Make Your Own Astrology Wheel of Fortune

by Alison Price

WheelLearn astrology with a Wheel of Fortune

I used to teach a class about the real basics of astrology. This was for beginners with not even a whiff of technicality or astrologese or astrology jargon, but a lot of getting to know what astrology is and what it is not.

Ii was during this time that I created this special project to make a Wheel of Fortune (that’s what I’m calling it) for the students and it is quite easy.

Free sign slice astro art template

This wheel is made up from twelve “slices” just like the slices of a pizza. Each slice is 30° wide and therefore is exactly one zodiac sign.

Below is an example of the Gemini slice.

Gemini slice

Your free template

Here is your free template so you can make your own astrology wheel of fortune. You can print it immediately or download the PDF file below (which is the recommended way to go as it is easier to print), and use it later.

Starzology Wheel of Fortune-page-001

Click the link below to download the PDF

Starzology Wheel of Fortune

How to construct your wheel

  • Print 12 sheets, so that’s one for each sign
  • Add your own keywords and notes to each sign
  • Colour in as much as you like
  • Cut the slice out leaving the tab on
  • Carefully layout all the signs in the right order

The signs in order are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

  • Tape the slices lightly at the front with small pieces of masking tape just to hold it
  • Turn it over and sellotape the slices together

Note: Take your time as the slices can be tricky.

  • When completed glue the whole wheel onto a sheet of card or Bristol board for support.
  • Cut with scissors and trim to 5mm to the edge of the circle.

Hang the finished astrology wheel by a centre pin so that it can rotate, because you read each sign when it is at the bottom and the signs can be read from all around.

How to use the Wheel of Fortune

You should place your wheel on the wall near where you do your astrology work as inspiration and as memory jogger for when you forget things.  

Remember to send me a photo of your completed wheel and I will publish it on this post later. There is no time limit.

Enjoy being creative and learning at the same time.


Keywords to use

Many astrology keywords are well known and you should add these to your wheel.

When you discover a new word to describe the signs you can add them to your wheel. This is how you interpret astrology and not how I do, or the next guy does.

Be your own astrologer and develop the art so that it speaks to you.

Why stray from the true and tested keywords? Because we want to hear your voice coming through in your interpretations.

If you ask ten artists to paint a picture of an apple they will all produce a painting that represents an apple. Maybe Picasso’s apple is a bit odd but it is still an apple how he sees it.

It is the same with astrology. Every astrologer can read a chart, but each one brings their own flair to the reading. Your own words are important and this is why ou need to develop your own words as well.

How we learn as things change

Back in the day I was taught that the eighth house was to do with death. But I prefer to read it as a transformation either of the body or the finances.

Now, blood donors and blood donations (other people’s resources) are shown in your eighth house. Greek astrologers or even those in the last century may not have experienced blood donors (or had the ability to benefit from blood donation) but we have this today.

It’s the same with Facebook being in the eleventh house. Social media and being “friends” with others is an eleventh house thing. But ten years ago FB was unknown.

Always interpret in your own words

Yes, you need to use the usual keywords to start with as you learn astrology. It is the language of astrology. But as you develop your own astrological voice I urge to use your own words. This may take a while but I encourage you to take ownership of the astrology you do.

If you want a cookie-cutter reading you can go to the internet and find a free site that prints preprinted pages of interpretations.

But, if you want to be a good astrologer you need to do your own thing. Your own thing comes from the internal dynamics of your own chart.

Be yourself. Don’t be just a human computer churning out information with no discernment for the value of what you produce, rather be yourself.

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Astrology Art – Colouring-In for Grown Ups

Astro Art Cover Coloured (1)Relaxing Astrology Art

The craze for adult colouring books knows no limits.

Many people are joining in, picking up a crayon, staying between the lines to colour beautiful images, pictures and mandalas as recreation. 

(BTW this is product of Saturn in Sagittarius – exploration within boundaries.)

There is even a Meetup in Vancouver called Vancouver Colouring. It has over 300 members and is going from strength to strength.

This year I received one of these book from my fabulous sister as a gift. Does she think I need to relax, take it easy and chill? Possibly…

When I attend lectures I often find myself doodling in the margins as the speaker talks and I thought about this for a while and at my workshops and lectures.

When I taught every evening and four classes a week my students would come to class with their binders and stuff their notes from class into them. It occurred to me that they couColoring#01-page-001 (1)ld do with a nice cover page for their binders so I created this page specifically to be colored in.

