

Your astrologer will ask you if there is anything particular they need to focus on with the initial reading and this is your opportunity to get the most out of your meeting.

If you really want to zoom in on your love life, say so, when you book the appointment. Otherwise you may be distracted and not listening to all the upcoming pressing career issues that your astrologer is explaining because they know what is coming up for you through the transits and other forecasting techniques.

You may be concerned with your romantic issues and you won’t care about boring stuff like work. Do not wait until you are leaving the office to ask “Should I leave my boyfriend?”

If you have an immediate concern it makes sense to mention it first, ideally when you make the booking. You may think your astrologer will know already but not all of us are mind readers.

Make an appointment

This is really common courtesy. Phone up and make an appointment to see your astrologer. No one appreciates being ambushed on a Saturday afternoon with your pressing problems. By having a future meeting time your astrologer can carefully prepare your personalized charts and diagrams.

They can thoughtfully contemplate all the current planetary conditions and the possible impact on your life. They can prepare themselves perhaps with meditation or breathing techniques which will result in presenting a confident and meaningful consultation.

Consider your astrologer’s gift to you

For your astrologer, giving of themselves during a consultation is very often psychically draining, particularly if there are difficult issues to be addressed in the session. One painful area that comes to mind is bereavement. Death of a loved one can provoke both sadness and relief rolled into one.

Grieving is not an easy period in anyone’s life. For your astrologer to help you navigate these dark days, weeks or months they have to give the gift of themselves psychically to you.

The serial client

Are you a serial client? One who goes from one practitioner to the next seeking the answers that seem so elusive?

There is no problem in hearing a second opinion and certainly you need to find an astrologer with whom you resonate. That being said, please resist running down your last astrologer in the first sentence out of your mouth to your present astrologer.

He or she will immediately become wary of you and can only guess at your upcoming comments about them in your future consultant’s office.

Refer your astrologer

Some clients prefer not to have it known that they are consulting with an astrologer. The reasoning here takes many forms.

Astrologers understand that discretion is the better part of valour. We realise that some things are best left unsaid and if you wish to be discreet then you have come to the right place.

There is not an astrologer that I know who will openly discuss their client’s charts, data or issues in general conversation amongst other astrologers.

If you can honestly speak highly of your astrologer then you will be more comfortable referring your friends and family to them. By confidently singing their praises (which is what most practitioners want) it is good for business and good for astrology.

For those of you who love your astrologer it’s time to step-up and recommend them. Tell your friends about the confidence you have. Explain how helpful working together with your astrologer has been for you.

You don’t need to get into details and the nitty-gritty of your life. Tell interested people you know to mention your name when they call for an appointment, trust me, your astrologer will appreciate your referrals.

Still can’t get on?

In the unlikely event that you are disappointed with the service from your astrologer you need to tell him or her directly.

There is no need to be rude or cruel but just simply explain where you think he or she went wrong and give them an opportunity to relook at their work and, if acceptable to you, for the astrologer to present it again.

By bringing your concerns to the attention of your astrologer you provide him or her an opportunity to re-evaluate their work. Not to do so does not help anyone.

If you really feel you cannot continue your relationship then it is best to part ways.


We are all living through our own charts. Getting along in life takes effort. If you have discovered an astrologer that is in tune with you and your life rhythms then keep them close. You are one of the lucky people who will have your life enriched by astrology.

The fact that you are reading this article shows you have hope and believe in the future of astrology.

Becoming a relevant client takes effort on your part but the payback is the huge benefit that astrology has to offer you and your life.


Astrology Crossword Challenge

Take the Crossword Challenge

Here is a fun Astrology Crossword for those strong Mercury types.

What to do

Print this page, complete the crossword, scan to a file, attach to an email and send to info@starzology.com to have your name posted here as one of the few to complete this crossword.

Our correct completed crossword congrats go to…

Julia Cann from Plymouth, England.

Arwynne O’Neill from Vancouver, Canada.

Maria Michaelidis from Skorpios, Greece.

Hennie Potgieter from Phalaborwa, South Africa.

Jan Weiss from Coventry, England.

Ali Khan from Toronto, Canada






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A Day in the Life of an Astrologer

by Alison Price

They used to say “If you want something doing give it to a busy woman.”

I suppose now it would be a busy person. But it seems that the more you do the more you can do.

The less you do the less you want to do.

How to find the time

After years of tweaking I have settled on a loose timetable that suits my family. I say loose because that is what it is, flexible and evolving.

