by Alison Price

Astrologers can and do make misteaks I mean mistakes.

As with all things practice does make perfect. An astrologer that has been practicing for more than two years should not make many errors

Hopefully there will be less and less but when learning astrology it’s amazing what errors can creep in.

I’m gonna share with you a classic mistake that I was guilty of way back in the early days of my career.

Understand the Instruction

I was living in the southern hemisphere when I began to learn astrology. In a country where astrology books were few and far between.

I had Parker’s the Compleat Astrologer. I began casting charts by hand with log tables, ephemerides and a Table of Houses.

All was well until I came to the instruction “add 12 hours and reverse the signs.”

I duly added 12 hours. That was simple. At this point you get the Ascendant, Midheaven and the house cusps from the Table of Houses.

…and reverse the signs…

This is where I made the mistakes. I flipped the zodiac so when Aries rose it was followed by Pisces then Aquarius etc.

You get the picture. I did reverse the signs by making them go backwards which is what reverse means. But clearly it should have said “…and take the opposite sign…”

Astrology software

Only those of you who began learning astrology before the eighties will appreciate how hard it was (or how easy it was) to make errors when doing manual calculations to draw astrology charts from scratch.

Just because you have the computer programs now don’t think you won’t make errors. The software is only as good as the person at the keyboard.