Eclipse Fever – Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017

by Alison Price

Solar Eclipse

On August 21st, 2017 there will be a solar eclipse visible from many places in the North America.

The eclipse will pass through the US from Oregon to South Carolina with the shadow of the Moon streaking across the land with the total eclipse path around 65km wide.

Even up here in Vancouver, Canada we see the Moon cover around 75% of the disc of the Sun and it will be a partial eclipse for us.

I have cleared my diary for this special day and I shall be in the park across from my apartment at the time of the eclipse which will reach totality at around 10:30 am.

You need to have found a seat by 9 am. I plan to take a coffee and a brunch picnic.

Perhaps I’ll have my sketchbook as well.

You will need special eclipse glasses and I have mine already.

I first used these for the Venus transit of the Sun way back in 2012 so they’ve been lying on my shelf waiting for another solar eclipse to come my way.

The Eclipse Path

Even though there are at least two solar Eclipses each year they often pass unnoticed over the ocean so you don’t get to see them at all. But this August the world will be watching as the shadow sweeps over the USA from Oregon to South Carolina.

Check out this handy eclipse path diagram with the compliments of NASA.

You Interpret Eclipses in 3 ways

  • The Eclipse Chart Itself
  • How it Contacts your Birth Chart
  • The Original Saros Chart

The Eclipse Chart

The actual eclipse chart itself will show you the nature of this particular eclipse. Always set your eclipse chart for the zero Aries house system if you are interpreting the eclipse itself.

Now aspects to the eclipse will come into play and with any eclipse chart you can look at:

  • Any planet conjoined this solar eclipse as it will be important.
  • Any planets opposing the solar eclipse will be important.
  • Any other aspects to the eclipse point can now be considered.


    Contacts to your Natal chart

When looking at the personal effect of any particular eclipse check for two main things regarding your natal chart; the house and the aspects.

Natal House

The eclipse will be at 28 Leo. Find which house in your chart the eclipse will fall and this will be where you can make a new start.

Eclipse Aspects to Your Natal Chart

For aspects use an orb of 2 degrees and see if this eclipse contacts any of your planets or points with either an opposition or a conjunction.

I don’t look at other aspects as the main feature of any eclipse is the syzygy between the Sun, Moon and the Earth.

To support this geometry you only need to consider conjunctions (solar eclipse) and opposition (lunar eclipse). Only these two aspects are of interest when working with an eclipse to your natal chart.

If there are no conjunctions or oppositions to your natal chart this particular eclipse will probably not affect you much.

Conjunctions to you own Sun will make this eclipse a part of your Solar Return chart and thus it will be in effect for one whole year for you.

If your birthday is from August 19th to 23rd of any year the energy in this eclipse will affect you for the next twelve months.

The Original Saros Chart

Every eclipse belongs to a Saros series. The original Saros chart from the first eclipse in the Saros is important to show the nature of this family of eclipses.

The original Saros chart for the eclipse on August 21st, Saros series 1 North is shown below.

Solar Eclipse Saros 1 N 3 January 1639

How Long Does an Eclipse Effect Last?

Typically astrologers say an eclipse will last until the next eclipses season or about six months when it is then wiped out by the current eclipses.

But there is a better way to measure the length of time each particular eclipse will last.

  • Solar eclipses are in effect for one month for each minute of the eclipse. This particular eclipse is total for 2 minutes and 40 seconds so its effect will be for around two and a half months.
  • Note: Lunar eclipses are in effect for one day for each minute the eclipse lasts



by Alison Price

The North West Astrology Conference (NORWAC)

Seattle, WA, USA  –  March 22-26, 2018

NORWAC is held in Seattle every year and has been for over thirty years. It is a highly popular astrology conference and boasts world class astrologers presenting cutting edge astrological thought alongside contemporary and ancient techniques.

If you are serious about astrology do not miss this amazing opportunity to broadened and deepen your astrological knowledge.

You can rub shoulders with top international astrologers and socialise with the fun and friendly people who are your tribe.


My Presentation

I am so excited to have been invited to present a lecture and 2018 will be my first time. I am honoured for the privilege to share my insights and creative work with the engaged NORWAC community.

The special topic that I can’t wait to share will be announced soon.

I know you will enjoy it so come along and support me.

If you can get out to the west coast and you are an aspiring astrologer then this is the time to visit Seattle.

Astrology Readings at NORWAC

As with all my astrology conferences I shall be offering consultations during the event and there will be several spots if you wish to book beforehand.

You have three options for astrology consultations during the NORWAC weekend:

  1. If you know beforehand you want a reading you can contact me with the form below. This is the best way as there are only some many clients that I can see over the weekend.
  2. If you decide at the last moment you want a reading you can let me know as well.
  3. If you attend my lecture at Norwac, and decide you love my style because I resonate with you, please approach me and we can set up a time for your personal reading.

Astrology Conferences

To get to an astrology conference takes some planning. If you know what to pack for an astrology conference it can make your whole experience better.

You may decide you have to go and be part of the future of astrology as you don’t want to miss out.

Knowing how to have fun at an astrology conference can help you get the most from your experience.


My first experience of NORWAC was in 2013 when I first moved “out west” as a new experience. At that time I did not know anyone in the local astrology community.


Alison, Christine and Toby at NORWAC17

I was also there in 2017 and had a blast. This is the Saturday night banquet sitting at large round tables with some new friends and my good friends Christine and Toby.

More Information

The NORWAC conference website.




5 Tips on How to Read a Birth Chart

by Alison Price


Every time you attempt to read a chart there are so many things to look at it can be daunting.

Here I have brought the essence of chart reading down to five features to consider. These are things you will always consider when doing any chart reading. If you practice this type of high level chart your interpretation you will get to the heart of your chart reading soon.

These five tips will sharpen your focus so you don’t go off at a tangent or wander down a chart reading back road.

1 – The Dominant Broad Stroke

The dominant broad stroke refers to the background feel for a chart shown by the quantity of plan at and their distribution throughout the char. It does not consider individual planets.

You count the visible planets only and this will always add up to seven. The seven visible planets are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

The broad strokes that you count are:

  • The two polarities of active and passive.
  • The four elements of fire, earth, air and water.
  • The three modes of cardinal, fixed and mutable.
  • The four hemispheres of north, south, east and west
  • The four quadrants numbered first, second, third and fourth.

In all of this find the highest possible number and focus on interpreting that broad stroke.

2 – The Chart Ruler Complex

The chart ruler is the planet that rules the sign on the ascendant. If it is one of the three signs with two rulers (Scorpio, Aquarius or Capricorn) then look at both rulers.

Look closely at this planet and discover it’s message. Understand this planet by sign, house and any aspects it receives in the chart.

It is strong if it is in its own sign or in exaltation. Or in other words if it has essential dignity.

It is strong in accidental dignity which is the natural house of its sign. So for example, Mars in the eighth house is strong because Mars rules Scorpio the natural eighth sign.

Notice if it rules the hemisphere, quadrant or house it tenants.

If it has only soft aspects it is supported but if it receives only hard aspects it is afflicted. A combination of both is neutral.

See if it dominates the chart by being most elevated, oriental, the final dispositor or is it in an angular house (first, fourth, seventh or tenth). These positions add weight.

See of it forms part of a major aspect pattern and if it dominates the pattern. This placement adds weight.

Check if its motion is direct, stationary or retrograde. being direct adds weight and retrograde detracts.

3 – The Sun Complex

Understand the Sun in the chart by sign, house and any aspects it receives.

Fully explore the message of the Sun in the chart.

4 – The Tightest Aspect

To find the tightest aspect you have to consider the aspects between the planets and the orbs.

Look for aspects between the planets and not the points. The planets to consider when looking for the tightest aspect are; the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron.

Do not consider any points like the Ascendant, the Midheaven, the lunar nodes or the part of fortune etc.

I also do not consider the asteroids unless you use them in your daily astrology practice. If not then ignore asteroids including Ceres.

Only look for the five Ptolemaic aspects which are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition.

Find the aspect with the tightest orb which should be 00 00′. See which aspect it is and understand the meaning of this aspect. look at the two planets in the aspect and how they will work together in this chart and in this aspect.

Check the house and signs that the tightest aspect lies over and understand what this means.

5 – The Prominent Major Aspect Pattern

You need the find the most dominant major aspect pattern in the chart.

Some charts may not have a major aspect pattern. And if so then skip this step. Major aspect patterns in order of importance are:

  • Grand crosses
  • Grand trines
  • Stelliums
  • T-squares
  • Kites
  • Thor’s hammers
  • Yods
  • Quintile pointers
  • Mystic rectangles
  • Crosses of David
  • Rosettas

If there is more than one major aspect pattern of the same type, say you have three T-squares, then find the tightest orbed T-square, the non-disassociate T-square and the one that includes the chart ruler, the Sun or the final dispositor.

Find this major aspect pattern and fully understand the planets involved in it by sign, house and essential dignity.


Use these 5 tips to help you read a chart quickly and easily.



