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This Guest Post is from Haasli.

2020 Mars Retrograde: Guide

Mars retrograde 2020 occurs from Wednesday, September 9, to Friday, November 13. When a planet is said to retrograde, it becomes more powerful and its energies amplify.  It is considered one of the strongest events in astrology. There are certain things that need to be considered about retrograde so that it can be beneficial and all its negative effects could be minimized. Mars considered Hero of the astrological chart, which can give immense opportunities yet its energies should be carried in with caution.

What exactly is Mars Retrograde?

In Astrology, Mars rules life aspects like sex, desire, action, etc in one’s life, and when this retrograde effects, these areas should be taken care of. Fire signs ruled by Mars finds it more difficult to deal with this situation. Aries out of all signs feel a bit more affected in this transit. They fail to hold any momentum over things when this happens. Small fights, low confidence, and low sex drives can frequently make their presence during this time. Also, a person influenced by this retrograde can take regrettable steps.

Mars is considered “masculine” and any steps taken in this period will be filled with maximized masculinity. They will tend to misuse their energies and dominance because of which they will lack happiness and prosperity.

During the Mars Retrograde, there will be a time of sudden outcomes and changes that can affect a person’s life drastically. If the position of Mars is favourable then this period can make them achieve many big things. For instance, growth in property, abundance, and confidence is the beneficial effect of Mars.

How long will it last?

The retrograde usually takes from 8 to 10 weeks. In order to get more specific details as to when the Mars retrograde will affect you most, you need to check and study house retrograde Mars in your own chart during the process. This will make you know things like when you will be frustrated and the most unlikable time to take any decision etc.

Who will be affected?

Mars Retrograde is a grand astrological event, thus, it will impart changes in the life of every zodiac sign. However, out of all, the most affected sign will be Aries and the people with the sun in Aries. If there is retrograde Mars in a person’s birth chart then they may experience problems like anxiety, depression, dealing with self-determination, sexual life, etc.

How can I use this retrograde to my advantage?

Aries will be affected most in this retrograde as they are the first sign of the zodiac. So they need to be more cautious about this period. This period demands enough care from everyone. Self-care is very essential for this retrograde. It can be anything, reading books, attending horse races, or getting a manicure. Self-care is whatever makes you happy. To make the best out of this time, you can also practice certain remedies as stated below:

These remedies will protect you from any unfavourable events due to the Retrograde of Mars.

  • Avoid the use of any weapon and do not buy any weapon during this period.
  • Remove any harmful tool from your house before starting of the retrograde.
  • This period is unfavourable for buying any new vehicle and buy one can bring bad luck.
  • Do not invest in any property or real estate. That can make you lose your invested money.
  • Avoid shifting to a new house during Mars retrograde.
  • Try postponing any operation or surgeries if scheduled during the period.
  • Court cases in the retrograde can have a negative effect on your financial losses.
  • The Mantra of Mars should be chanted religiously daily in the period.
  • Hanuman Chalisa can help the person reduce all negative effects.

The cosmos will always take care of your feelings and you do not have to unnecessarily stress yourself out in this period. These unfavourable events can always be handled with a conscious mind and strong beliefs. The most common problem that one may come across is uncertainty in this period. Your attitude will change from being very confident about things to be sceptical about everything. This period can also bring enormous happiness in your life if your Mars is positioned well. You will feel confident, your sexual health will revive, your relationships will get stronger and you will be able to gain financial profits.

Haasli is a 20-year-old student and an astrology enthusiast.
He always had a keen interest in the Cosmos and Planets, this makes him more inclined towards astrological studies. He is very enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge related to astrology.

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