Destiny Calls Spirituality Cruise – March 2014


Holly Poole and I have been friends since 2007 when we happened to sit next to each other at an astrology conference. Discovering we were born less than six months apart, and had many similar planetary placings, further cemented our alliance. 

With her very exciting Destiny Calls Spirituality Cruise being launched having it’s maiden voyage in March 2014, I spoke with Holly about this new age initiative. You can read all about it below. 

Alison Price

AP: This is an incredibly exciting adventure, can you tell the readers about the dates for the cruise?

HP: The actual dates for the Cruise is March 2nd to 9th 2014, I do however, highly recommend that people choose to come into Florida on March 1st. That night we will hold a ‘get-to-know’ everyone kinda night. Destiny Calls flyer

AP: How many nights will we be on the ship?

HP: 7 Nights total on board ship.

AP: Where does the ship sail from and where does it dock?

HP: We will be leaving from Fort Lauderdale Florida afternoon of the 2nd, and will return back to Fort Lauderdale morning of March 9th.

AP: How many people on the ship will be a part of the Spirituality Cruise?

HP: That will depend on how many people sign up specifically for the Spirituality part of the Cruise. The ship – Freedom on the Seas – will have a number of groups on-board – we will simply be one of the groups.  So, for me, it will be extremely interesting to see who joins us and where they live. The word “Spirituality” brings in such a wide range of topics – that each person understands Spirituality quite differently than others. This will allow for some fantastic discussions and friendships to form.

I have no doubt, that everyone who partakes in the Spirituality side of the Cruise will have some life-changing moments. Just the interaction of Energy will be amazing!

AP: Please explain what a typical day on the Destiny Calls Spirituality Cruise will be like?

HP: Each day will be different. When we are at Sea such as the first day there will be some amazing workshops included in the price of the Spirituality Cruise. Some of the topics will include things such as:

  • How to build an Angel Altar
  • Decoding your Night-time dreams – understand what they mean
  • Manifesting what you want in your life
  • Meditation
  • Open discussions on Spirituality – where there will be the ability to ask any questions one may have about Spirituality.
  • We will talk about ‘Understanding the Signs” – how the Angels send us messages and what they mean. Universe/Angels/Spirit Guides constantly gives us signs. We will spend a lot of time helping people understand the meaning. Often people recognize that ‘it’s a sign’ – but have no idea on interpretation.

When we are in port, such as Haiti, as a group we will initially help to raise the vibration of that location. This will help with their healing process and their rebounding process.   Energy is spectacular, and it can often be extremely surprising what a ‘group’ energy can create. Just as a side-note, that when 3 people form an energy circle, it expounds the energy by 100x. Think of what a large group could do!

I think one of the most amazing memories that will come out of this journey is that we will be doing a Meditation in the Mayan Ruins. It takes my breath away simply thinking about that experience. The channeling of energy, without a doubt, will be life-changing.

AP: What type of readings are available for the passengers?

HP: There will be three different types of readings offered by myself and/or Debbie Berry. Debbie is an Angel Therapist and so Debbie will be doing Angel readings – allowing people to get messages directly from the Angelic Realm. I will be doing Astrology readings and/or Tarot readings.

AP:  How did an Astrologer/Heatheologist decide to come up with the idea of a “Spirituality Cruise”?

HP: hahah, I’ve had a few people ask me that same question. Being an Aquarian of course automatically means – I don’t think like other people! And I also realize that often Aquarians are five years ahead of their time. So, with that being said, five years ago I actually put this idea on my bucket-list and said – I would make this happen!  Sounded like a challenge to me!!

This is why I love the workshop about ‘Manifesting” – – for me, its fun. It’s about laying the groundwork, getting the Universal side of life on board with you – – watching for the signs and:  Get Ready, Set, and we’re Off!!

I love teaching.  It makes my heart overflow with joy to be able to share that knowledge and then watch what people do with it on their own.  I want people to be able to experience the elation of seeing their creation simply by following a few rules of Manifestation.

Thank you so much Alison for doing this interview – it is always wonderful to chat with you. Holly

For more information on the Spirituality Cruise and for the Destiny Calls flyer

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