The Aspiring Astrologer – 52 Self-paced Astrology Lessons – Book

The Aspiring Astrologer – 52 Self-paced Astrology Lessons – Book

The Aspiring Astrologer – 52 Self-paced Astrology Lessons

I’m excited to share with you information about my new book The Aspiring Astrologer – 52 Self-paced Astrology Lessons now available on Amazon.

I’m going to give you a bit of a history of the evolution of this book and how it came about.

I’m also going to be sharing with you who this book is for and whether it would interest you or not.

Who This Book is For

New Astrology Students

This book is suitable for new astrology students.

If you have decided to learn a little astrology, then this is the book to help you get there.

Many people choose to know some astrology, and a few take the next step and discover a wonderful world of insights which astrology can provide.

This book will guide you to focus on key pointers in a birth chart, so you can read a chart quickly and confidently.

New Astrology Teachers

This book is suitable for new astrology teachers. 

Use it as a guide to bring structure to your classes.

If you are just starting out as an astrology teacher, use this book as a guide to pace your classes for your astrology students.

Typically each chapter will be a two hour class.

Time and Energy Management

If you have reached a period in your life when time is critical, and you do not have three years to spend learning something new, then this book is for you.

If you are at the start of your astrological journey this is for you.

It is for anyone who wants to get to grips with astrology fast and who does not have time to waste.

You can learn about the importance of staying on the highways and leave the roads less travelled for another day.

You can spend the rest of your life learning more about astrology, but you do not need to know everything right now.

You are at the start of your astrological journey and this book will guide you towards details which are immediately important and the things that can be left for the future.

Self-paced Astrology Lessons

This book combines all the astrology lessons I have taught for the past twenty-five years to my private students.

Each chapter is one lesson.

Typically when I teach the lessons in a classroom they take about two hours to complete.

However some classes are a little longer specifically the Houses lesson and the Synasty lesson.

I usually have a week to a fortnight between classes so my students can digest the information, practice on many charts and do some more research by themselves.

Table of Contents

Evolution of This Book

When I began teaching astrology to three women one Saturday afternoon at my kitchen table, I wrote out a one-page guide for each lesson.

Every person received the one-page class note.

They went away and returned the following week for the next class at which time I provided the second lesson one-page class note.

Over time, I developed each one-page into multiple sheets and included more information.

I increased the page count for each lesson to about ten pages whilst fleshing out every topic into broader paragraphs which became the discussion points in the lesson.

By now I had made sixteen beginner, intermediate and advanced forecasting classes with around ten individual pages each for the forty-eight classes with a total page count of 480.

Then I created a mini eBook for each stage.

Later when I began to teach the Relationship and Vocational astrology courses with six classes each, I wrote more class notes.

Only earlier this year did it occur to me to bring everything together into one book.

This book.

In the past I had toyed with multiple smaller books but decided to amalgamate all the class notes I had created over the years into this one volume.

Through the editing process, I condensed the Houses lessons into one class even though I had taught it over two.

I had forty-seven main classes including six Relationship and six Vocational classes, with around ten pages per class.

This brought the class count to fifty-nine. I wanted to have fifty-two classes which is of course one class for every week in the year.

I compressed the two Relationship and Vocational courses into five classes, three for Relationships (thus the Synastry class has parts 1, 2 and 3 and is the biggest class) and two for Vocational.

Now I had fifty-two classes in total.

Some classes are longer and some are shorter than others.

Page Design

Each page is sourced from my early one-page layouts.

Each page usually has a main heading and several paragraphs, diagrams, tables or charts.

These are all discussion points and can be explored further by the student and certainly developed by the teacher.

I encourage you to source other supporting material around each class.

I have endeavored to keep the style of the page layout similar to the original one-page class notes as that is how you learn the subject and how it is taught.

Where there is space available on some pages, I have added diagrams or illustrations as inspiration.

Most drawings are my own creations however some are free images for public use from Pixabay.

How to Use This Book

This is a working book. You are invited to write in it, make notes and draw diagrams as you learn.

Perhaps you have other keywords you want to bring into your astrological practice and you may add them to these pages.

Color things in, add collage and make it your own.

Aspiring Astrologer Activities

There are Aspiring Astrology Activities after each chapter.

This is your class homework and the activities are about the content you have learnt in the lesson.

These activities are important as they are a guide about what to do for every chart that you ever cast or interpret.

Astrological Defaults

This book teaches western tropical psychological astrology and mainly Placidus house cusps.

Where to Get Your Copy

The Aspiring Astrologer – 52 Self-paced Astrology Lessons book is available at Amazon.

This is quite a huge book with 570 pages and measures 8” by 10” or 20cm by 25cm.

The size makes it heavy.

The actual publication costs at Amazon are quite hefty themselves and of course you will have to add on the shipping to your area.

This makes the cost of the book slightly more than most astrology books but it’s due to the sheer volume of information you receive.

To get your copy from Amazon click here.

Typos and Errors

I wrote, designed, formatted and self-published this book myself.

I have had two editors go over it, but as I’ve learned in the past, errors do creep in.

If you find an error or typo, please let me know and I will fix it for the next person.




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Starzology 2022 Astro Planner

Starzology 2022 Astro Planner

Starzology 2022 Astro Planner

Available here 


For the past three years I’ve created an astrology guide for the specific year.

The guide was originally created for my astrology students and it included the ingresses, retrograde cycles and eclipses.

Previously I made the guide available as a PDF download directly from this site, but this year I’ve created it as a notebook which is available from Amazon.


My guide is now called the “Starzology 2022 Astro Planner – Astrology for self-care.”

This means it is easier to order and you can receive a physical item and not just it in digital form.

How to Use This Planner

It is as a planner, with monthly and weekly pages like a diary or notebook.

Previously there was no space for notes and many of you have asked for that, so here it is.


Customize Your Planner

The idea is that you make this planner your own. Colour in the months pages and add your transits on the weekly pages.


Watch the Video

To get more inspiration on how to get organized to write horoscopes, or to forecast for yourself, watch the video below.

I explain how I use this planner and you can add your information, color and  embellishments as well.






The Starzology 2022 Astro Guide and Planner contains information for anyone interested in astrology.


Practical Astro Forecasting

The spreads are the exact ones that I use each month for horoscope work and forecasting, which I draw in my journal and you can see more of that in this video.

It has material on the 2022 new moons, retrograde and direct dates and planetary ingresses (when the planets change signs) for the whole year.

If you write horoscopes of forecast for yourself, family and friends it will help you plan.

There is a page for you to draw your own birth chart, so you can follow along and a few blank charts.

Monthly Planner Pages

Each month lists the planetary ingresses, retrogrades and lunation information.

There is a lunar mood checker diagram and other fun pages.

Weekly Planner Pages

The handy weekly pages can be used to track the transits and progressions to your own chart.

Moon Mood Tracker

Each month has a 28-day Moon cycle tracker that you could use to track:

  • your mood
  • your lunar transits
  • your monthly cycle

Personal Growth

This planner will inspire you to find out more about your chart and you can add other astro related details that interest you.

In this planner, you can color in and make notes that mean something to you and create yourself a keepsake for the year 2022.


Interior Pages

Here you can see the right hand pages from a few of the zodiac notebooks.

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