My work week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

My full workday follows much the same pattern all week from Monday to Thursday. Friday and the weekend are different.

5:00 – 7:00 – Writing time.

7:00 – 8:00 – Family breakfast.

8:00 – 10:00 – Client or class prep for that day.

10:00 – 12:00 – Client consultations.

12:00 – 12:30 – Lunch.

12:30 – 1:00 – Walk outside in the fresh air.

1:00 – 2:00 – Emails and catch-up.

2:00 – 4:00 – Client consultations.

4:00 – 7:00 – Family time and dinner.

7:00 – 9:00 – Evening classes.

If I don’t have clients or classes in a particular day then the prep and consultation time goes to writing.

I teach assorted astrology classes for four days a week. Each course is over six weeks at a time. Courses are usually in the fall, winter and spring. Sometimes I offer classes in between as well if there are overflow students on the wait list. This is also the time when I do one-to-one mentorship or speciality classes like student exam prep.

Writing means working on my client written astrology reports, book manuscripts, articles, eBooks, preparing lecture notes, blog post prep and other writing. This is creative time and not answering emails or queries which is done later in the day.


On Friday mornings I work until noon just like the other days. Then I have a standing lunch date with the love of my life and take the rest of the day off and spend time with him.

The weekend starts here.


Sometimes I have afternoon classes or lectures but not every week.

Saturday is the day for workshops and more group activities. I also like to browse the book shops and spend some time in the great outdoors.


I like a slow Sunday morning.

I pick up some magazines or read the astrology trade periodicals and have coffee and brunch. Maybe I’ll take a nap in the afternoon.

I read somewhere that Oprah stays in her PJs all Sunday. I think she has something there.

When our children were younger we had a “No other people’s kids in the house on Sunday” rule.

This meant all sleepovers when other people’s kids came to stay in our home had to be from Friday to Saturday so we could have Sunday in peace.

Sunday is like the twelfth house in a chart and a time to reflect, replenish and recharge.


10 Classic Comments Astrology Clients Make

by Alison Price

Astrology is a fascinating subject which draws in individuals from many walks of life. As a professional you meet numerous varied and interesting people.

Perceptions that clients have of an astrologer’s abilities are clearly shown in the wide range of remarks that are heard in a consulting room.

These comments simply highlight the point of view held by the average person. Take a look through the list below and see if anything rings true for you.

1 “If I hadn’t already paid I would have cancelled.”

This is a classic comment. The client is wary and apprehensive. Had he or she not made the payment they would have not have arrived at the appointment.

The solution may be to take a deposit at the booking. The hard truth here is, if you do not accept remuneration upfront, you will probably experience many no-shows.

2 “I have brought a friend to sit in on the reading.”

This happens with brand new clients. If he or she has not already met you they could have a vision that a consultation includes the slaughter of a chicken and writing in blood.

They are apprehensive of what is to come. It may seem crazy that anyone would think this. It is your job to ensure you present a professional countenance at all times.

3 “I thought you may say I am a bad person.”

This stems from the view that astrologers are in some way able to criticize or judge their customer’s character, actions or lifestyle choices.

We all feel we could be better in many ways and your client thinks that you can see his or her flaws and will comment about them. Everyone is acutely aware of his or her shortcomings. Perhaps you need to emanate an impression of kindness and understanding.

Being an astrologer places you in a strong position over others or so it seems to them.

4 “I was wary about what you could tell me.”

They are not sure of the reach and depth that an astrology consultation can take. It is natural to be unsure of being exposed in some way. It is the astrologer’s job to make their client comfortable.

Reaching out to people can take many forms. Discuss the obvious chart indicators before delving into the darker realms of their chart.

5 “I was worried you would not like me.”

Often the client thinks you will make personal comments about their life or way of living.

He or she may have old ideas brought forward over the past two thousand years when astrology has been brought from the dark ages into the twenty-first century.

6 “I thought you were going to tell me I am going to die.”

There is a common misconception that the general public thinks the natal chart automatically says when someone will die.

Your customers generally do not want to know this type of information. Even if you believe you can predict death it is not advisable to discuss your thoughts on the matter.

Probably the best way to quash their fears is to state at the booking that you will not be considering their demise.

7 “You have the power today which concerns me.”

Many people fear giving up their personal power or control and this can show up in a client’s resistance to a reading. It is only natural and comes under the title of “letting others in.” Astrology is tantalizing to many.