Basic Chart Interpretation – Step 3 – Margin Notes

by Alison Price

This post is part of a series on basic chart interpretation and how to read a natal chart. The other steps are listed below and will be developed soon.

Step 1 – The birth chart data – time, date and place.

Step 2 – The physical chart – printing and highlighting main features.

Step 3 – Preparing for the interpretation – margin notes

Step 4 – Your interpretation – detailed notes

Preparing for the Interpretation – Margin Notes

Once you have the correct chart data, have cast the chart and printed it with the appropriate coloured highlights on the page the next step is the written notes you will make and first you will do the margin notes.

At this stage your are not using you astrology journal to take notes for a client that will be used to capture basic astrology interpretation meaning.

You will typically use loose paper with lines and, wait for it, a margin.


The margin is the column on the left side of a ruled page.

Margin notes are any notes you put in a margin. Simple.

Yes, but exactly what notes will you put in a margin when you do a chart interpretation?

Margin notes can be either handwritten astrology glyphs or astrology short form codes (used when typing or emailing).

Example Chart – Stephen King

Below is Stephen King’s chart.


Five Main Points for Chart Interpretation

The five important details for margin notes are:

  • The Balances
  • The Ascendant Complex
  • The Chart Ruler Complex
  • The Sun Complex
  • Major Aspect Patterns

Example Margin Notes for Stephen King

The Balances


Active = 4 and passive = 3.


NH = 6, SH – 1, EH = 4 and WH = 3.


Q1 = 3, Q2 = 3, Q3 = 0 and Q4 = 1.

The Ascendant Complex

ASC 29CA51.

Ascendant aspects

ASC-60-SU, ASC-60-VE, ASC-0-MA, ASC-120-JP, and ASC-120-NN.

First House Planets

PL and SA.

The Chart Ruler complex

MO SG 5th

Aspects of the chart ruler

MO-120-SA, MO-120-PL and MO-60-ME.

The Sun Complex

SU VI 3rd.

Sun aspects

SU-0-VE, SU-90-UR and SU-45-PL.

Major Aspect Patterns

Mini grand trine 1


ME focal planet 4th

Mini grand trine 2


ME focal planet 4th

Subsequent Margin Notes

After the five main points you will list in order:

  • The Moon complex (if not already done as the chart ruler)
  • The final dispositors complex (if not already done as the chart ruler)
  • The rest of the planets in order in the houses by angular, succedent and cadent

At the end, you will have everything listed in the chart. But the first five things will be the important issues and the ones that the client is dealing with already.


Interpreting a chart is easy when you break down the steps and do them in order of importance and order of relevance.

You do not need to be looking at a Chiron semi-sextile the North Node aspect as the first thing you consider.

Nor do you interpret from the planets in Aries first and then Taurus. Understand the weight of the planet and its prominence within a chart.

Get to love margin notes.



Basic Chart Interpretation – Step 2 – The Physical Chart

by Alison Price

This post is part of a series on basic chart interpretation and how to read a natal chart. The other steps are listed below and will be developed soon.

Step 1 – The birth chart data – time, date and place.

Step 2 – The physical chart – printing and highlighting main features.

Step 3 – Preparing for the interpretation – margin notes

Step 4 – Your interpretation – detailed notes

The Physical Chart – Printing and Highlighting Main Features

This time I going to share with you some of my process and the focus will be on the natal chart. I will answer the following questions that plague new astrologers.


Once you have the chart cast what do you look for? What is important? What is not worthy of consideration and where do you start?


The image below is of a chart for Rosie and she is one of my clients. I have not shown the chart details that is; the time, date and place as that is not important. What we are going to be looking at is how to prepare a chart for reading after you have printed it out and before you start.

This is like step 2 of the natal chart reading process.


What to Print

In Solar Fire or your other astrology program print a chart with a half aspectarian in the corner as shown above. This is a standard chart so you should have no problem doing this.

House Rulers

Write the house rulers against every house cusp. Start at the ascendant and in this chart (above) I have written Jupiter/Neptune and drawn a bubble around them at the house cusp.

Quadrant and Hemispheres

Draw a circle in the top right of the page. Draw a cross in tit with one horizontal lien and one vertical line.

This shows the four quadrants (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th) and the four hemispheres (north, south, east and west).

Only counting the visible planets from the Sun to Saturn count how many planets are in each quadrant.

In this chart there is one planet in the first quadrant (Saturn), two planets in the second quadrant (Jupiter and Venus), three planets in the third quadrant (the Sun, Mars and Mercury) and one planet in the fourth quadrant (the Moon).

Elements and Modes Table

Draw a table of four columns and three rows.

On the top label the columns F (fire), E (earth), A (air) and W (water). On the side label the rows C (cardinal), F (fixed) and M (mutable).

Add the number of visible planets (the Sun to Saturn) and write the quantity in the appropriate cell in the table.

Add up each row and column. The total will always be seven.

Chart Ruler

Find the chart ruler which is the planet or planets that rules the ascendant sign. In this case it is Pisces so the ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune. Colour in each instance of the ruling planets in yellow.

Major Aspect Patterns

Find all the major aspect patterns.

In this chart there is a stellium of the Sun, Neptune and Mars and a Moon yod  of Mars, Pluto and the Moon.

Bracket the stellium and highlight in red so you can see it easily.

Colour the yod in green to relate to the quincunx colour which is green.

The idea is to bring forth the main features of a chart through the use of colour so you can easily see the main points whne you pick up this chart again next month.

If you are reading many charts a week you do not have time to reread each chart to discover the main threads. they should be highlighted the firt time around.

Most Elevated

Note the most elevated planet in this case it is Mercury (although I originally noted Mars in the drawing and I can’t change the image.

Oriental Planet

Note the oriental planet in this case it is Venus.

Lunar Phase

Note the lunar phase in this chart for Rosie it is a gibbous Moon phase.

Essential Dignity

Find the essential dignity of the planets and write the score on the left of the aspectarian. the aspectarian is the triangle-shaped grid at the bottom left of the chart.

In this chart we note that Mars gets a score of -5 for being in Libra and Venus of -4 for being in fall in Virgo.

Mutual Receptions

Note all mutual receptions in the chart. Interestingly enough in Rosie’s chart there are two mutual reception pairs, Mercury and Venus are the first pair and the Moon and Jupiter are the second.

On the back of the natal chart page you will also draw the dispositor tree using these handy mutual receptions as your start.


Starzology   – Empowering you to achieve your creative potential through the art of astrology.



Basic Chart Interpretation – Step 1 – Birth Chart Data

by Alison Price

This post is part of a series on basic chart interpretation and how to read a natal chart. The other steps are listed below and will be developed soon.

Step 1 – The birth chart data – time, date and place.

Step 2 – The physical chart – printing and highlighting main features.

Step 3 – Preparing for the interpretation – margin notes

Step 4 – Your interpretation – detailed notes

The Birth Chart Data – Time, Date and Place

Every chart is cast for a certain time, date and place. What we mean by these terms is explained below.

Unless you were witness to the birth you never know for sure.

Birth Time

The time for the birth chart is the actual time of the birth.

You really need the time of the first inhalation of breath by the child.  It is at this time that the child takes in all the potentials of the universe at that exact moment.

A birth time of 5 pm or 6:30 am and close but not exact. As astrologers, we come across birth times like this every day and you will cast your chart to these times unless you have a better time.

The birth time is not:

  • The time the head crowned.
  • The time the umbilical cord was cut.
  • The time of the first slice for C-section or Cesarean births.

If there is no birth time

If there is no birth time ask questions to try to narrow it down. If their mother or aunt is alive you can ask them or anyone who may have been around at the birth.

For instance, you can ask, “Was it day or night? Was it before lunch or in the afternoon?

Birth Date

In all my years as an astrologer, I have only come across one person who did not know their birth date and they did not know the year.

As I recall she thought she was born on September 25th, 1967 or 1968. Wow, that was interesting. they had the time and the place but not the year.

Clearly, some people do not have a birth date and this really does pose a problem for astrologers as you cannot cast a birth chart with no birth date. In this case, it is better to ask a horary question and used the chart for those. It will not be a birth chart but it will be correct for the questions being asked.

Birth Place

The birthplace refers to the place they were born. We typically need the village, town or city and the county, state or province.

As an example, there are many places in the USA called Springfield and you need the state to know which one it was.

Some clients will tell you the actual hospital in the city they were born, which is interesting in itself, but if the birth time is not precise the exact hospital name will not help much either.


As an astrologer, you can only work with what they give you. If you have a good birth time, date and place then use it obviously you will do that.

Don’t worry about not being sure and not having exact with birth data as there is not much you can do.

The two options for getting a correct birth time from a near birth time are by:

  • Rectification or the birth chart. This is a special exercise that some astrologers do to good reviews.
  • Or checking the major transits to the ascendant and MC and this above all will be the best way to narrow down a wide birth time.

I personally do not practice rectification I prefer to use the transit and solar arc method for finding a correct birth time.

