Beginner’s Astrology Classes

Beginner’s Astrology Classes

These are a face-to-face or Skype beginner’s classes, no prior astrological knowledge is required.

This sixteen week beginner’s course covers all the basic information you will need to read a birth chart.

Students will learn about the components that make up the natal chart. This vibrant course introduces the student to the following: glyphs, quadrants, elements, polarities, modes, planets, signs, houses, angles, aspects and much more.

You will learn how to read a chart from a beginner’s point of view. This will get you on the road to becoming an effective and competent astrologer. 

Astrology Certificates and Diplomas

If you are working towards a certificate in astrology through the CAAE then these classes form part of that learning.

The CAAE level 1 curriculum

This course covers all of the CAAE level 1 curriculum.

Semester 1

Lesson 1: Polarities, Elements and Modes

Components that make up the signs.

Lesson 2: The Twelve Zodiac Signs

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Lesson 3: The Visible Planets

The seven planets you can see in the sky: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

Lesson 4: The Outer Planets, Asteroids and TNO’s

The planets you can’t see; Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. The Asteroids and TNO’s

Lesson 5: Chart Division: Ascendant and Midheaven Axis

Angles, hemispheres, quadrants and triple house division

Lesson 6: Houses 1: First to Sixth Houses

The personal houses of the northern hemisphere

Lesson 7: Houses 2: Seventh to Twelfth Houses

The public houses of the southern hemisphere

Lesson 8: Aspects 1: Major and Minor Aspects

The connections between the planets

Semester 2

Lesson 9: Aspects 2: Major Aspect Patterns

The main energy highways in a chart showing the dialogue between the planets

Lesson 10: Interpretation 1: Chart Complexes

Using planetary complexes and getting organized

Lesson 11: Essential Dignities

Measuring a planet’s influence in a chart

Lesson 12: Moon Phases

A deeper understanding of the Moon’s waxing and waning’s effect

Lesson 13: Retrograde Planets

Two steps forward and one step back

Lesson 14: Ascendant Overlays and Chart Rulers

Chart ascendant sign rulers and ascendant overlays

Lesson 15: Lunar Nodes

The overall tone of a chart

Lesson 16: Interpretation 2: Gathering Threads

Full interpretations and gathering related threads

About the classes

  • These 16 lessons cover the full CAAE Level curriculum and will count towards your CAAE diploma.
  • These classes feature 2 hours per lesson for a total of 32 classroom hours and 32 self-study hours as homework and other research.
  • Lessons can be taken one at a time, as you choose or by semester.
  • Classes are held in downtown Vancouver or by Skype at selected times.
  • Class times and dates may vary each week.

What you get

Each student will receive a PDF copy of their birth chart, PDF lesson notes at each session and some homework. 

This course is suitable for beginners and anyone with an interest in astrology. You do not need any astrological knowledge to attend. All are welcome.

This course is available via eLearning or via Skype.

For more information please contact me.


These classes can be purchased by semester. So that would typically be first semester one then semester two.

Or you can do individual classes and pick and choose what you want to learn.

Check my current prices.

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