Each student was able to do their own color combination and it became a component of the classes.

So now I give each astrology class student or workshop attendee one of original astrology themed colouring pages.

I want to share this with you now and offer you a free PDF download of one of my astro art pages.

You don’t have to but it’s there it is if appeals to you.

Below is the drawing that you can download and colour in to your heart’s content. This first one is called Astro Art Cover 1.

Astro Art Cover 1

The idea is that you write your name in the space at the bottom and use this as the cover for your astrology binder (or file).

If you are new to astrology you may not see the subtlety of the symbols peppered about this page but they will all be revealed as you learn about this exciting craft of astrology.

Note: it downloads on a computer and not an iPhone it seems.


Download the PDF file .


I’m calling these images and diagrams Astro Art and until I get a better name I’ll stick with that.

How to Colour in

You can do felt pen, pen and ink, pastels or primaries. It’s up to you. If you like you can do more than one copy.

Now you can always have something to doodle on when you find yourself in a long lecture.

If you take a class with me you will get this image as well.


When you have completed your Astrology Art cover page please share it with us and send me a copy and I’ll put it up for the readers to admire. I can’t wait to see what you can do.

This year I plan to have more images for you to color in and they are coming out soon so get those crayons sharpened.

Where Astrologers Work

by Alison Price

Where Astrologers Work

If you have a regular job in an office or a factory then you know where you work.

If you run a day-care or a farm that’s where you have to work.

Many people have to do their daily work in a particular spot and it can be that you are not working if you are not at your desk.

But the group who are self employed like new age practitioners and astrologers can work anywhere.

The internet has made it possible for people who are independent to work wherever they are if there is a computer and an internet connection.

The Home Office

A good place for astrologers to work is the office in the home. When we lived in Oakville we had a house with a study near the front door. I immediately commandeered it into my “Office” and created a special astrology-only space for my work where clients and students could visit and be secluded and comfortable.

This was the perfect situation as at the time I was teaching classes four nights a week for six weeks after every equinox and solstice. During that period I did mainly teach face-to-face because I had the space.

The room was decorated with astrology themed images and charts and I had a white board for teaching. This room was dedicated to astrology and there were no other things in it like household electricity bills or storage for the kids ice skates that so often creep into the spare room of a house.

The Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is a new space for astrologers to work or at least it has been for me. Now living downtown in the city of Vancouver and meeting clients at lunch time and before work I have found the coffee shop to be an ideal space for research work and face-to-face client work.

But not all coffee shops are created equal. What I am looking for in a working space coffee shop is relative peace (without too much clanging from the kitchen) and high speed internet. I also need a spot with my back to the wall, as it is after all a public space, and you never know who will be there.

Starbucks has some lovely comfy leather chairs and a better clientele because the coffee in Starbucks is twice the price (latte $4.75) of other places. But the downside is there in weak internet. This will not do, so I don’t go there.

Tim Horton’s has better priced coffee ($1.80) and you can stay as long as you like, but again weak to non-existent internet and unfortunately they allow students to rest their heads on the tables and sleep. I find this distracting.

Waves Coffee House is the best choice for me. They have the seriously good high speed internet, the prices are moderate to high (latte is $4.25) and I can find a spot to sit near other people with their laptops open merrily tapping away. I imagine they are writing the next Harry Potter as JK Rowling did in a draughty coffee shop in Scotland. It is a most agreeable atmosphere and the barista Chris caught my name the first time I went in and has remembered it ever since. A nice touch.

Rent a Meeting Room/Venue

For some client work I have to rent a room in the city. This is always the case when we do our annual Summer Astrology Workshops. We book the beautiful boardroom at the public library. This really good spot is clean and bright with reasonable internet. We use this room for workshops of 15 to 20 attendees as there is a screen and a board table and good seating. Although the daily cost is very high ($350) it is worth it.

My other option for when I have a few students in a class when I teach my beginner, intermediate and advanced astrology courses and the Aspiring Astrologer Master Classes is the meeting room. I like the one at Waves. They used to charge $10 for one hour but now it is that everyone who goes in there has to buy a drink (so tea or coffee) and maybe a pastry, and I do have to book this meeting room ahead of time.

It is a popular spot for general Meetups and get togethers. There is a glass door so you are still in the coffee shop but have some privacy. They have a white board so I can draw the charts on the board (image above). This feature is crucial for teaching proper classes. The Waves meeting room seats about ten but the most students I have had is five at one time. I call this one “my office”.