I mean you never really know do you?

My Kids

I have four children and with each birth my husband was there in the room with two watches on his arm to get the birth time. He was given strict instructions to get the exact inhalation of breath and because of this I have my four children’s  birth times not only to the minute but to the second. Their birth times are precise.

If you are pregnant or someone close to you is expecting then get them to capture the exact birth time.

Even if they do not agree with astrology their child may thank them later when they grow up to be an adult and they need a birth chart cast.

I feel that in this day and age every child born now should have the correct birth time recorded for them for later.






What to Pack for an Astrology Conference

by Alison Price

Now and then you may manage to get to an Astrology Conference. What you pack and take with you can make or break your experience.

These events are typically three-day weekends but sometimes they have a day before (Thursday) and a day after (Monday) for special classes.

This weekend I’m off to Norwac the North West Astrology Conference in Seattle, WA, USA which has prompted this piece. I have attended this conference before and you can read about that trip here.

Short trips and weekends away are shown in your third house. Longer trips, overseas journeys, and extended stays from home of a week to ten days are shown in your ninth house.

So, is a weekend in another country (the USA) third or ninth? To my mind, the answer is ninth because it is further than a horse can travel in one day which they tell me is 50km and yes, I got that from the horse’s mouth. The trip to Seattle is 230km and that definitely falls into the ninth house.

Art of Packing

The time before last when I went to the Faculty of Astrological Studies Summer School in Oxford for a week I took a massive suitcase full to bursting.

I was overweight at Vancouver before I had even boarded the plane. Coming back I had to buy another suitcase in England for all the stuff (gifts, books and clothes) I had bought whilst I was there.

When the driver of the coach from London to Oxford tried to lift my 60lb suitcase into his hold under the coach he turned to me and asked, “Why is this so heavy? Have you got a body is here?”

Packing is an art. You need to learn how to pack and haul less stuff around.  I now use a small Rimowa cabin sized suitcase on wheels and if something cannot fit in that it doesn’t go. The cabin size means it can be stowed in the overhead cabin on an aeroplane because it is small enough. I never check luggage to the hold when flying anymore.

Don’t take too much stuff.

Three-Day Weekend

I am going to share my tips and tricks about packing stuff for a three-day weekend astrology conference. This assumes you go on Friday morning and leave on Sunday evening, and so spend two nights in the hotel.

The Plan

You will be wearing your Friday outfit as your leave home. There is a new top for the Friday evening dinner.

Saturday sees you in a simple ensemble for the day and a change into your evening top for the banquet.

On Sunday morning your will again wear casual clothes as you will be traveling home in them later that day.

Tech stuff

Tech stuff is essential and you need the cables as well. If you are going to Europe you will need an adaptor to connect your tech stuff to the electricity supply.

  • Smartphone – To take photos, chat with the family at home, post to social media (I currently like Instagram) and to keep up with friends at the hotel with texts if you plan to meet up for breakfast etc.
  • I take my MacBook Air which I’ve had it since 2009 and it’s still going strong. I use this in my hotel room to continue my work but I don’t take it into the lecture rooms. The conference organizers don’t like that.
  • iPad with Astro Gold for casting charts at the conference. I usually offer readings at a reduced rate and currently do this through the featured charts and my Jupiter patron program.
  • Chargers for all equipment.


These suggestions are for women. I expect men do something similar and may need a tie and jacket for the dinner and banquet.

  • Black pants.
  • Leggings.
  • Light tunic x 2.
  • Light knit top.
  • Light jacket.
  • Evening top, coloured – For the Friday night dinner.
  • Evening top, jazzy – This can have a little twinkle as it is for the banquet on Saturday night. This is where most of the photos are taken.
  • Running shoes.
  • Booties (ankle boots).
  • Socks – Always wear socks in a hotel and avoid walking barefoot on the carpet or in the bathroom and shower).
  • Camisoles or bras and panties (knickers) x 3 (the camis and panties double as pajamas).
  • Pashmina in a solid colour. I like rose pink or cream.
  • Scarf – Light cotton or silk in bright tones. Wrap twice around the neck with both ends hanging at the front.
  • Jewelry – regular daytime and statement jewelry for Saturday night.
  • Handbag/tote bag for the daily lectures, for notes, your journal and lecture handouts. Watch out that this particular bag is not massive or you will haul more stuff around all weekend.
  • Evening bag black, small – For your phone, credit cards, business cards, lipstick, cash and room key.

What to Wear When

Friday in the day – Leggings, tunic, light jacket, socks and booties.

You will be travelling and need stretch pants thus the leggings. The jacket could have pockets for your phone and cash. The tunic hangs lower at the back to cover your bottom and can be shorter in the front for ease when sitting in a car or on a plane for hours.

Friday evening – Replace the tunic for a nice coloured evening top and lose the jacket. Booties and socks. Evening bag. Photos may be taken.

Saturday in the day – Black pants, top (tunic or knit top) and scarf. Running shoes and socks.


Saturday evening – Black pants, jazzy evening top, pashmina, booties, socks, statement jewellery and evening bag.

Sunday in the day – Leggings, another coloured tunic, and the light jacket. Running shoes and socks.


With the leggings, you can wear them on Friday and Sunday. If you like you can wash them on Friday night so they will be dry and fresh for Sunday. It is up to you. If you do decide to do washing in your hotel room squirt some shampoo into the basin and wash your leggings a by hand. Hang them up in the shower to dry.

Makeup and Hair

  • Your usual makeup.
  • Earbuds.
  • Hairbrush.
  • Toothbrush and toiletries.
  • Medicines and Imodium. You never know.
  • Usual vitamins and supplements


  • Promotional material – For instance a workshop you are presenting soon or another event that is coming up.
  • Ephemeris – I always travel with my big paperback Ephemeris.
  • Astrology journal – This is your daily astrology journal and contains all the information you like on astrology.
  • Business cards – To give to those who want. Never push your business card. Have them with you or out in front of you at the lecture table and people who need one will take one.
  • Awareness cards – I’ve started using these special postcard sized “awareness cards” and will give them out if someone is interested.
  • Pencils – These are my promotional pencils with my website details printed on. You may have other freebies to give.
  • Coloured crayons – This is for the astrology journal. After I have attended a lecture I like to colour the pages perhaps immediately or later that night as I unwind in my room before bed.
  • Pens – Take about three in case you lose one and then you can share with others


  • Your passport and Nexus card.
  • A copy of the proof of your conference payment. I once arrived at an astrology conference in Toronto and they did not have a record of my having paid. Fortunately, I did have my credit card receipt in my bag so all was good. But these things do happen.
  • A copy of the hotel booking. This can be in your wallet app to the hotel’s chain app, for instance, the Hilton app is used for Norwac.
  • Small denomination cash. This is so you will be ready to give something to any charities the conference supports, raffles at the banquet, a Tarot card or palm reading, the cash bar for your wine and tips for the waiters and chambermaid.

Sometimes there is a “Free stuff” table in the conference gathering area. This is the place to put your business cards, awareness cards, promotional materials like in my case my pencils and the flyer for our summer workshop in Vancouver in July.

What Not to Take

There are some things that you will use at home but don’t need to carry on trips. After all, you are hauling the bag around. If you free up your life and lighten your travels you will enjoy them so much more.

  • Pyjamas.
  • Robe or gown.
  • Slippers.
  • Extra shoes.
  • Extra bags.
  • Too many clothes just in case…
  • Regular shampoo and conditioner bottles. Always decant into 100mm bottles, take travel sizes or use the hotel’s products.
  • Alarm clock – Use your phone.
  • Big coat unless you are going north of the 60th parallel.
  • Other junk.
  • Your dog.

Astrology conferences can be so much fun. If you plan your trip carefully and only take the minimum of stuff you will enjoy the event all the more.

I have more on how to have fun at an astrology conference if you need some ideas.

Have a prosperous weekend,


Featured Chart: Gary Vaynerchuk – Businessman, Documenter

by Alison Price

Chart Details

Born on November 14, 1975, in Mahilyov, Belarus. Time unknown.


There is no birth time so I have cast the noon chart because that brings the margin of error down to 12 hours. This means you have to dismiss the ascendant, Midheaven and houses. What is left is correct which are the planets, signs and the aspects.

The Moon does change signs that day so if Gary was born in the morning he will have a Pisces Moon and if in the afternoon an Aries Moon.

If he was born in the morning the Moon T-square would not be in effect and if in the afternoon the Moon T-square would be stronger and in closer orb.

Chart Broad Strokes

Polarity, elements and modes

There is no earth and this indicates he may take a while to find his footing. he will likely surround himself with earthy types or strong Taurus, Virgo or Capricorns.

There are no mutable signs represented unless the Moon was in Pisces. At this stage it is difficult to say for sure.The strong cardinal mode suggests he does his own thing as a pioneer and rarely worries about what others think. he will lead from the front and if you choose to fillow he will be happy. There is not much room for compromise to suit you but when he feels he needs to make adjustments to his life or what he is doign he will change course and you need to keep up.