The thought of someone seeing into their very being is very self-centered and which is what we offer in readings. One hour to discuss the individual and only them is intoxicating for some but daunting to others.

8 “I don’t believe in astrology.”

A section of people do not believe in astrology but at the same time they are curious.

This is an opportunity for an astrologer to explore the chart in a way, which the client is comfortable. Focusing on the main message of the squares in a chart will give the client something to immediately relate.

The best outcome for this person is that they leave the consulting room with a positive image of the modern astrologer.

9 “I am anxious about this.”

Many people are indeed anxious about laying their soul bare to the intense scrutiny of an astrologer. Your very presence can make some individuals twitchy.

We are in a counseling profession. Your customers need to feel safe. This can be achieved by allowing them to work through their issues in a supportive environment.

10 “Will you tell my wife?”

There is only one correct answer here. “No, you won’t tell his wife.”

Whatever comes out during an appointment, the good, the bad and the ugly, remember that discretion is everything. You have to be confidential with your customer’s disclosures.

No doubt you will hear things you wished you had not but that goes with the territory. Astrologers who do not hold their client consultations private will soon have a reputation as such.


It is up to you as an astrologer to be prepared for your client’s general apprehensions and worries about astrology.

Much of these misconceptions can be allayed by the professionalism that you bring to your work. The public needs to discover that modern astrology is both relevant and useful.

First prize is for your clients to go forward speaking your praises and those of our profession.

Make sure you not only have excellent interpretation skills so you can correctly delineate a chart but also ensure you bring your human side and add to astrology’s reputation in a positive way.


Mars conjunct Saturn


by Alison Price

When Mars and Saturn get Together we Take Notice

Mars is all about action, energy and competing. Saturn favours control, form, strategy and concrete results.

The imagery is of the young guy in a red shirt honing his skateboarding techniques in the hard landscape of the city park.

How many times has he tried this jump?

Who is watching? His competition, the other young guys, or the pretty girls?

Mars Conjunct Saturn in the Signs

Every two years Mars moves around the chart and catches up with Saturn.

Traditionally Mars was known and the lesser malefic and Saturn as the greater malefic. It is probably not politically correct to use these phrases anymore and yet there is some truth in the labels.

We look to the ruler of the sign that the conjunction is happening in to understand what is going on.

As two planets join forces in a sign one planet will be better placed than the other and its energy can be accessed easier.

Mars will compete with Saturn and when Mars is applying to the conjunction it will rise before Saturn.

After the exact conjunction Mars will rise after Saturn.

Saturn spends about two years and three months in each sign (depending on retrograde periods) so sometimes a conjunction is repeated in the same sign twice.

Mars and Saturn came together in 2012 in Libra. Two years before in 2008, the conjunction occurred at 5° Virgo and in 2016 it was in Sagittarius and in 2018 it is in Capricorn.

Find which house the conjunction will occur in your birth chart as this is the house for this conjunction.


Mars Conjunct Saturn in the Houses

First house

Start a diet. Mars is great for beginning things and with Saturn in your physical body sector, you can control your body size.

Second house

Start a mad-money plan. Decide you have a limited amount to spend on whatever you want and stick to it.

Third house

Take a course that will build on your strengths and bring you closer to your life goals. You can achieve good marks now.

Fourth house

Family dynamic relationships can benefit from you breaking down borders with close members for everyone’s benefit.

Fifth house

If you have kids they may need some guidelines this week as they test your patience. Make plans to give birth to your creative expression.

Sixth house

Sweat it out on the weights at the gym. This is a chance to expend energy to form your muscles and tone your long term health.

Seventh house

If you have been held back in asking someone on a date you now have the courage. If in a relationship you could thrash things out for mutual benefit.

Eighth house

If you are holding yourself back now is a time to examine any limiting strategies and bring things into the open.

Ninth house

There may be travel frustrations. You may experience difficulty if you are writing exams now because you have the desire to rush.

Tenth house

Promotion and putting yourself forward is favored now. Actively engaging in your career path is a good strategy.

Eleventh house

Competition is high. You want to win but perhaps at the expense of your team. You may be singled out and put forward as the front man or woman to represent your group.

Twelfth house

Your energy may be at low ebb. It is probably good to rest if you can. The best way to handle this period is to make master plans-of-action to be used later.

