Review: Scorpio Rising by Alan Annand

A Book review by Alison Price

Here is a murder mystery with the twist being the hero who solves the crime is, amongst other things, a professional astrologer. Set in Canada and the USA this story is modern, tense and well written. The new age references are intricately woven into the drama.

Annand builds believable characters and the scene backgrounds are rich in detail. There is everything you want in a thriller, homicide, sex and excitement. One can almost feel the heat.

The author is optimally positioned to pen this book as his vast spiritual knowledge permeates the writing. This work has wonderful references for astrologer and general read alike.

New Age Noir was a new genre on me but I will be on the lookout for more titles from Annand.

I bought my copy directly from Smashwords as an ebook download.