Books for Aspiring Astrologers

The first three books on this page will help you learn how to read a chart and forecast for fun and pleasure.

They were created from the notes from astrology classes I have taught over the years.

Introduction to Astrology – A Beginner’s Guide

Level 1 – Beginners


This is the Introduction to Astrology (Level 1)  beginner’s guide.

There are two semesters of eight chapters each.  This ebook covers first year natal astrology learning.

Beginner’s course workbook.

Format: PDF ebook US$12.99

Immediate download.

Introduction to Natal Chart Analysis – Intermediate Guide

Level 2 – Intermediate Guide


Intermediate natal chart course workbook.


Format: PDF – Only US$15.99

Immediate download.

Introduction to Astrological Forecasting – Advanced Guide

Advanced course workbook.

Astrological forecasting. Transits, solar returns, secondary progressions and solar arc directions.

This book is suitable for you if you can read a natal chart and want to learn forecasting.

Format PDF US$19.99

Immediate download.

Special Topics in Astrology Books

The following books address special topics in astrology.

Children’s Charts – Astrology for LIttle Darlings

Learn how to read a child’s chart and what to look for. Explore the first few years as the child develops through astrology. Discover the dynamics of early school life and the astrological pointers than can help you and your child.

See how you relate to each of your children differently and find some tips to improve your parenting. The younger the child the cleaner the slate. Discover your child’s potentials through their birth chart.

From Amazon for Kindle or Tablet.

Your Oriental Planet – Insights into perception and vocation

What do people say about you before you arrive?

How are you introduced? What is your reputation that goes before you?

Find out all this and more in Your Oriental Planet.

On Amazon paperback.

On Amazon for kindle or tablet


How to Set Up and Run Your Prosperous Astrology Business

a Guide for Aspiring Astrologers

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Books for Everyone Easy to Read

These easy to read books for those who don’t know astrology but want to use it a little in their lives. These books ease you into astrology. You don’t need to get technical.

31 Days to a Better Chart Reading



Your Money Planets – Astrology for Your Financial Life

Your Money Planets – Astrology for your financial life
has been created as a guide for a positive approach to your financial life with the help of astrology. It will show you how a little astrological knowledge can make your life better. It shows you how to work with the planets for your financial benefit.


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