5 Things to do After your Client Leaves

by Alison Price

1. Cleanse the space.

I don’t mean sweep the floor what I do mean is open a window, burn some incense or light a fragranced candle.

Clean the whiteboard and wipe the slate.

Past clients leave emotional residue and it is important to purge the atmosphere and yourself from any negative emotional buildup.

This practice clears your working space and helps you prepare psychologically for the next person.

2. File charts away

Seems obvious but it starts slowly with a few files on the corner of you desk and before you know it has grown into a quivering heap of papers.

Even if you only have two clients a week keep their chart notes and files neat and in a filing cabinet.

You will need to refer to them later if your customer contacts you or there is a question about the reading where more clarity is needed and the following year.

3. Close out comments.

I like to send a thank you note or email. It may be old fashioned but it is a way of having closure on the session.

Some clients will come back within a day or two with queries and questions and if I can remember the chart I will dash off an email spelling out the explanation.

Other clients will contact me two months after the reading with questions but by this time, if I have to look at the chart again, then there will be a perusal fee.

4.  Follow up reminders.

If you diarize their birth date you can issue consultation reminders the month before their birthday.

Most astrologers’ offer a discount for all those with the same Sun sign as the transiting Sun. By this method all Virgo’s will receive a discount on astrology services during late August and early September every year.

Having follow-up consultations near their Solar Return charts helps so you don’t have to cast two.

5. Reinforce your weaknesses.

How did it go? Did you encounter a difficult part? Do you need to read up on a particular area of interpretation? Do you want to engage in a peer review with another astrologer?

Are you exhausted, drained, elated or a combination of all three? Complete your consultation review form.

Learn from each and every reading.

Don’t become complacent.

Stretch yourself.

It is amazing what you can do.


Further reading:

10 Things to Do Before Your Client Arrives

Ten things you can do today to make your astrological consultations easier before your next client arrives.

These strategies will help you set the stage for an effective reading. I work at my family home/office but your situation may be different find which suits you.

1. Check your client’s details.

It has happened before and it will happen again. If you type 1066 instead of 1966 into your software program the Sun will still be in the correct region of the zodiac but the whole chart will be out by nine hundred years! This happened to me in the early days of my client work and it is now something I always double check. There is no point in spending hours working with incorrect information.

2. Cast the consultation chart.

I create a chart for the time of the actual consultation. It provides valuable information on the mood of the day. There are some times when I prefer not to see clients at all which is during the month when the Sun transits my twelfth house. I find my time is better used in rest and recuperation to build up for the next stage when the Sun conjoins my ascendant and the solar cycle begins.

3. Your Sun’s synastry.

Your Sun’s contacts to your client’s chart will show how well you will be received by them as you illuminate their life through your solar position and the connections made. If your Sun contacts their ascendant you have the potential to influence them. If your Sun trines their Venus your client will love what you present. If your Sun is in a hard aspect to their Pluto they may be suspicious of you, what you have to say or even astrology in general.

4. Fido is a no-no.

If you own a dog it should be in another room and not seen or heard. There should not be a whiff of pooch. You don’t want Spot jumping up and licking people as they walk in the door. Having a cat about can be unnerving for some people. You may not be able to project a professional image with Whiskers sleeping on your desk. The only animals which I believe are appropriate in a consulting room are fish in a sparkling tank.

5. Let the fresh air in.

Where I live daily winter temperatures can get down to a brisk -15C but I always open the window to my office before a client arrives because it allows fresh air in and any residue of the previous client such as lingering emotional expressions to leave. You can also burn sage and waft it about. Other astrologers I know have their own ritual cleansing techniques and I urge you to find something that you like.

6. Prepare refreshments.

Common courtesy dictates you offer some form of refreshments. For my clients I will prepare regular tea or coffee and cookies. I also let them know beforehand they can bring a specialty tea bag if they wish. I have the tray ready to go and the water boiled before they arrive. I make the beverages before we sit down. Chilled iced water is placed on a table in the room before they arrive.

7. Record, rewind, replay.

I invite my clients to bring their own recording devices. In the past I found it was too stressful when I realized, after an hour and a half, that I had forgotten to press record and all was lost. I discovered that burning disks and making MP3’s was not my strong suit. I no longer offer taping (yes it used to be called that) as part of my service but I encourage people to bring their own machines, which for me, is the best solution.