With his Sun in Scorpio it is in a power sign and indicates that he faces the haters and buries them. There is not much room for non-believers and he does not want to convert you, you have to believe in him for there to be a dialogue.

Moon in the morning Pisces in the afternoon Moon in Aries.

If Moon in Aries then there is a strong mutual reception between the Moon in Aries and

Mars in Cancer

Mercury oriental this is quite a common placement for Mercury and does indicate a talker. People like Gary have a message and can bang on or almost beat a drum. his voice is powerful and his choice of words is not always suitable for delicate ears. Even though he uses strong language it is never derogatory, vulgar or dismissive of others.


Venus conjoined Pluto is one indicator of a millionaire.  Venus in Libra is strong and as the final dispositor and makes him likeable and easy to love.


If his Moon is in Pisces (which I rather suspect) it makes him protect his wife from perceived publicity and intrusion. She is never on display or brought forward as a prop for his life.

Much the same goes for his mother although we do get glimpses of her early teaching about truth and her expectations. That she would not praise him for doing nothing in particular but only for when he did things for which she approved. His mother likely instilled many values he still refers to today and this role may have been picked up and continues by his wife. A woman is probably  holding up a mirror of accountability for him.

He revers his father shown by the Saturn trine Neptune and took his father’s small wine shop (again Saturn trine Neptune) and made it a prosperous business.

Gary knows where he comes from, how far he has come and he may see how much further there is ahead.

Genius and Creativity

His genius is shown through the aspects of the fifth harmonic or in other words any quintiles or bi-quintiles

Two strong planets are in this relationship the Sun is bi-quintile Jupiter which takes the credit for his positive buoyant outlook. This combination is double inspirational as they are the two fire planets.

Promotion is used to further his identity and place himself front and centre. He is not shy although there may be some natural stage fright at times.

He is proud of his journey. The path he takes satisfies his inner core and heart. He promotes himself and others from this place.


Gary uses his inbuilt charisma to grow. He enjoys being on the stage and laps up his audience. Jupiter trines Neptune which shows the early promotion of the Wine Library which was the first public presentation on Youtube that started it al. Both of these planets are the Pisces rulers who work together in an easy way.


Neptune rules film and video and he uses it in a powerful way. To promote (Jupiter) his process and document his journey.

Unaspected Mercury

Gary’s unaspected Mercury may be a clue to why he is so prolific in his speaking and the easy way he shares his thoughts on how to do things.

His method of documenting his journey to share with others (in the Daily Vee and other productions) as an inspiration is driven by the unfettered state of his Mercury which rules speaking, writing, orating and off-the-cuff advice giving.

We have often seen him in the after-chat in a dark street of a big city speaking directly to the people. His people. This is his favoured way to share his message and reach his audience.

He sees life through the “thought, word and deed” method and believes it as well. His currency is his message as his unaspected Mercury shows in its role as the messenger of the Gods.

Future 2017/2018

Unusual transiting Uranus is conjunct his natal Chiron. This suggests he will use technology, the internet, the mobile phone, Instagram and Youtube to be a mentor for others.

He does seems to target the twenty-somethings and millennials as shown by the Uranus influence which rules youth, rebels, rappers and those who can change thinking and society.

His natal Chiron was invigorated when Uranus came into close conjunction and he started to use the Daily Vee as his platform. He only speaks to those who want to hear. He is not trying to convert you, but to guide you, through his experiences.

We can expect more insights and direct information on the who, what, when and how of building your business from Gary from now on.

October 2017

Later this year Jupiter will stimulate his natal Uranus and there will be greater use of as yet unknown technology to broadcast his name and business to an even bigger audience.

The way this will unfold will set the path for unprecedented growth and expansion for him next year.

April 2018 – Jab, jab, jab, right hook

Jupiter conjoins Mercury, the Sun and his north node in Scorpio with three triple hit conjunctions.

This month will bring huge growth to who he is as he broadens his message at the same time enmeshing it’s identity to his own. The natal Sun blended to the north node (future) shows he is in charge of his destiny.

We can expect another book to be published now as his name becomes known by the general public on a wider basis. This time will echo his growth spurt from 2006.

His reach will stretch into areas presently untapped as his following gets even bigger.

Gary is still in an upwards cycle in his life and he is loving it.

The knack will be for him to build a sustainable future, using technology and his mind, at the same time shoring up what has passed to make it a good foundation.

He can build his platform one plank at a time and then stand on it.

Watch and see what happens next.


How to Get Your Chart Featured

If you would like to have your own chart featured with a 1000 word interpretation by myself it is simple process.

Go to my Patreon page and become my patron. To get this special reward you will need to choose the Jupiter patron level which is the planet of growth and vision.

Once you’ve committed send me your birth details and I’ll enjoy developing your reading for creativity and inspiration.

I’ll get right on that and have it up for you as soon as possible.


If you still have questions drop me a line in the contact form below.

How to Create an Astrology Study Group

by Alison Price

Humans are group oriented individuals. It is natural for us to congregate together even if it means simply sitting in a coffee shop or alone at a busy bar. The nature of people is to flock together. Did I hear “baaaa!”

Like minded people often gather to discuss their favored subject, support each other, bounce ideas off each other and explore theories amongst themselves.

A study group is created when several people join forces to work, read or study something of mutual interest. As I have said many times before, astrology can be an isolating interest.

It makes sense to go where you are understood and (dare I say it) everyone knows your name. Perhaps you have been thinking of getting some people together to mull over charts if so here are some ideas to help you formulate that plan.

When to Start a Study Group

Consult your chart to find the best time to begin building your astro group. Or any group for that matter. Bear in mind the planet that signifies the subject of the groups should be prominent. In our case Uranus rules astrology and astrologers.

Here are some times to look out for when creating a group:

  • Transits to your eleventh house. (For example, Mars is good to get things going.)
  • When the ruler of your eleventh house is aspected.
  • During transits to your North node. In astrology the North node suggests future people who may come into your life and the nodes are hubs and indicate get-togethers.
  • Conjunctions to your Vertex show new people entering your life.

Who to Invite

It is my belief that the people who will benefit from your group will make themselves known to you. It is natural for strong fire and air types to get together and the same for earth and water signs.

If you give it some thought, you will probably be able to come up with one or two people who live nearby and maybe interested.

Perhaps you have a busier astrologer in your area. Send them an invite. All astrologers have the same problem as in not having many others to talk to about the ins and outs of charts. This suggests why astrology conferences, retreats and seminars are so prolific and most astrology organizations are going from strength to strength.

When to Host

You may meet once a month, perhaps every third Wednesday, from 10:00am to noon or 7:00pm to 9:00pm. If you establish a firm day and time it makes it easier for attendees to juggle their schedule and make more appearances during the year.

What to Do

  • Astrology book clubs are often the first step. One new book is chosen each month and the attendees read it beforehand to arrive prepared and ready to discuss it at the meeting. You can explore the philosophies of the author compare your views on the techniques presented or even compare the “professional” book reviews found in the trade magazines.
  • Astrology transit groups usually discuss the current Moon placements and any major transits or planets changing signs happening during the month. This is a good method to support general first level forecasting techniques.
  • Astrology interpretation groups will often discuss each others charts comparing Jupiter placements or work through one planet each meeting going over, for instance, Jupiter in all the houses and learning by hearing how other members of the groups experience their Jupiter placement. this type of get together supports natal chart analysis and better interpretation skills.

These are just some ideas for bringing your astrology cronies together in meaningful discussion.

If you feel like hosting a group similar to one of these in your home you can benefit by offering to do all the three type of meeting suggested above.


Astrology Trading Cards (ATC)

by Alison Price

Astrology Trading Cards

Making astrology trading cards is a creative way to do arty things and learn some astrology as well.

Anyone who is interested to explore astrology in a fun way will enjoy crafting and trading with their Astrology Trading Cards.

Other ways of getting arty with astrology are through my astrology Wheel of Fortune.

The Inspiration for Astrology Trading Cards

Astrology trading cards are a twist on the famous artists trading card when an artist would do a large painting and then make several tiny copies on these cards to give to prospective buyers, galleries and other artists in an effort to promote their craft.

The cards would be swopped between others. You don’t sell them but you give one and they give you one back.

Over time you will have a vast collection of a variety artist’s work without spending a penny. At the same time you have distributed your hard won work to people who may be interested


Each card is 64mm x 89mm or 2.5″ by 3.5″ which is a standard card size.

Astrology Theme

At a group meeting each person will be given a blank copy of the trading card template. You can download a PDF copy below.



The leader, or moderator will offer you a hat, or jar, with pieces of paper containing one word indicating an astrology feature or theme. You take one piece of paper and the word printed on it is your theme for the day.

The pieces of paper will have either one planet, house, sign or aspect as your theme for you to work on. These are the starter words and are used in the groups I guide.