The Park

This is a good place on a warm summer Sunday afternoon. I can write and prepare my client work for appointments in the following week and it clears my head. There is no privacy but you get to see men playing chess, children playing and dogs being walked by their owners.

It is not good for computer work but rather for paper notebook and pen writing and note taking. I like to print my client’s charts and take them outside to the park and spend time perusing their information in the fresh air.

This is really only on a Sunday but in fact I could go every day. Where I live there are three public parks with benches, fountains and play areas that are attractive and pleasant.

The Beach

This is the one I’m aiming for next – working on the beach. I know my Aries friend Tamara does this in Ibiza, Spain.

Doing client prep, consultations and other exciting astrology work at the coast sounds fun. Is it really work if you are sitting on the beach? Maybe you have to be propping up the bar at the beach tavern, then is it work? Perhaps, but probably not, and when I get to this spectacular position of reading astrology charts for people on the beach I’ll let you know.

On a Plane

You don’t need a special office but it is nice to have one and if you do you are lucky indeed. You can practice astrology anywhere. I once read a chart on a plane from Toronto to Vancouver for the guy sitting next to me that I had met ten minutes earlier.

He asked me what I did for a living as many men do. I told him I was in futures. He said he was too but I think he meant something else. He wanted tips on trading on the big boards (that’s the stock exchange).

I kept it simple with “buy” during the waxing moon and “sell” on the waning Moon. When we landed we exchanged business cards and went our separate ways but he did sign up to my email list and has kept in touch over the years.

Your Virtual Office

Your virtual office is where you are and you can do astrology work where you are. Always have your iPad and chart calculation capabilities in your bag. These days I never buy a handbag that won’t fit my iPad. Have your business cards to hand and pass them on to interested folks who ask for them.

This is the world we live in today. You never know where you will do you next astrology reading or for whom or if you’ll be in a bikini.

Maybe I’ll see you on the beach… I look forward to it.


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5 Items Every Aspiring Astrologer Needs on Their Desk

5 Items Every Aspiring Astrologer NeedsIf you are an aspiring astrologer or even a full-blown astrologer for that matter, there a five items you need to have in order to read charts effectively.

You may be attracted to a different branches of astrology to the next astrologer but the basics to need are the same.

I am going to share with you the five essential things every aspiring astrologer requires to read a chart.

These items are distilled from many years of experience in my practice where I have cast and read charts for people.

Although you can have tons more books and goodies that can help with the process, I have trimmed the list down to the five basic necessities that you require to read a chart.

1) An Ephemeris

This is the best book you can have on your desk. An ephemeris contains the planet’s positions, retrogrades, eclipses, lunations and many other interesting facts about what the solar system is actually doing. Back in the day (before we all had a computer to cast charts) you would need your ephemeris to calculate the chart in the first place.

Now you will reach for your ephemeris to quickly find when Pluto will enter your client’s eighth house for the second time, retrograde in a five hit transit or to discover if it is going to be an appulse or total eclipse next autumn as you write you horoscopes for the following year.

If you never refer to your ephemeris for charts and forecasting it makes a great spot for your cat to sleep.

2) A Computer with Solar Fire

Where would we be without a professional astrology software program? Still casting charts by hand I suppose. You do need some way to draw charts quickly and correctly if you read charts for a living.

I use Solar Fire and it is really powerful software and to be honest I don’t use all the features all the time, or even many of the features most of the time, but I do use the powerful chart processing ability and its calculations for secondary progressions, solar arcs, solar returns and transits. These are for client work and the chart for right-here right-now to plan my day.

You can get chart calculation apps for your iPhone like Astro Gold and this is wonderful for casting charts on-the-go. I use Astro Gold for pondering the charts of my clients as I always load their birth data into my phone, as well as Solar Fire, before the consultation so I can consider all the ideas I may have about their chart wherever I am in my day. I can do this because I book clients usually one week ahead because I like to cast their chart and then mull over it for a few days so it can “speak” to me.

If you work differently (and you should follow your path) or work ahead of time as I do then either way you need powerful astrology software.

3) The Chart

You need the chart to do the interpretation. Usually you will print the chart from your computer or draw it by hand. But just having a plain chart is no good and you have to make notes on it, highlight special planets, draw attention to grand trines or yods and the like. This extra jotting on the chart is best done in color.