8. Turn your phone to silent.

It’s not just your phone that needs to be on silent anymore you have to make your email notifications, pings and alerts go away as well. If you have other people in your home they need to keep it down too. Your ringing phone intrudes into your concentration and breaks your train of thought. By the same token, if your client puts their phone out and when it rings take the calls, that is down to them. It may seem rude but it is their session after all.

9. Meditate or ask for guidance.

Before a consultation I strive to find a calm mental place. Meditation is a good strategy. It is beneficial to be relaxed and focused and being so helps you to do your best work. People like talking about themselves and an astrology consultation is all about them. At the same time you need to be aware of being sucked in to difficult situations and to protect yourself from being psychically drained.

10. Breathe in… breathe out…

If you have ever been in a yoga class you know the power of breath-work. Slow breathing calms your physical body and can lower your blood pressure. The knack is to concentrate on breathing out only, as you will naturally inhale. When working with your clients becomes stressful it shows in their experience of you, your consulting skills and ultimately astrology.

The list goes on. Share the special things you do to prepare yourself for a reading. Write them in the comments section below.

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 * * *

Comments from Professional Astrologers Group on LinkedIn.

Sandy Anastasi

Sandy Anastasi • Great advice, Alison! I would add some simple common sense things like, make sure your office or work space is clear and clean. Make sure you are dressed in the manner of the impression you wish to make. Appearances ARE important! If you have a waiting room and a receptionist, well great. But if you don’t, then you need to be your own receptionist which means arriving early. I have not always had the luxury of my own office, separated from the rest of my home. In those days when I read clients at my kitchen table I was careful to clear the room both before and after the session, and I kept doors to the rest of the house closed. I also find that it is a wonderful advantage to give your client a written overview of what you do ahead of time, or to at least make it clear to them at the time they set their appointment. Not every astrologer reads a chart the same way. Some focus more on personality, some more on future, or compatibility, vocation, or spiritual focus; some use Tarot in concert with Astrology. Some are psychic astrologers and some are very technical. It really helps when you see a new client if they know what you do, and what they may expect from you.

Jane Ritson

Jane Ritson • I love the way you set things out clearly, concisely and and in separate paras.

Alison Price

Alison Price • @Sandy – Yes, a written overview is a good idea beforehand as we all approach astrology through our own charts.
@Jane – Glad you like it, at times like this I say “Thank heavens for Virgo planets!”

Sandy Anastasi

Sandy Anastasi • So, so true Alison – I think I have learned more about myself over the years by doing other people’s charts than my own! Good point! 🙂
On another note – I particularly liked your recommendation to review the chart for accuracy. I have made many of those errors myself, wondering why the chart I was reading didn’t fit the person in front of me until I realized I’d put in the wrong birth time, or made some other foolish error. You just can’t be too careful.

rao chitturu

rao chitturu • Very good hints are given for beginners in astrology profession- All are good – May I know the idea of choosing a “fish ‘ in item 4 i.e., “…..in a consulting room are fish in a sparkling tank.” I wish to add that I have give some hints – subject wise in my article – Predicitve astrology-General Hints.

Alison Price

Alison Price • @Rao – Thanks for your comments. It is not really about choosing to have a fish (unless Pisces is strong I suppose), but it is in not choosing to let a dog or a cat be around at the consultation.

Michael Zizis

Michael Zizis • Hi Alison and Absolutely everyone:

These observations are very adroit! You reveal our responsibility for inclusivity, regardless of a client’s chart issues.

I think the drudgery {did I mention I hate housework?} of a clean uncluttered home or one room – with a clean bathroom makes a great impression, unless its phone work.
I would make this step 11.

Also, I have a large aquarium within sight of the seating arrangements – that folks love watching, unless they are from Toronto, in which case they say, “Must be a lot of work?!”

: – )

As we all know, a balance of being cordial yet a little firm, is superior to feeling superior to a client. Do astrologers have egos?

All the places in our psyches not taken up by knowledge, will be taken up by ego.

As a possible # 12, I space client bookings widely apart so that the present client gets the attention they require.

Excellent discussion!

Pt. Ashok Dixit

Pt. Ashok Dixit • very excellent professional suggestions, by you. Thanks
I have already used to this methods but the process is different, according to INDIAN RITUALS.

Alison Price

Alison Price • Michael,
I like the two points you make in steps 11 and 12. Although we all want to be busy, we really can’t pack clients in to the detriment of our psychic well being. This is sometimes an issue for new pros. As with most things timing is everything. Good comments. Thanks.

