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Axis Astrology Podcasts

A huge thank you to The Mountain Astrologer for the great review below:

Axis Astrology is a new site for podcasts. Arwynne O’Neill and Alison Price are Vancouver, B.C. astrologers and they have conversations on various topics, i.e., current transits, book reviews, etc. They also have guests, e.g., Andrew Morton and Nina Gryphon. There are also graphics and relevant links for their topics at the site.” – The Mountain Astrologer – Oct 2014

About our podcasts


Arwynne who is a second generation research astrologer with many years of experience and myself (Alison) and I work as an astrologer in downtown Vancouver are the hosts of our fun and fascinating Axis Astrology podcasts.

We publish a new episode every two weeks, so make sure to download them.

We met at the twice-a-month downtown Astrology Vancouver Meetup group in 2013 and have quickly become firm friends.


We each have our ideas, entertainment and a love of astrology which we want to share with you in a light hearted manner and with plenty of laughs along the way.

In our podcasts we:

  • Discuss the astrology of the day such as planetary transits and ingresses,
  • chat about the current Moon phase and eclipses,
  • explore one or two charts of famous people or those in the news,
  • give our take on astrology book and products with fun reviews,
  • clue you in on up-coming events and,
  • share our unique ideas on astrology.

Our recordings are different to the usual astrology fare because we are fun-loving, engaged, lively and have lots of laughs.

With a Sagittarian ascendant our label will go far and wide reaching for the stars.

Our message is fresh

This is something new for us and it suits our present astrological offerings.

We hope you enjoy it, let us know. We believe that astrology is fun and fabulous and not dry and crusty.

If you like our message make sure to catch every episode.

Latest Podcast Episodes


Alison, Andrew and Arwynne.

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The 2014 the Year Ahead episode

Our Official Debut episode


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