Emphasize the ruling planet in yellow wherever it appears on the page even in the aspectarian. Color the grand trines and mini-grand trines in blue along with the normal blue trines for ease the T-squares in red (red is for squares in general), Thor’s hammers in tangerine (sesquiquadrates are always orange), emerald for yods (quincunxes are green).Charts

You do this in color because after a time when you have looked at hundreds of charts they can easily blend into one in your mind. If you have each chart highlighted in color and the main features, planets, houses and major aspect patterns enhanced it is quicker to scan and immediately get up to speed on that particular chart.

It is a way to streamline your readings and stop you ploughing through all the myriad of details that each chart contains. By adding primary and secondary shades, as a component to clarity, you become more effective and just glancing at the wheel hues can become almost as a mandala when you contemplate many charts.

4) Your Notebook

A notebook is every aspiring astrologer’s friend. You will always be learning new interpretations for charts. When you read astrology articles online, blogs or pieces in trade publications there is always something to learn. It could be a technique or another way to remember planetary placement meanings, if you write them down you don’t have to remember everything.

You may not ever use these tid bits of information but then again you might. Points you find that may not make much sense today may be just what you are looking for in the next chart you read or maybe next year when you tackle another method that is new to you. Astrologers are always learning and this is what the notebook is for.

I use mine when I planning my horoscopes for next year or other writing projects that I may be developing.

5) Herb Tea

As you sit at your desk for a few hours each day working on charts and chatting to people it is nice to have a soothing cup of herb tea at your elbow. Personally I enjoy green tea, jasmine tea and now and then a refreshing Earl Grey. If you are not a tea drinker it doesn’t matter but you do need your favorite drink to hand.

Taking a beverage break lets you sit back, ease your shoulders that have become tense leaning in, drawing notes on your charts and making case notes for your charts. Pausing for a drink gives you a time to breathe and make a moment of stillness in your day.


These are the five basics that should be on your desk. There is room for many more reference books (oh the books), but to cast a chart and read it you only need five things.

Start with these items on your desk and develop your aspiring astrology chart reading skills as you immerse yourself in the magical world of astrology.

The Astrology of Money – a Book by Alison Price

Proposed ebook launch

Publication date March 21, 2016

This is just to let you know that I’ve got a fantastic new book in the pipeline and it will be available in the spring of 2016.

The Astrology of Money

by Alison Price

There are three parts to this book the first two can be understood by the general public and the last part is aimed at aspiring astrologers.

This book develops on the themes of our 3rd Annual Summer Astrology Workshop titled “Astrology, Money and You” in July, 2016 in Vancouver.

Please note that initial bookings for this workshop are strong and we expect to be full booked soon.

if you want to know more about this special book launch and to get on the special deep discount for subscribers then add your email to the form.

Provisional Table of Contents

  • Introduction

Part 1 – What Money Means.

  • What is Money?
  • Abundance and Wealth Your Money and Self Worth

Part 2 – How to Manage your Money.

  • Managing Your Money
  • How to Get More Money
  • The Power of Passive Income
  • What to Do With the Money You Have
  • When to Start Saving.
  • Selling Your Goods.
  • Selling your Services.
  • Offering Discounts
  • Measuring Your Progress
  • Time and Money
  • Black Friday
  • When the Money Comes

Part 3 – How to Read Your Chart for Wealth Potential.

  • The Astrology of Money
  • Your Astrological Money Style
  • Your Zodiac Sign and Spending.
  • Your “New Age” Money Evolution
  • Wealth Indicators in Your Chart
  • The Second House and Money
  • The Eighth House and Money
  • The Fifth House and Money
  • The Eleventh House and Money
  • The Part of Fortune and Money
  • Work with the Stars to Prosper
  • Financial cycles and the planets.
  • Forecasting for money



Your 2016 Starzology Horoscopes by Alison Price

Available now

2016 Horoscopes cover-page-001Your 2016 Starzology Horoscopes


Love, Money, Creativity, Vision and Wellbeing

by Alison Price

ISBN 978-09920698-7-2

23000 words


To buy your instant PDF download by simply clicking the box below.

$1 USD

Buy Now

This eBook is available as an Instant PDF download and through Smashwords at the Apple store

Your 2016 Starzology Horoscopes – for love, money, creativity, vision and wellbeing has been created as a guide for a positive approach to your life with the help of astrology.

It will show you how a little astrological knowledge can make you life better and show you how to work with the planets for your benefit.