Examples of words on the papers are::

  • Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto
  • Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces
  • 1st House, 2nd House, 3rd House, 4th House, 5th House, 6th House, 7th House, 8th House, 9th House, 10th House, 11th House or 12th House
  • Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine or Opposition

When I have a more advanced gathering or class I can have more advanced themes like; anticia, moiety, contra-parallel or transits.


Astrology Trading Card front and back

What you do

Say you get “Jupiter” as your astrology theme.

You write your own name in the by line on the back.

You will write the word “Jupiter” in the top block on each card on your sheet of six cards. You do this on every trading card on the page so in the end you have six Jupiter named cards with your name as your by line.

This is the fun part.

You draw the glyph and write keywords or draw images of what this theme means for each card. You can make each card the same or each one different. It does not matter how you embellish your cards but what is important is that you make something nice because you will be trading them with the other people at the end.

When you have finished you will have six detailed and coloured Jupiter trading cards.

The Trade

When you are happy with your designs and have completed the cards you cut them out. You may keep one for yourself if you like otherwise you will trade these cards with the other people who have various themes and will have made different cards.

That day you will go home with six original works of art signed by people you know and they will all be special and unique.

If you meet again the next week you can redo the hat/jar theme pull with the remaining theme prompts and over time you will grow a beautiful Astrology Trading Card collection that spans all the planets, houses, aspects and signs.

That is at least a total of about forty handy dandy astrology trading cards.

Show Us Your Cards

You may decide to make more cards you can buy actual cards in better quality cardstock and thicker thicknesses (available at Michael’s craft store) to make better cards.

As the interest in making these little cards grabs you, you can develop your style and the way you present your astrology through cards.

Every astrologer is different and each one will work with the energy of astrology in their own way.

When you finish a card take a photo and put it on Instagram or other social media with the hashtag #astrologytradingcard and we will love to see your work.

Grow Your Collection

This can be used as a learning resource for beginners and seasoned astrologers as well.

Getting Clever

In reality, the artists write their name and the title of the piece they have created on the back. You can get creative here as well. This is also a place to put your website and contact details.

More advanced astrologers who get into Astrology Trading Cards collection will make individual cards to trade with other astrologers.

In Vancouver?

Follow me on Instagram for more updates or direct message (DM) so we can get started if you are in Vancouver. I am up for a trade as soon as you are.

Join In at NORWAC

I was at NORWAC in May 2017 and I will had some of my Astrology Trading Cards to trade with you.

Will I see you there next time? I hope so.






Mutual Reception

by Alison Price

Mutual Reception

Two planets may be in mutual reception when each planet is in the other planet’s sign.


Example: The Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Leo are in mutual reception because the Sun rules the sign of Leo and the Moon rules the sign of Cancer.

Technically planets in mutual reception need a Ptolemaic aspect joining them to be considered in mutual reception, but this strict rule can we waived now and then I believe.

A planet in its own sign cannot be in mutual reception with another planet.

Mutual reception by sign

When mutual reception by sign occurs, and each planet is in the other planet’s sign, it’s like the two planets have entered the party but it is crowded.

Only at the “aspect” have they found each other in the melee.

Then when it’s a Ptolemaic aspect they fall in love in the Moonlight.


Relationships Bonds

When two planets are in mutual reception it creates a bond between them that cannot immediately be seen as with an aspect.

Mutual reception is like a back-channel of energy that flows but you can only see it when you take a closer look.

Like when someone is chatting behind your back to another person and they have an allegiance to them and you don’t realise they are related, like cousins, and that is the connection.

Mutual Reception Pairs


  • Sun in Aries and Mars in Leo
  • Moon in Aries and Mars in Cancer
  • Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini
  • Venus in Aries and Mars in Taurus
  • Jupiter in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius or Pisces
  • Saturn in Aries and Mars in Capricorn or Aquarius
  • Uranus in Aries and Mars in Aquarius
  • Neptune in Aries and Mars in Pisces
  • Pluto in Aries and Mars in Scorpio


  • Moon in Taurus and Venus in Cancer
  • Mercury in Taurus and Venus in Gemini
  • Mars in Taurus and Venus in Aries
  • Jupiter in Taurus and Venus in Sagittarius or Pisces
  • Saturn in Taurus and Venus in Capricorn or Aquarius
  • Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Aquarius
  • Neptune in Taurus and Venus in Pisces
  • Pluto in Taurus and Venus in Scorpio


  • Sun in Gemini and Mercury in leo
  • Moon in Gemini and Mercury in Cancer
  • Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Taurus
  • Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aries
  • Jupiter in Gemini and Mercury in Sagittarius or Pisces
  • Saturn in Gemini and mercury in Capricorn or Aquarius
  • Uranus in Gemini and Mercury in Aquarius
  • Neptune in Gemini and Mercury in Pisces
  • Pluto in Gemini and Mercury in Scorpio


  • The Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Leo
  • Mercury in Cancer and the Moon in Gemini or Virgo
  • Venus in Cancer and the Moon in Taurus or Libra
  • Mars in Cancer and the Moon in Aries or Scorpio
  • Jupiter in Cancer and the Moon in Sagittarius or Pisces
  • Saturn in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn or Aquarius
  • Uranus in Cancer and the Moon in Aquarius
  • Neptune in Cancer and the Moon in Pisces


  • The Moon in Leo and the Sun in Cancer
  • Mercury in Leo and the Sun in Virgo
  • Venus in Leo and the Sun in Libra
  • Mars in Leo and the Sun in Aries or Scorpio
  • Jupiter in Leo and the Sun in Sagittarius
  • Saturn in Leo and the Sun in Capricorn or Aquarius
  • Uranus in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius
  • Neptune in Leo and the Sun in Pisces
  • Pluto in Leo and the Sun in Scorpio


  • The Sun in Virgo and Mercury in Leo
  • The Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Cancer
  • Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Libra
  • Mars in Virgo and Mercury in Scorpio
  • Jupiter in Virgo and Mercury in Sagittarius or Pisces
  • Saturn in Virgo and Mercury in Capricorn or Aquarius
  • Uranus in Virgo and mercury in Aquarius
  • Neptune in Virgo and Mercury in Pisces
  • Pluto in Virgo and Mercury in Scorpio


  • The Sun in Libra and Venus in Leo
  • The Moon in Libra and Venus in Cancer
  • Mercury in Libra and Venus in Virgo
  • Mars in Libra and Venus in Taurus or Scorpio
  • Jupiter in Libra and Venus in Sagittarius or Pisces
  • Saturn in Libra and Venus in Capricorn or Aquarius
  • Uranus in Libra and Venus in Aquarius
  • Neptune in Libra and Venus in Pisces
  • Pluto in Libra and Venus in Scorpio


  • The Sun in Scorpio and Mars or Pluto in Leo
  • The Moon in Scorpio and Mars or Pluto in Cancer
  • Mercury in Scorpio and Mars or Pluto in Gemini or Virgo
  • Venus in Scorpio and Mars or Pluto in Taurus or Libra
  • Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars or Pluto in Sagittarius and Pisces
  • Saturn in Scorpio and Mars or Pluto in Capricorn or Aquarius
  • Uranus in Scorpio and Mars or Pluto in Aquarius
  • Neptune in Scorpio and Mars or Pluto in Pisces


  • The Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo
  • The Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Cancer
  • Mercury in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Gemini or Virgo
  • Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Taurus or Libra
  • Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Aries or Scorpio
  • Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Capricorn or Aquarius
  • Uranus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Aquarius
  • Neptune in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Pisces
  • Pluto in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Scorpio


  • the Sun in Capricorn and Saturn in Leo
  • the Moon in Capricorn and Saturn in Cancer
  • Mercury in Capricorn and Saturn in Gemini or Virgo
  • Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Taurus or Libra
  • Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in Aries or Scorpio
  • Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Sagittarius or Pisces
  • Uranus in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius
  • Neptune in Capricorn and Saturn in Pisces
  • Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio


  • The Sun in Aquarius and Saturn or Uranus in Leo
  • The Moon in Aquarius and Saturn or Uranus in Cancer
  • Mercury in Aquarius and Saturn or Uranus in Gemini or Virgo
  • Venus in Aquarius and Saturn or Uranus in Taurus or Libra
  • Mars in Aquarius and Saturn or Uranus in Aries or Scorpio
  • Jupiter in Aquarius and Saturn or Uranus in Sagittarius or Pisces
  • Neptune in Aquarius and Saturn or Uranus in Pisces
  • Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn or Uranus in Scorpio


  • The Sun in Pisces and Jupiter or Neptune in Leo
  • The Moon in Pisces and jupiter or Neptune in Cancer
  • Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter or Neptune in Gemini or Virgo
  • Venus in Pisces and Jupiter or Neptune in Gemini or Virgo
  • Mars in Pisces and Jupiter or Neptune in Aries or Scorpio
  • Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter or Neptune in Capricorn or Aquarius
  • Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter or Neptune in Aquarius
  • Pluto in Pisces and Jupiter or Neptune in Scorpio

And that’s the lot. It is quite a comprehensive list and one chart may or may not have any mutual receptions.

