International Astrology Day 2012

International Astrology Day March 20, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 International Astrology Day. This will occur on March 20 it is the day each year when the Sun enters the first sign of the zodiac namely Aries the Ram and a whole new year of astrology begins. Astrologers around the world celebrate this time with get-togethers and shared hope for the new astrology year coming in. This is underlined because astrology as a subject is reinforced in this equinox chart due to the close proximity of the Sun, Mercury and Uranus forming a group known as a stellium in Aries. Once a year the Sun makes the conjunction to Uranus the planet ruling astrology and it is often a good week for astrology in general.

Timing of the equinox

For our friends in South Africa it will be at 7:16am, in England at 5:16am and Toronto at 1:16am on Tuesday morning.

At first glance 

The grand trine (three planets in trine to each other making a triangle) between Venus, Mars and Pluto in earth signs suggests there will be a strong emphasis on practical matters and we can simply plough through it all. Venus is the stronger of the three as she is in her own sign of Taurus and so well placed.

Mutual reception 

Mars in Virgo and Mercury in Aries are in each other’s sign of rulership. This is known as a mutual reception. For the purists, both planets should also be in a Ptolemaic aspect with each other as well, to be classified as such. This forms the top link which joins both sides of the chart’s dispositor tree where solutions are sought through active communication.

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