There is information on this year’s planetary positions, retrograde cycles, the daily oriental planet, leap year, eclipses and in depth horoscopes for the twelve signs with the focus on the five areas of love, money, creativity, vision and wellbeing.

The Five Parts to Living a Creative Life


Everyone needs to give and receive love and this year there is potential for all the signs to find what they are looking for. For some people new love will flourish and for some the romance will wilt. For each sign we discuss the potential to find and give love this year. There is a section on choosing a good wedding date in 2016.


The markets may go up and down but we are living in the here and now and need to make good financial choices in our everyday life. There are suggestions on saving, buying and selling and how each sign approaches money management in general. For many folk the burning question is, “where is the money?” and this book provides good timing strategies for wealth protection. It won’t tell you how to get rich, but rather how to be satisfied with the money you have in line with your Sun sign.


Living a creative life is important to me and it can be for you. Many of my clients are creative types, artists, photographers, designers and writers. Living in your creativity can be a state that can be achieved by all the signs. Each year as the planets move the focus will change and this is what it is about.


If you have a plan or a vision for your life you have a better chance of realizing it. Make sure you lift your eyes to the horizon and don’t spend another year with our nose to the grindstone or staring at a blank wall.


Each sign has a different approach to wellbeing and in 2016 you can focus on tuning yourself up whether it is mental, physical or emotional wellbeing that you seek this year. Looking after your body and living a healthy or balanced life is a good idea. Wellbeing is a wholistic approach to living in tune with the Earth.


  • Introduction
  • A Note on Time, Dates and Places
  • Astrology Basics
  • 2016 Astrological Overview – Planets
  • The Eclipses of 2016
  • The Daily Oriental Planet
  • Leap Year 2016
  • Major Aspects of the Outer Planets
  • Major Aspect Patterns
  • Starz Horoscopes for every sign in 2016
  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces
  • Best dates a Wedding in 2016
  • What Astrology Can and Cannot Do


To buy your instant PDF download by simply clicking the box below.

$1 USD

Buy Now


The New Moon

By Alison Price

When two planets form an exact conjunction it is the start of their cycle. When those two planets are the Sun and Moon it is the New Moon. The New Moon is the first of the eight lunar phase and it is the beginning of the Sun Moon cycle as both celestial bodies are at the same place in the zodiac. The Sun/Moon synodic cycle is a “meeting” of the two planets.

The Moon travels around the Earth through the tropical zodiac and it takes around twenty-nine and a half days for the Moon to catch up with the Sun. Each year there will be thirteen New Moons so one month in any given year will have two New Moons.


New Moon

New Moon Chart

A New Moon chart shows the nature of the month following the New Moon by its contacts from the other planets and other chart features. You can cast a New Moon chart for every month which is excellent for forecasting and especially horoscope work. The New Moon on November 11th, 2015 is at 18° Scorpio and you can refer to this as the “Scorpio New Moon”.

In the Scorpio New Moon chart there are several things to consider. The Moon is in fall in Scorpio and this means it does not function at its best. As the Moon has to do with emotions, instincts and gut reactions when the Moon is placed here it can suggest that you don’t take the high road emotionally and may succumb to deep feelings of jealousy and other negative reactions. How you cope with these feelings will be influenced by your own natal Moon placement. The conjunction to the Sun will fortify the Moon during the conjunction aspect period (which is usually about one and a half days before and after the New Moon) and bring self-sufficiency to the stress of the Moon in Scorpio this month.

Looking at the two Ptolemaic aspects; there is a conjunction to Mercury in Scorpio and this makes a stellium (a group of three or more planets) condensing all the meaning of the Sun, Moon and Mercury together in one energy focus. This particular group often occurs at New Moons. Here you can expect a month of undisclosed deals where the thrust of the matter will be discussed behind closed doors. Communications done in private will fare better than the commentary you see in the public eye. If you want to broker a deal this month make sure you have worked the back channels properly and that you have the quiet support from those in the power seats.

There a sextile to Jupiter in Virgo that shows there are latent possibilities which you may not have thought of and that if you use your talents you can prosper under this New Moon chart and through into the month ahead. It will not just come to you, you have to utilize your individual talents and be passionate to bring desitrable situations into fruition.

