31 Days to a Better Chart Reading

by Alison Price

Astrology Made Simple

I happy to say my latest eBook 31 Days to a Better Chart Reading is available now through Amazon and can be read on your Kindle, iPad or iPhone and of course your computer.

You can get the special launch price 2.99US and this will increase on June 21st.

This is a guide for anyone who wants to read a chart and needs to get going fast.

Each day you can learn a new feature about chart reading and get better quickly.

Stop fiddling about on inconsequentials and get to the meat as soon as possible.


This book is the culmination and distillation of all my other works combined. But it contains fresh content and will appeal to a broader audience.

Table of Contents sneak peek

  • Day 1: Time
  • Day 2: Signs Overview
  • Day 3: Polarities
  • Day 4: Elements
  • Day 5: Modes
  • Day 6: Fire Signs
  • Day 7: Earth signs
  • Day 8: Air signs
  • Day 9: Water signs
  • Day 10: Planets Overview
  • Day 11: Luminaries
  • Day 12: Lunar Phases
  • Day 13: Inner Planets
  • Day 14: Middle Planets
  • Day 15: Outer Planets
  • Day 16: Hemispheres
  • Day 17: Quadrants
  • Day 18: Northern Houses
  • Day 19: Southern Houses
  • Day 20: Aspects
  • Day 21: Minor Aspects
  • Day 22: Major Aspect Patterns
  • Day 23: Essential Dignity
  • Day 24: The Oriental Planet
  • Day 25: The Chart Ruler
  • Day 26: The Part of Fortune
  • Day 27: Asteroids
  • Day 28: Chart Shape
  • Day 29: Lunar Nodes
  • Day 30: Retrograde Planets
  • Day 31: Anticia

More for you

Each day there is stuff to learn and tips and tricks when reading a chart with that day’s featured part.

Aspiring Astrology Activities each day for your own astrology journal.

Got questions then please contact me below.






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