You may decide to only use the traditional planets from the Sun to Saturn and this would be the case for creating a dispositor tree.



31 Days to a Better Chart Reading

by Alison Price

Astrology Made Simple

I happy to say my latest eBook 31 Days to a Better Chart Reading is available now through Amazon and can be read on your Kindle, iPad or iPhone and of course your computer.

You can get the special launch price 2.99US and this will increase on June 21st.

This is a guide for anyone who wants to read a chart and needs to get going fast.

Each day you can learn a new feature about chart reading and get better quickly.

Stop fiddling about on inconsequentials and get to the meat as soon as possible.


This book is the culmination and distillation of all my other works combined. But it contains fresh content and will appeal to a broader audience.

Table of Contents sneak peek

  • Day 1: Time
  • Day 2: Signs Overview
  • Day 3: Polarities
  • Day 4: Elements
  • Day 5: Modes
  • Day 6: Fire Signs
  • Day 7: Earth signs
  • Day 8: Air signs
  • Day 9: Water signs
  • Day 10: Planets Overview
  • Day 11: Luminaries
  • Day 12: Lunar Phases
  • Day 13: Inner Planets
  • Day 14: Middle Planets
  • Day 15: Outer Planets
  • Day 16: Hemispheres
  • Day 17: Quadrants
  • Day 18: Northern Houses
  • Day 19: Southern Houses
  • Day 20: Aspects
  • Day 21: Minor Aspects
  • Day 22: Major Aspect Patterns
  • Day 23: Essential Dignity
  • Day 24: The Oriental Planet
  • Day 25: The Chart Ruler
  • Day 26: The Part of Fortune
  • Day 27: Asteroids
  • Day 28: Chart Shape
  • Day 29: Lunar Nodes
  • Day 30: Retrograde Planets
  • Day 31: Anticia

More for you

Each day there is stuff to learn and tips and tricks when reading a chart with that day’s featured part.

Aspiring Astrology Activities each day for your own astrology journal.

Got questions then please contact me below.






Featured Chart: Elon Musk – Visionary and Explorer

by Alison Price

Featured Chart

This is another featured chart of inspirational people of our times. I have written a brief interpretation for Elon Musk and brought forward the important features of his chart.

Of course there are many smaller and minor details in this chart but as with all good astrology you need to stay on the high roads and leave the byways and back roads for another day.

Chart Details

Birth date June 28, 1971, Pretoria, Gauteng, RSA. Time unknown. As the birth time is not available I have cast the noon chart so the planets will only be twelve hours off the actual birth time.

You have to ignore the ascendant and the houses and we don’t have the correct time. However what is left is correct and so you can proceed to interpret this chart.



Elon has an air and water emphasis suggesting his ideas and emotions are closely linked. He will go with his gut feeling when making decisions. Once the ideas come to him the level of excitement generated will allow his internal compass to choose the path he should take by the reactions each idea evoke.

There is a lack of the fire element which means he has weak inspiration but as we shall see this is counterbalanced by the two fire planets, Mars and Jupiter, being so well engaged in his chart.

Because of the missing birth time we have no information on hemisphere or quadrant emphases. If you happen to have Elon’s birth time let me know and I’ll cast the exact chart.

The Sun in Cancer shows his deep feelings for his family and he sees the business as a family. He truly cares for his employees and will make himself available for them.

Venus oriental in the sign of Gemini the Twins indicates people speak well of him and they will give him the benefit of the doubt. They love his message. He has a warm manner that attracts his audience.

The crescent Moon phase is a sign of promise to come as his life develops. Thing will emerge in their own time.

The Virgo Moon brings an emotional component to detailed work and he has the knack of spotting minute flaws in plans, projects or people. With this attention to detail he does not mean to bring others down but he uses it as a way to make things better for all. The smallest feeling or nuance will influence him to reassess his team and with whom he surrounds himself.

There is an interesting mutual reception between the Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Cancer. This supportive relationship suggests the feeling in his voice will be a give away as the coolness of his demeanor is belied by the emotions as he talks and shares his ideas with others.

Using gesticulations and strong words to make people care and respond to his message is a tactic he employs to great effect. He can talk and people will want to be a part of it all.

Major Aspect Pattern

Cardinal T-square Uranus opposition Chiron square Mercury.

With Mercury as the focal planet it draws the weakness and the breakdowns of his ideas through to be mentally processed. He probably has an active mind carefully assesses all inputs before he speaks. He will probably be aware of or be challenged by his perceived mental and verbal agility. He is a man of few words until he becomes comfortable with you. We may never know the real Elon as he protects himself through layers of technology.

The good Saturn trine Pluto aspect harnesses the power of determination which will encourage Elon to succeed.

The Jupiter conjunct Neptune (both Pisces planets) shows his exploration and vision are brought together to make something big. This is the sign of a dreamer.

The Jupiter opposition Saturn (and note both of these planets are also contra-parallel) makes this a double whammy opposition. His dilemma is between his reach and his grasp. Can he strive towards massive journeys without compromising his core goals? This aspect will be the energy that keeps him awake at night.

His natal Saturn is opposition to Neptune and again contra-parallel once more reinforcing his controlled imagination. He will likely see things through colour and feel and see the internal art they possess. This shows a duality of confidence coupled with the fear of following his own rainbow.

Thor’s Hammer

The Mercury square Chiron and both sesquiquadrate Jupiter form the Thor’s Hammer major aspect pattern. This drives the chart and the man. He may hesitate to speak up but his actions will be his voice. He may feel his background is weak but in time he will be lauded as a pioneer and explorer extraordinaire. In his own mind he is still a young man who struggles to make idle chit chat.


Inherent creativity is shown by the quintiles in his chart.

The Quintile Arrow

This is the most likely major aspect pattern that spearheads his innovation and creative drive. Mars is conjunct the north node in Aquarius indicating unpredictable leadership. As the head of his tribe he keeps everyone on their toes.

But that’s not all.

Mercury and Pluto are quintile each other and both are bi-quintile Mars. This forms the rare quintile arrow and points to Mars as the resolution for all his creative energy. He is truly a pioneer in fact he probably has many projects and ventures in the pipeline. He can turn his ability to any of them. This makes him a man’s man and a no nonsense kind of guy.

Mars trine Venus shows he will relish a beautiful woman on his arm. If she can communicate on his level or not it will not matter. He is likely to have the met love of his life at a young age and she may have been, or still is, the girl next door. He will use his early connection to the fairer sex as a yardstick with which to measure other women against.

The Sun biquintiles Neptune which suggests his vast imagination and how being identified with “out of this world” things is a part of his life.

He is a dreamer with the drive to make innovation. We have not seen all he can do. The best is yet to come.



How to Get Your Chart Featured

If you would like to have your own chart featured with a 1000 word interpretation by myself it is simple process.

Go to my Patreon page and become my patron. To get this special reward you will need to choose the Jupiter patron level which is the planet of growth and vision.

Once you’ve committed send me your birth details and I’ll enjoy developing your reading for creativity and inspiration.

I’ll get right on that and have it up for you as soon as possible.


If you still have questions drop me a line in the contact form below.


Featured Charts

by Alison Price

Featured Charts

I have always been intrigued by history, science, art and creativity. I believe that most people possess inspirational creative talents but that they have been buried for so long because of the daily grind.

Recently I started to bring some of these people forward and feature their charts in my new section “Featured Charts” (catchy name, yes?) where I provide a high-level astrology interpretation of the chart.

The charts that are featured here are chosen for their owner’s good works,  inspiration and creativity (or to be honest because these people interest me).


Who Needs Their Chart Featured?

If you are worn down by work, financial or family demands it can rob you of your inherent spark. It is this spark that I wish to bring alive through reading charts for exactly that scenario.

To find your way back to living your authentic yet creative life. To find your spark.

At the end of the day creative people can look back and say. “I made this” whereas many people in other industries, and boring 9-5 jobs, simply shovel papers, people or money around without making anything.

Now I know all about having a day job or a “Survival job” (one which pays the rent), and trying to launch a creative life on the side. It is not easy.

Your Side Hustle

You may be working your day job but have a side hustle, or you could be of independent means, retired or a housewife and simply need to express yourself through a creative outlet.

All of these situations can be brought forward through a high level astrology reading when your chart is featured in my Featured Charts section.

I usually work with artists, musicians, photographers, Tarot readers, singers, crafters, dancers, painters, designers, poets, writers and astrologers. The list goes on.

But the common theme among the majority of my clients is:

  • They work by themselves.
  • They have many works in progress (#WIP’s).
  • They are solopreneurs.
  • They are not so good at the business of business.
  • They want time to do their craft and not be consumed by boring administration.
  • They live and breathe their creations.
  • They are one man (or woman) shows.
  • They have a day job.

Does this sound like you?

Giving Back

I like reading charts for the good folks I have met in my life.

You only need the full blown astrology reading if you are really interested in the ins and outs of your chart.