* * *

The 5 Levels of Astrologer

by Alison Price

Once you start to take an interest in astrology it is just the start of your journey.

Your personal astrological development can take years.

You may remain at one level for decades (when life gets in the way) and then pick it up later on. The process of becoming an astrologer includes particular milestones.

I am not saying aspiring to master astrologer is everyone’s goal but the process of becoming is clear.

Each level is a step up from the one below.

Below I have shared my thoughts on the different criteria for each stage of the astrologer’s evolution. Consider where you are.

Download your handy guide now.

The Five Levels of Astrologer

Hobbyist Astrologer

    • You read your horoscope every week
    • You know your own and your family member’s Sun signs
    • You can discuss astrology at a dinner party
    • You know enough to be dangerous (ha ha)

Student Astrologer(All of the above plus)

    • You have attended an astrology lecture
    • You subscribe to The Mountain Astrologer
    • You have taken at least one astrology lesson
    • You are considering attending a conference
    • You own Astro Gold

Amateur Astrologer – (All of the above plus)

    • You can read the glyphs in a chart
    • You know the signs, planets, houses and aspects
    • You own ten astrology books including a Table of Houses
    • You have at least one planet specific book
    • You have taken a formal astrology education course
    • You can interpret charts for family and friends
    • You can debate houses systems
    • You know at least four forecasting techniques
    • You are invited to speak locally

Professional Astrologer – (All of the above plus)

    • You can construct a chart from scratch (without a computer)
    • You can calculate forecasts from scratch (without a computer)
    • You have an extensive astrology library with duplicate editions
    • You subscribe to all the trade periodicals
    • You are a member of the international astrology associations
    • You accept payments for your work
    • Your income surpasses $12000USD per year from astrology
    • You are invited to speak internationally
    • You have appeared on TV or radio
    • You write a column/blog
    • You own your astrology website
    • You have published an astrology book

Master Astrologer – (All of the above plus)

    • You have been a professional (accepts payments) for at least ten years
    • You are considered a guru in the astrological community
    • You have written more than one book
    • Your income exceeds $60000 USD/year from astrology
    • Your name is known by the general public
    • You are the Keynote speaker
    • You are a recipient of astrology awards acknowledging your contribution
    • You may have forsaken daily consultations for focussed research
    • You are the Astrorati of the day




Where do you fit in?

What will you do next to support your astrology journey?

Astro poetry limerick – Kepler

Kepler’s second law of planetary motion states: A planet sweeps out an equal area in equal time.

Simply put the further a planet is from the Sun in it’s orbit the slower it moves through the zodiac. Most orbits are elliptical (have two foci where one is the Sun) and some distances are more extreme than others.

For example: Pluto was nearer the Sun during it’s swift transit through it’s own sign of Scorpio from 1984-1995 (on and off) for only eleven years. Pluto was in Taurus (on and off) during the period 1854-1883 for almost twenty-nine years. Remember during Pluto’s transit of Scorpio it was at times nearer to the Sun than Neptune!

We also note this phenomena when the Moon is fast or slow for a while each month.

I think occasional astrology poetry is an escape, perhaps I shall post on Fridays, if it is an even date, and the Moon is fast…

* * *

Now Kepler he had a good thought

as planetary motion was fraught.

Each orbit he found

had swept out equal ground

and now his second law is taught.

* * *

Write your thoughts in the comments section below.

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* * *

New Moon and the Part of Fortune

by Alison Price

New Moon

When the Part of Fortune is on the ascendant it means it is New Moon.

Actually it is because it is New Moon the Part of Fortune will be on the ascendant.

A New Moon is potent because it is the seed moment in the Sun / Moon positions and the beginning point of the lunar cycle. All things are possible now as the month unfolds.

Part of Fortune

Normally the Part of Fortune indicates through which realm of activities you will benefit and this is shown by its house position.

If the Part of Fortune is on an angle it becomes prominent and when conjoined the ascendant it has top billing in the chart.

The only other better place for the Part of Fortune to be is conjunct the Sun and Moon and on the ascendant.

Part of Fortune on the ascendant

The Part of Fortune on the ascendant colors your whole chart. Admittedly it is not a planet but a point in space. However when placed on the sensitive ascendant the emphasis for the Part of Fortune increases. It gains prominence.

In the first house the Part of Fortune is well placed to benefit you throughout your life. You come across as simply fortunate and appear to have a good life even a desirable one.

