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Astrology writing is a passion of mine.

On this page are listed the articles I have written for print publications and sites other than Starzology.

The list is growing…

“The Oriental Planet” – Wellbeing Astrology Magazine – Australia. January 2015.

“The Astrology of Valentine’s Day – 2014” Wild Woman Community. February 2014.

“The Transiting Oriental Planet” – Faculty of Astrological Studies – Writers Corner. January 2014

“Create the Life you Want with the Art of Astrology” Wild Woman Community. January 2014

“10 Classic Comments Astrology Clients Make.” The Guild News, January 2013.

“Astrological Theories on Conception.”  CAAE Ideas magazine, December 2012.

“What Astrologers Should Know About the Mayan Long Count Calendar.”  The Guild News, October 2012.

“Critical Transits Which Affect Children.”  CAAE Ideas magazine, June 2012.

Gardening with Astrology 1” Dell Horoscope magazine, June 2011.

“How to Get the Best from Your Astrologer.” The Guild News, April 2011.

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