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Starzology has grown a community of followers and fans.

This is great for both you and us, but it means change...

Change is a funny thing. One day you're a caterpillar and the next a butterfly.

It is a natural evolution and to survive as "one of the fittest" takes care.

This we have done.

Taken care of your needs.

There are many exciting changes happening on the site that will make your life easier.

You will be able to find things amongst all the good astrology that has been compiled, curated and written over the past several years.

There is a need for a comprehensive way to present the information especially for new students and those interested in learning astrology by honing their craft.

We have different types of readers

  • Folks who simply like astrology - Free members
  • Those who want more. Casual horoscope readers, students and new students who are trying to learn astrology, and career astrologers making a living from the art ¬†- Paid members

So my team and I have separated them to better serve you. This makes sure you get what you need when you need it.

It also builds on knowledge as time moves on in a natural development.

Ongoing developments

We have many exciting things in the planning stage and want to go a step further to bring you specific learning tools such as mini courses, eBooks and video to help your change and transformation to a better understanding of astrology and how it can better your life.

This means there is and has been, and still will be, changes to the structure of the site which don't really matter to you but we just wanted to explain so you can understand that things may not be where they were in the past and that we will make things better.

A better way to find things and a better experience for you.

We will always offer you a free membership so you can access all the information and fun things you have loved in the past.

Free membership is available for All

Free membership entitles you to all the good things on Starzology that have been freely available since 2012.

It is for everyone.



Paid membership 

This is a new service being rolled out during 2015.

What you get

You will receive access to my insightful monthly horoscopes and fortnightly commentary on the astrology of the day.

This section covers special events like eclipse and any important happenings of an astrological nature written in language you can understand.

All this in an advert-fee environment for a low introductory rate monthly recurring.

At the same time

We have information for those of you who want to know more about astrology and consider yourself as an Aspiring Astrologer.

There is a category all about how to read charts and how to forecast. this really is a very big section and appeals to many who visit Starzology.

There is a category which covers professional consultation techniques and practices.

Counselling vs. consulting.

The emphasis here is on setting up and running a professional astrology business. Making money setting prices and the value of self.Now we are getting into complex astrology.

We cover techniques and concepts of an interest to established astrologers.

There are advanced topics on chart analysis and forecasting information all for Master Astrologers.

We cover your relationship within the cosmos and how you mesh with other New Age disciplines.

All this comes in your paid membership


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