You are likely to have personal looks that are deemed attractive in your era. You will be perceived as a classic beauty for women and considered handsome for men.

You are seen by others to be well off and to be from a good background. Others perceive you as fortunate and bestow grace and favors on you. It can become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

All this is interpreted by the backdrop of the sign in which the Part of Fortune is placed. The planet that rules the sign in which the Part of Fortune is placed is known as the dispositor or the Lord of the Part of Fortune and is an important planet to consider for this analysis.

If the ascendant sign and the Part of Fortune sign are the same then that planet gains influence over the fortune being given over this lifetime.

Part of Fortune calculations

The position of the Moon in relation to the Sun determines the placement for the Part of Fortune.

Daytime chart formula is ASC – SU + MO = POF

Nighttime chart formula is ASC + SU – MO = POF

A daytime chart is one where the Sun is in the seventh to the twelfth houses. A nighttime chart finds the Sun is in the first to the sixth houses.



Aspects Applying and Separating

by Alison Price

Information Overload

Astrology is a subject that tends towards the, “I thought I knew what I was doing until I began to learn it” type comments.

Students have mountains of information to process and any method for remembering the little details helps.

Scientists believe the act of learning is improved when you approach a subject from many avenues. Techniques may include; to listen in class, to read a book, to take notes, to make a collage, to put it to music or to watch a movie.

All of these practices create new pathways in your brain which reinforce the original information storage.

Building many roads to Rome lets you recall information better when you try to retrieve or remember something, for example, during a client consultation.

Planetary Speed

A planet’s speed is determined by its distance from the Sun. The closer it is, the quicker it moves. The exception is the Moon which has the most daily movement.

The planets listed by speed are; the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Chiron (depends), Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

  • An applying aspect occurs when a faster planet moves towards a slower planet.
  • An aspect is separating when the swifter planet pulls away from the sluggish planet.
  • An exact aspect has zero orb.

Note any retrograde motion as this will change the status of the aspect.

The Solar Fire Aspectarian

On the Solar Fire aspectarian (the triangle of blocks with the aspects listed in it at the bottom of the chart sheet), there is an “A” or an “S” this tells you if an aspect is applying or separating.

Solid or dotted

Conveniently there is an option to show applying aspects with a solid line and separating aspects with a dotted line in the chart wheel.

In Thick and Thin

Set your program to display thicker aspect lines if the orb is tight and thinner if it is wide. You can select a different color for each type of aspect.

Here is a method to remember the difference between applying and separating aspects which you won’t forget in a hurry. Cast your mind if you will to the fun activity we all love.

Applying aspect keywords

  • A close encounter
  • Initial fumbling
  • Pending main event
  • Coming soon
  • Heat and friction
  • Anticipation
  • Pressure builds
  • Imminent arrival
  • Future expectation

Exact aspect keywords

  • Exquisite
  • Perfection
  • Partile
  • Together
  • Ultimate
  • Fleeting
  • Release

Separating aspect keywords

  • Time for a nap
  • Knowing
  • A memory
  • Glory days
  • History
  • Fading

The difference between applying and separating aspects is clear. Perhaps you can ponder this next time you have a slow Saturday night.


Schumacher – Celebrate the good days

Formula one racing is an expensive sport.

It is all about the skill of the driver coupled with the engineers and technicians behind each team. Everything can be lost or won on the commitment of the sponsors, management and skill behind the wheel.

Winning a race means it is a good day. Michael Schumacher, who was world champion seven times during 1994-2004, had a saying “Celebrate the good days. There are many more not-so-good days.” He knew there were times where winning was out of the question for a variety of reasons and this made the wins that more sweet.

Schumacher natal.pdf-page-001Do you celebrate the good days and take every positive event which happens and cherish it or do you accept a great thing but with the caveat “I was good today but next time I won’t be” thus diminishing the positive energy?

Maybe you are quick to reject a compliment not believing it could be true or that the giver is somehow sucking up to you or has an agenda.

If we can accept gifts in the spirit in which they are given then astrologically the elements of the signs take sides. Air and fire easily present compliments conversely water and earth are wary of receiving praise. Fire and air are naturally positive and believe the good times have come whereas water and earth feel there maybe a catch showing their negative side.

This elemental affinity is not strictly related to your Sun sign. Most charts have some planets, ascendant or the MC in the active signs or Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. You can use your chart to be optimistic and happier by aligning with the positive planets and points and to expect good things to happen to you in the nature of the planets or point.

