Past Events with Alison Price

KELOWNA, BC: Astrology Weekend Retreat, October 4th, 5th and 6th, 2019.

VANCOUVER, BC: 6th Annual Summer Workshop July 6, 2019 Your astro Compass: Fixed Stars and The Vertex.

VANCOUVER, BC: The Graphic Ephemeris: Visual Astrological Forecasting – June 13th, 2019

VANCOUVER,BC: Autumn Astrology Workshop – The Art of Chart Delineation October 21, 2018, at The Fraser Valley Astrology Guild.

VANCOUVER, BC: 5th Annual Summer Workshop July 7, 2018 Solar Returns and How to Write Sun Sign Horoscopes.

VANCOUVER, BC: Uranus in Taurus April 3, 2018, at The Astrologer’s Den.

SEATTLE, WA, USA: Your Money Planets March 21st, 2018, at North West Astrology Conference (NORWAC).

NEW WESTMINISTER, BC: Composite Midpoints – Where do You Connect? April 7, 2017, at The Astrologer’s Den.

VANCOUVER, BC, “Children’s Charts – Astrology for Little Darlings” – March 9, 2017

VANCOUVER, BC: 3rd Annual Summer Relationship Workshop “Astrology Money and You” – July 25th, 2016,

NEW WESTMINSTER, BC: “The Dispositor Tree” ~ Workshop – May 2016 

VANCOUVER, BC:  Aspiring Astrologer Business Kickstart Masterclass  August 22nd and 29th, 2015

ON RADIO: Saturn Transits on the show “Your Astrology Now” – September 10th, 2015

VANCOUVER, BC: 2nd Annual Summer Relationship Workshop July 25th, 2015

VANCOUVER (NEW WESTMINSTER), BC: “Your Oriental Planet” Fraser Valley Astrology Guild.

WHITE ROCK, BC: July 24, 2014 “Meet and Greet with Alison and Thomas.”

VANCOUVER, BC: July 26, 2014 “Summer Astrology Workshop Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BC: Body Soul and Spirit EXPO, April 5, 2014. “You are more than your Sun Sign.”

Achieve Radio “YOUR ASTROLOGY NOW” with my host Brenda Black , April 9, 2014.

TORONTO, ON: Astrology Toronto, March 8, 2014, “Astrology and Relationships.”

November 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2013 – Body, Soul and Spirit Expo Vancouver

Come on over for your personal astrology reading and meet Alison and Leah both professional astrologers in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday October 26, 2pm, 2013 – SOTA13 Astrological Conference – Niagara Falls, NY, USA.

Solar Arc Directions: The other forecasting technique. Let’s have a quick look into the exciting world of Solar Arc Directions. Find out how to sharpen-up your forecast work. Get tips and tricks to easily pinpoint predictive themes and potential. Learn about the forecast method-of-choice in every professional astrologer’s toolkit. Intermediate astrology. SOTA Flyer

August 25, 2013 “Your Astrology Now”  

I chat with my host Brenda Black discussing the astrology of the day on Achieve Radio.

“Astrological Theories on Conception” May 9, 2013, Fraser Valley Astrology Guild

There is a growing incidence of couples being challenged to fall pregnant. This elusive conception phenomena occurs for several reasons. Many women turn to astrology for answers.

“Your Astrology Now” April 17, 2013 – Alison chats with her host Brenda Black discussing the astrology of the day on Achieve Radio.

“Your Chart Ruler” Astrology Vancouver Meetup Group Waves coffee house, February 20, 2013

 “Where do Sun Signs come from?” 2013 February 6 – Lecture at Meetup Astrology Vancouver Meetup Group  Vancouver, BC.

 Introduction to Astrological Forecasting –  6 week Skype classes. January 14, 2013.

  Introduction to Synastry – 6 week Skype classes. January 13, 2013.

“Astrological Theories on Conception.” 2012 October 18 – 21 – Presentation At the State Of The Art (SOTA) 2012 – Astrology Conference SOTA12OverallFlyer SOTA2012 A Speakers Review.

2012 May 6 – New Age Fair, Burlington, ON. Complimentary “Mini” astrology readings in aid of autistic children. Using Astro Gold for iPad was incredibly successful.

2012 April “Introduction to Astrology” beginners course – Oakville

“The Age of Aquarius and the Great Year” ~ internet TV – Writeup 2013 January 13 – Class

 “Exploring Astrology” interactive presentation 2012 March 20 ~Delmanor Seniors Residence – Oakville –

 “Sun sign astrology – The zodiac in action” ~ Workshop 2012 March 8  ~ Akasha’s Den – OakvilleWe had fun exploring astrology with this special Sun signs workshop and learnt about each month’s personality traits. 

2012 February 29  ~ Achieve Radio Interview – “Leap Year Astrology” ~ Radio interview. Discussing the Leap Year chart for February 29, 2012 

2012 February 11 ~ Astrology Toronto – “How to Read a Horoscope” ~ Workshop – Part II – Basics Review of signs, planets, houses and aspects the four building blocks in astrology.

2011 December 7 – Burlington New Age BizNet meeting – “Introduction to the Zodiac” ~ Short presentation – Symposium Cafe, Burlington

2011 October 18-21 ~ SOTA Astrology Conference ~ Niagara Falls, NY, USA. – “Children’s Astrology” ~ Presentation – Exploring the potentials in elementary school children’s charts.

“The Dispositor Tree” ~ Lecture – The classic dispositor tree and its structure, the five types of trees, three planetary positions within the tree, meaning and interpretation.

2011 August 10 ~ Blogtv ~ Ask Your Angels Talk Show – “The Mayan Calendar” ~ TV interview – Discussing the Mayan Calendar and what astrologers hold know about the Long Count calendar and Dec 21, 2012.

2010 September 19 ~ Astrology Toronto – “The Oriental Planet” ~ Speaking engagement. – The oriental planet, how to find it, each planet when oriental, solar aspects to the oriental planet and its interpretation by house.

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