The Lunar Nodes Change Signs

On September 1, 2012 the Moon’s mean nodes will move from Sagittarius/Gemini to Scorpio/Taurus.

The nodes are points in space where the Moon’s path crosses the ecliptic and every month the Moon spends two weeks north and two weeks south. The nodes are always opposite each other and are referred to as the nodal axis. A node is a hub or connector.

The mean (average) nodes are always retrograde whereas true nodes can be direct, stationary or retrograde. It takes just under nineteen years for the nodal axis to pass through the whole zodiac as each node spends about eighteen / nineteen months in every sign. Eclipses can only occur near a node and the next few eclipses will be in either Taurus or Scorpio.

When interpreting the nodes we take notice of the dispositors, which are the planets that rule the signs in which the nodes are placed.

North node enters Scorpio

Mars and Pluto dispose the north node in Scorpio.

The north node is known as Caput Draconis or the Dragon’s head. It has much to do with the future, where you are going and your karmic path.

The north node transiting Scorpio suggests that plunging debt may well be an upcoming reality for many. Pluto is the planet most closely related to borrowing including money and resources owed to others.

The focus may rest on banks (as in personal loans) and insurance companies where the future health of these institutions may be stretched during the north node’s transit of Scorpio.

The Moon falls in Scorpio

The Moon is in fall in Scorpio and as the nodes are determined by the Moon’s path they are sensitive to the Moon’s essential dignities.

This will likely be a time of striving for understanding, purging the unnecessary and of exposing weak monetary frameworks. Many people will find themselves in an uncomfortable financial position, which they may not have experienced before, that will probably be linked to over extension on future commitments. Ones that seem good on paper, but cannot be maintained in reality.

South node enters Taurus

The south node is disposed by Venus as the ruler of Taurus it is known as Cauda Draconis or the Dragon’s tail.

The south node says much about the past and where we are coming from. It can also show our default responses and suggest where growth is retarded. It indicates where we can perform on autopilot and shows instinctive knowledge brought with us from past incarnations.

In Taurus the south node transit suggests that perseverance and steadfastness in the money world is indicated. If we look back to financial models used around eighteen to nineteen years ago, and expect that they will still hold true, but this is probably not the case. Global monetary concerns will need a fresh approach for us to overcome the many flaws in the systems. What has stood before will not support the markets during this south node transit of Taurus.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus

As the nodes are created from the Moon’s path it follows that when a node moves into the Moon’s sign of exaltation (Taurus) that particular node, and it’s meaning, does fare better.

The south node in Venus ruled Taurus suggests that people with previous savings will prevail and that those who have made staunch attempts to maintain or reduce their credit levels with practical financial strategies (i.e. saving money and living within their means) will survive comfortably during this fourteen-month period.

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