Most people can get away with a high level interpretation and that is what I’m giving you in my Featured Charts series.

How to Get Your Chart Featured

If you would like to have your own chart featured with a 1000 word interpretation by myself it is simple process.

Go to my Patreon page and become my patron. To get this special reward you will need to choose the Jupiter patron level which is the planet of growth and vision.

Once you’ve committed send me your birth details and I’ll enjoy developing your reading for creativity and inspiration.

I’ll get right on that and have it up for you as soon as possible. First come first served.


If you still have questions drop me a line in the contact form below.



Featured Chart: Jack Conte – Inspired Creator

by Alison Price

Featured Chart

Now and then I like to cast the charts of people who are inspirations to us all. I look for those individuals who have made a difference in the lives of others by their ideas, creations and actions. This time I chose Jack Conte the inspiration and creative drive behind Patreon.

Chart Calculations

I have the birth details of July 13, 1984, San Francisco, California, USA. Because his birth time is unknown (to me) I’ve cast the midday chart.

The high noon time places the nativity halfway through the day and this means that no matter what his actual birth time was we are only a maximum of twelve hours out. Therefore most planets will be in the same positions in the signs.

The only question is the Moon’s sign. If he was born in the morning then the Moon was in Capricorn or if in the afternoon then the Moon was in Aquarius.

You have to ignore the ascendant and the house positions.

Brief Interpretation

If it is a Moon in Capricorn then he will be slightly reserved with his feelings and moods may linger longer than they need. This placement makes it hard to have felt loved in the early years. As an adult he wants to provide a home environment where mutual respect is key.
With an Aquarius Moon it brings a cool emotional attitude to life. He will be more inclined to text his feelings or recite poetry to his lady love. This placement suggests he likes many types of cuisine and will experiment in the kitchen and share his offerings with those close to him.
There are four planets in anaretic degrees. This means they are at 29 degrees of their signs. These are planets that are both subdued and yet paused awaiting their conscious revival by Jack himself. They are poised with their potential. As he grows older he can tap into these planets in a meaningful way.

The two artistic planets Venus and Neptune are both anaretic. They are in the quincunx aspect with each other and this suggests he continuously strives to discover the music he likes. It is as if he knows it’s inside himself but it takes time to tease it out and let it fully bloom. He will be constantly adjusting the type of beauty and atmosphere which his music evokes.

Inner Struggle

The Sun in Cancer shows he has vibrant emotional responses and this can create knee jerk reactions to many events in his day. Time has to be taken to fully process the mood of the moment before his inspiration can shine.

The final dispositor of Jack’s chart is Mars in Scorpio and this provides him with controlled drive and the desire to challenge the status quo. He will likely compete with himself most of the time as things never seem to be exactly right. This suggests he redoes his efforts frequently until time itself pushes him to release the buried creative expression and give birth to his work.

He is a passionate warrior and will go into battle for things that touch his core. The biggest conflicts may be inside as he struggles to find his path and direction. This can be accomplished by constantly facing the issues close to his heart so he can help others in a meaningful way.

The conjunction of Mars with Saturn brings a steadfast discipline to finish the things he starts. The challenge here is that he may not like what it has become but he will continue until completion.

This man will get better as he gets older. The drive as a young man will slowly but steadily become reined into a special purpose as he grows older. In time he will move from being a generalist to become a specialist. This shift of focus will bring him more personal satisfaction than in the early years.

Art and Music

As the founder of Patreon for the patrons to the arts, the principle sits well with his Venus Neptune aspects and the signs in which both planets find themselves. To bring value to art will be a theme for Jack. At the same time he will continue to do his own musical work as he always considers himself an artist.

In days gone by he may have been a starving artist and the feeling of “want” will be the thing that propels him forward. This man will do more with a woman in his life than he can do alone. He is productive when his partner walks the path of life at his side, neither leading nor following, but as an equal.

His Venus in Cancer urges him to make music that soothes or makes the listener feel they belong in a world where many do not. Jack’s Neptune is stimulated to make the journey from amateur to professional musician. That he ever made any money from his songs is still unbelievable to him.

Energy Expression

Mars is trine the Sun and this give endless energy and a bright outlook to life. In his heart of hearts he is up to the challenge. He will fight the good fight and be on the side of the angels.

Mars is square Mercury and this aspect shows the dichotomy between how he thinks and what he actually does. He can talk the talk and also walk the walk but focus may be a troubling attribute. He will try hard to remain on track as the influences from other artists may be catalysts for a change of mind. Thoughts will benefit from being aired and groups like think-tanks will help him to get the energy for innovation out.

Mars and Saturn are the two bad boys of the zodiac and when they come together hard facts are faced and the result is structure that sustains. Life will have its challenges for Jack and he may face many hurdles. Grit and determination to produce something of value will be the core drivers for his life.


There are several planetary configurations that will stimulate change for Jack in the next year or two.

In October the growth planet Jupiter will conjoin his natal Pluto and this will be reflected as an expansion at the core levels of his life. Opportunities to bring buried projects to conception will present themselves. Personal transformation will be the over-arching them towards the end of 2017.

The month of December promises to be full of activity and events and an opportunity to be published or launch an album will be an option. Jack will go into 2018 with more drive and confidence from his supporters than ever before.

The challenge will likely be in deciding what to do next as the chances for great things come to him. It will be decision time and plans made during the last month of the year will affect his future.

At the end of the year as Saturn meets his Neptune it triggers the quincunx to Venus and there could be a sadness as some parts of his life will be let go. He cannot do everything and it is best to focus on one or two projects whilst shelving others even though they may promise to be fun. He does not need to fear, as he can return to them later.

The early months of 2018 will be a period all about planning and establishing solid foundations on which to stand as Jack builds his empire.




Note, if you happen to have the correct birth time please send me the info and I’ll cast the exact chart. 💛

How to Get Your Chart Featured

If you would like to have your own chart featured with a 1000 word interpretation by myself it is simple process.

Go to my Patreon page and become my patron. To get this special reward you will need to choose the Jupiter patron level which is the planet of growth and vision.

Once you’ve committed send me your birth details and I’ll enjoy developing your reading for creativity and inspiration.

I’ll get right on that and have it up for you as soon as possible.


If you still have questions drop me a line in the contact form below.

Mars in Gemini – The Juggler

by Alison Price


The red planet is known for its energy, effort being expended and activity.

This is the planet that gets you off the couch as something inspires you take action. It is all about overcoming inertia and any sluggish behaviour that may have be plaguing you recently.

Martial energy will push forward through the meaning of the sign and there is always a shift in momentum when Mars changes sign.


Gemini the Twins

Gemini is the sign for multi-tasking and Mars in Mercury’s active sign helps you keep all the balls you are juggling in the air. The more balls you have the higher you have to throw them. Yeah…

You may not get much finalized at this time but there will be lots of activity and brainstorming.

Get you thinking cap on and forge ahead carving out your ideas for world domination.

We want to see you win.

Mars in Gemini

Gemini is not the easiest placement for Mars. It can work for you and it depends on what you are trying to do.

Mars is all about activity and having the energy to expend. The knack is to make an effort where it matters.

It is best to work with the cosmic energy and not against it.



Returning Clients, Astrologers and Students

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Me, “It depends who you are.”

I treat my returning clients and students with respect and give them the rates for which they originally signed up.

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Patreon is a place that showcases artists and creative people so that patrons (that’s you) may choose to support creative people (that’s me) through small, regular financial giving. Your patronage can be as modest as $1 a month.

Who I am

I am Alison Price a writer, astrologer and creative in Vancouver, Canada. I live sparingly with my family and maintain a low carbon footprint. I have no car, no cable TV and no pets. I care for a plant called Egbert and lots of books.

In my creative work I have a computer, phone and printer. I use software, paper and ink and I have internet and web hosting commitments. These things are my main expenses apart from a roof and food (for Egbert you know).

I share and grow my astrology knowledge at workshops and conferences where I usually teach but sometimes I just attend. I like to recharge my creative juices through spending time with inspired people.

My currency is astrological and new age knowledge.

My Creative Work

I am driven to provide basic astrology that everyone can use. I strive to give you enough information so you can bring the essence of astrology into your life without having to learn the detailed intricacies of chart work or in other words the nitty gritty.

My goal is to raise basic astrological knowledge of everyone through simple, but correct, information. This is the stuff you can confidently use and you know some already like your Sun sign.

I aim to take this knowledge out of the ivory towers of “Astrology only” people and make it available for those who seek understanding. If you support enlightenment then you can help everyone else on their journey.

Of course I am happy with high level astrological theory, debate and questions but that only appeals to a select group.

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The ABC’s of Astrology

The ABC’s of Astrology

May 5th, 2017 at 7pm

Beginner’s Astrology Roundtable


In this informal setting and with other astrologers I shall contribute the sections on the planets and the aspects as part of this small group.

If you think you need to know some more astrology come along and see what it is all about.

You get answers to your astrology questions.

