Your Meet and Greet (Discovery Call) Session

Thinking about taking a class, have a reading or getting some coaching? Then this is for you.

Use a Meet and Greet (Discovery Call) session to:

  • Ask your questions.
  • Get a feel for who Alison is.
  • Find out how she can help you.
  • Get info on classes, consultations or coaching.
  • Share your astro journey so far.



Alison offers astrology classes and courses for Beginner Natal, Intermediate Natal, Advance Forecasting, Vocational and Romance.


Who Consultations Are For

Alison offer consultations for individuals, couples and children.


For a more detailed and therefore valuable consultation, choose to focus on Career and/or Money or Romance.

If you would like to set up a Meet and Greet (Discovery Call) with Alison to dicuss you plans go here.

Astrology Classes Details

Below are the options I have for astrology lessons from beginner to advanced chart readings and more.

Click the images on the left for more details.

Beginner’s Astrology: Natal (16 Classes)

Semester One: Basic Natal Charts

Signs, polarity, elements, modes, hemispheres, quadrants, planets, points and houses.

Semester Two: Basic Natal Charts

Aspects, Patterns, Essential dignity, Lunar phases, retrograde, Nodes, chart shape etc.


Intermediate Astrology: Natal (16 Classes)

Semester One: Intermediate Natal

Dignities, phases, retrograde, most elevated, derivative and oriental.

Semester Two: Intermediate Natal

Proximity, Anticia, synodic cycles, moiety and dexter.


Advanced Astrology: Forecasting (16 Classes)

Semester One: Direct Astrological Forecasting

Transits, solar returns and eclipses.

Semester Two: Indirect Astrological Forecasting

Secondary progressions, solar arc directions and mundane.


Vocational Astrology: Money and Career 

Your passion, earning and soft skills.

Chart challenges and job seeking tips.


Relationship Astrology (6 Classes)

Love and Romance Questions

Synastry, inter chart aspects and chart comparison, calsulating composite midpoints, Davison charts and erecting Wedding Election charts.


Your Astrology Business Setup (2 Classes)

Basic Business Setup

Start charts, domain names, website, emails and intro to social media.

Your astrology products and services.

Privacy and mission statements.

Astrology Coaching

Individual sessions to focus on your knowledge gaps.

Client work advice.

Practise readings so you can get better.


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