It has to do with expectation. If you expect to succeed you will. If you expect to fail you will. If you expect to be happy you will. It sounds simplistic.

Can happiness be cultivated? I believe it can. It is a habit to see everything in a negative light. We all have tough times but it is how you react to hard days that says a lot about who you are.

I believe we can change. What is in the past has gone and is seen in the rear view mirror. Having a bright outlook is all about how are you going to live your life from today onwards and if you are going to celebrate the good days.

Own your chart, don’t let your chart own you.

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* * *

Solar System Necklace

In a chart the first house (by sign, ruler, aspects or tenants) suggests the initial impression we make on others.

This is indicated in the clothes we choose to wear, our hair style, complexion and gait. Included in the ascendant complex are accessories and personal adornment items or to put it simply, jewelry.

I have always been particularly attracted to natural products such as amber, wood, glass, coral or shells.

Recently I created what I now refer to as my solar system necklace. It features the Sun and the planets including the Moon and Pluto.

I designed it from a selection of glass beads purchased at a local haberdashery. Each colored sphere represents a planet.

The trick is that you cannot buy one individual bead which looks like Neptune you have to buy a short string of perhaps ten beads all in the same design, so now I have a selection of Neptune, Mars and Venus-like spares.

When crafting a solar system necklace the challenge is to relate the bead size to the actual planet’s magnitude. Of course this is not an exact science or the Sun would be as large as a basketball hanging around your neck. However I tried to bring in some proportion.

The Sun is represented by the biggest bead followed by Mercury and Venus. Next comes the Earth and additionally it has the Moon as a pearl attached on an auxiliary string indicating the Moon’s special relationship with our home planet. I threaded Mars as a bright red sphere in a similar size to the other personal planets.

Then Jupiter the biggest  and followed by Saturn with a slightly smaller dimension. Next up are the outers with Uranus represented by an electric blue and then Neptune a misty cyan. Last is Pluto, again a smaller orange bead signifying the lesser mass of everyone’s favorite dwarf planet.

My necklace finished off by a continuous threading of tiny beads in variegated earth tones. Between each is a small silver spacer. Here is a secret, not being a pro beader, I simply tied a firm knot in the hemp thread at the back of the neck. I made sure the finished product was long enough to slip over my head so as not to need a clasp.

Altogether it is an unusual piece. It is also incredibly heavy to wear and I fear one day will burst apart under its own mass in the way of the big bang.

Having a unique necklace which is specifically designed with an astrological theme appeals to me.

Next time I get the urge to make a statement piece I think I may thread the planets in their rising sequence.

I have to do something with all the left over Neptunes.

* * *

Is Your Creative Writing Time a Write-off?

by Alison Price


Writing is a creative exercise expressed through your Mercurial energies.

The actual process of putting pen to paper can easily become derailed by outside distractions.

You are better of doing any creative writing at the time of day that is supported by your own natal mercury placement.

Take steps to ensure your creative writing time aligns with your natal chart.

Angles as Time Markers

In a chart the division of the wheel by the ascendant and descendant and the Midheaven and the IC as axes are also sensitive points. This division of the chart created the four quadrants.

The four are known as the chart angles.

If the Sun is near an angle it indicate the time of day.

  • The Sun on the ascendant is dawn,
  • TheSun on the Midheaven is midday,
  • The Sun on descendant is sunset and
  • The Sun on the IC in the middle of the night.

Planets placed near an angle are best stimulated during the time of day indicated by the particular angle.

Mercury rules writing

When Mercury is in the first quadrant (1st, 2nd or 3rd house) in your natal chart you can best express its energies in the early morning before dawn

If your Mercury in the second quadrant (4th, 5th or 6th houses) writing in the evening is best for you.

When Mercury is placed in the third quadrant (7th, 8th or 9th houses) it suggests your writing will flow best in the afternoon and before dusk.

Mercury in the fourth quadrant (10th, 11th or 12th houses) inclines you to pen your missives in the morning and finish them before lunch.

Writing and Mercury go hand-in-hand

What about other Mercury functions? The timing is the same, in-line with your Mercury placement time frame you can benefit by performing other Mercury related activities such as:

Preparing emails, making phone calls, writing your blog, answering questions, signing papers, bartering deals, closing deals, booking appointments, making an initial approach, discussing important issues, having a date or speaking your mind.

There are many facets to Mercury and you can improve your communications all round by doing them at the right time.