This evening is for beginners and those with a little astrology knowledge.

We will discuss:

  • The signs of the zodiac.
  • The twelve houses.
  • The planets and their meaning in your chart.
  • The aspects or connections between the planets and what each one means.
  • Learn about some astrology teachers in your area. (that’s me)
  • I will be discussing my general classes and will explain about my personal astrological coaching and mentoring program.
  • Your questions answered.

Bring your chart if you have one.

The Astrologer’s Den

A genteel group of astrology enthusiasts

Friday, May 5th from 7pm-9pm

Columbia St, New Westminster. BC. Canada

(Columbia Skytrain Station)


Join us for a casual dinner beforehand from 5pm at Stefano’s Restaurant.

More events with Alison Price

Astrology Mini Readings – Drop In

Drop In Astrology Readings by Donation with Alison Price

Sunday, June 11th. 2017 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Waves Coffee House, 900 Howe Street (at Smithe), Vancouver.

Come along and meet me as I will be doing 20 minute drop-in mini-readings in downtown Vancouver.

Bring your chart, or your chart details, and I will cast your chart on the spot and answer your questions.

For me to cast your chart I will need:

  • Your birth date
  • Your Birth time
  • Your birth place

This is an excellent way to get a quick reading without a huge time or financial commitment

First come first served.

We will be in the workroom inside and toward the right of Waves.

If you like you may buy a beverage or snack.


There is no fixed fee. You may donate as you see fit. There will be a discrete donation box.

My Process – A Peek Behind the Scenes

by Alison Price


“If you wrote something for which someone sent you a check, if you cashed the check and it didn’t bounce, and if you then paid the light bill with the money, I consider you talented.” – Stephen King

My Process

I work as an astrologer and have done for many years. Over time I have honed my craft so I can be quick and correct in all my chart readings, classes or lectures.

I find the best way express myself is to show you how to read astrology charts. I like to explain about zooming in on what to look for and what to avoid.

Giving tips and tricks for getting to the heart of the chart is my main interest and I am happy to share them with you.


Much of my work is done behind the scenes but now this activity, which I’m calling my process, is a available for my supporters.. You can become a patron to my art of astrology.

The things I am working on are presented for you, almost daily, as a peek behind the veil of the mystery of astrology. It is a process. The road that leads towards knowledge and understanding is taken one step at a time. Much like the ninth house of a chart.

I am a happy person and I am glad to share some glimpses of my day with you guys. If you are trying to get your astrology readings or business going the. See how I do it. I’m not saying my way is the best way but rather that you can find your own path through your intuition and interests.


Not everything I do as a writer, astrologer and creative is shown as me pouring over a chart or with my nose stuck in an ephemeris, there is the artistic side as well. This includes drawing, urban sketching and colour work.

I also do quite a lot of freelance writing and create horoscopes for other new age sites. Some of the topics I write about are interesting things like crystals, reiki, numerology, dream therapy, colour therapy and astral projection.

I like exploring other techniques and will ultimately bring them back to astrology. I look for ways to connect the dots to weave a richer chart reading through my interest in related new age practices.

So the behind the scenes being documented for me is broader than the carefully crafted items and posts you see on my astrology only site at Starzology and on my Instagram,  Facebook or Twitter feed.

And rightly so, you came to me for astrology as a starting point. You expect to see astrology and you certainly can do that. But the My Process tier of being a “Sun patron” in Patreon gives you a valuable look at my wider interests in occult matters.


Anyone who knows me will say I am easy going with a sense of humour. I like to have fun with astrology and new age subjects. I am never a doom and gloom person. I avoid political stuff and don’t cast charts for tragedies like tsunamis or earthquakes which harmed others.

You are far more likely to see me feature charts for inspiring thought leaders driving concepts and ideas, scientists with ground breaking discoveries that benefits humanity or naturalists exploring interesting things in the plant and animal world around us.

I believe in the creative beauty inside everyone. It is almost like your genius where the essence of your originality can be seen in your inspired pursuits. That little light of your can shine.

I know your light shows in your chart and can be brought forward by a reading. Heck, your creative light is the first thing I look for when I cast your chart.

Become my Sun patron

So come along and share my journey and help me out in the process by becoming a Sun tier patron and see my process.

I will always be the one beavering away in the background to present my best face for you. But if you have an interest in how I got there and where things come from follow along on Patreon.

The “My Process” posts are the best read content on my Patreon page and thank you for your interest and it keeps my lights on.


The Astrologer Asteroids

Guest post by Tanja Flanjak

The Astrologer Asteroids

Asteroids are still not as widely incorporated into astrological studies as they should be. Like planets, they are more than just solidified gases streaming throughout the universe.

They contain their own magic and energies that offers a plethora of insight and information into a person and their journey here on earth.

If you are familiar with asteroids than the usual Juno, Vesta, Chiron, and Ceres, just to name a few, will be the most commonly used. However, did you know that there are quite a few asteroids that are directly connected to the study of Astrology?

The ones listed below are known as the “Astrology” asteroids. Depending on their placement in your natal chart, they can indicate a love of Astrology, and or a career as an Astrologer.

Stargazer 8958

Astrowizard 24626

Astronomia 1154

Zvedotchet 6465

Urania 30

Starchik 32770

Celestechild 17503

The rule of thumb is, if you have any of the above asteroids conjunct your ascendant, north node, midheaven, in the ninth house, or making positive aspects to all, then these are excellent indicators of being an Astrology lover.

So take a look and see if Astrology is part of your cosmic fate.

Tanja Flanjak

The starspeak of a 24 year old aspiring Astrologer using the stars and cosmos to navigate her way through life.

Her Aries Sun gifts her with a fiery passionate drive, her Cancer ascendant allows her to be connected to the cosmic womb, and her Pisces Moon makes her an imaginative mystical translator of cosmic knowledge.

Visit Tanja at The Luminessence


The Cosmic Self – Astro Poetry by Tanja Flanjak – Guest Post

The Cosmic Self

Your eyes are nebulas

Your lips are stars

Your mind is Mercury

Your action is Mars

Neptune are your dreams imagined during sleep

Pluto is the darkness that inhabits the deep

Venus is creativity, love is there too

Uranus brings change, you’ll have to make do

The Sun is the Self

The Moon is the Heart

The Cosmos are within you, they’re really the start

The start you may ask? The start of what?

The start of your journey, let’s leave it at that

When you look in the mirror, you don’t see your reflection

You see yourself as the universe, it’s truest expression

What seems light years away are in fact herein

As above so below, as without, so within

Tanja Flanjak

The starspeak of a 23 year old aspiring Astrologer using the stars and cosmos to navigate her way through life.

Her Aries Sun gifts her with a fiery passionate drive, her Cancer ascendant allows her to be connected to the cosmic womb, and her Pisces Moon makes her an imaginative mystical translator of cosmic knowledge.

Visit Tanja at The Luminessence


Want to write for us? More info for guest contributors here.


Astrology Basics – Chart Points

Chart Points

Chart points are not planets or entities at all they are points in space and typically occur where two imaginary lines cross.

The other Starzology astrology basics are:


  • Chart division


The Meaning of Chart Points

The Ascendant

The ascendant is the face you show to people one-on-one.

It is the mask or façade presented to strangers. It is the initial thing people see about you. It is the first impression you give to others.

The Midheaven

The Midheaven is the face you show the world.

It is what the world knows you for. It represents your highest achievements in life and is your public status, reputation or notoriety.


Astrology Basics – The Aspects

by Alison Price

This is part of the Starzology Astrology Basics series of posts on the four building blocks for reading a chart.

This is what you need to know to read a chart.

The other blocks are:

and Chart Points.

The Meaning of Aspects

The astrological aspects are the angular relationship between the planets and points (the Ascendant and Midheaven etc.) in a chart.

In your chart some planets will be in aspect to each other and some will not have aspects. Some planets may have easy aspects and some may have difficult aspects.

There are five main aspects.

The Conjunction

Two planets close to each other are conjunct. This is a good placement for most planets as the two planets blend their energies and you can benefit from this joining of forces.

The Sextile

Planets in sextile work well together and support each other. They suggest that you have latent talents in the nature of the planets involved and this can be brought forward for the creativity and vision in your life. The sextile is a soft aspect.

The Trine

Planets in trine to each other are easy going and let the other planet be themself. This is the best aspect for support and being positive. The trine is an easy or soft aspect.

The Square

Planets that are square to each other have some tension between them. Their energies compete for dominance and challenge each other. Planets in square create internal dilemmas for you. The square is a hard or difficult aspect.

The Opposition

Planets that oppose are in tension with each other and will struggle to work together. These planets create external dilemmas for you and can indicate where you project the issues to the other. The opposition is a hard or difficult aspect.

And another – The Quintile Aspect

Although not one of the big five aspects I use the quintile aspect as well as it is the aspect of creativity. Planets in quintile to each other show your creative expression in line with the meaning of the two planets. The quintile should always be considered when analyzing creative expression and outlets in your life.