Mars as the dispositor of the New Moon is in a special mutual relationship with Mercury, again making contact to the New Moon stellium. The red planet is not well placed in an anaretic degree but will clear this placement and arise fresh again by the 13th November )or two days after the New Moon). This pending ingress underlines the secret nature of this particular New Moon and supports the situation of back-room deals and alliances that I spoke of earlier.

Overall this New Moon chart shows that there is much potential (Jupiter sextiles) and that there are private and even unknown contacts going on (stellium Scorpio), but that as the Moon moves away from the conjunction towards the light, and Mars changes signs (around a few days after the New Moon), that is when what went down at the New Moon will come to light and be displayed for all to see (Mars Libra). It is at this time that you will be able to weight up the situation and take the appropriate action.

How does this help you?

This Scorpio New Moon chart is a time for doing some things and not doing others. So here is an overview of how to use the energies of this fleeting chart. Plot, plan and propose to others now and up until the New Moon on the 11th, but only accept offers, deals and proposals from others after November 13th.

Have a prosperous Scorpio New Moon!


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Astrology Books for Sale

After many years of collecting and reading a vast assortment of astrology books I have decided to make some space in my home and get rid of some of the books.

Many books are ‘as new’ and some are lovingly dog-eared.

I am offering all the books altogether for a good price or they will be sold one by one.

The books

  • There are beginner’s books with starter books.
  • There are intermediate books with some planet specific books.
  • There are forecasting books.
  • There are general advanced books.
  • There are reference books with ephemerides and tables of houses.
  • And other assorted books.

Each book is for sale at $5 – cash only please.

I also have back copies of The Mountain Astrologer and The Astrological Journal and these are for sale at $2 each.

IMG_2312 IMG_2311 IMG_2305 IMG_2306 IMG_2314 IMG_2313 IMG_2315 IMG_2308 IMG_2316 IMG_2309

Email me in the form below if you are interested in any books.


How to Set-up and Run Your Prosperous Astrology Business by Alison Price

A Guide for Aspiring Astrologers

ebook 7 COVER-page-001For your immediate PDF download of this eBook please click the Buy Now button to purchase your PDF copy with PayPal or credit card.

Buy Now

 $15 USD

Now available at the Apple Store

I am very excited that this title has now been accepted in the Apple Store for purchase. This is a big deal and I believe it will increase discoverability for my readers.


How to Set-up and Run Your Prosperous Astrology Business

A Guide for Aspiring Astrologers

by Alison Price

Publication date Autumn 2015

ISBN 78-0-9920698-1-0

PDF eBook – 125 Pages and 33000 words

How to Set Up and Run Your Prosperous Astrology Business is a guide for astrologers who want to start their business and move from amateur to professional status.

A professional astrologer will accept payment for a reading whereas an amateur astrologer does not.

The difference is a little thing called money. Once you get over the fear of failure paralysis and embrace the possibility of creating a career in astrology (and we all can) you move into another phase and then pose the question “Where to now?”

This is where this book comes into play as it shows you how to organize your life, to make room for astrology and to include the creative process.

This book is for people who know how to do astrology.

There are seven main sections:

1. How to know when to go professional – read your chart to find an auspicious time.
2. Getting started – some planning and micro-business basics.
3. How to find clients – that your clients are attracted to your chart.
4. Money – pricing your services, earning and your approach to money.
5. Your professional improvement – and how to be aware and improve your astrology practice.
6. Daily time challenges – managing the day-to-day business and clients
7. Your place in the astrological community – “it takes a village” and how to support others.

There are sections on platform building which is the most important mental shift that the budding astrologer can make and dealing with clients by creating boundaries between yourself and your client.

There is information on setting fees and payment methods and tips on monitoring your own progress. Throughout the book there are several Aspiring Astrologer Activities and these are for your own personal pleasure.

Table of Contents – guide


1: How to Know When to Go Pro

  • The Path to Becoming an Astrologer
  • When to Go Pro
  • Planning a Two Year Window with Mars
  • Your Internal Dialogue
  • Chart Indicators for an Astrologer
  • Your Uranus – What Type of Astrologer You Are

2: Getting Started

  • Your Business Setup Activity Flow Chart
  • You and Your Sun
  • Your Name as Given
  • Your Midheaven – Your Business
  • How to Select Your Business Name
  • Your Tag Line
  • Your Domain Name
  • Your Website
  • Important Features to Create on Your Website
  • Your Email Addresses
  • Your Email Signature
  • Your Design
  • Your Business Card
  • Your Brand
  • Your Platform
  • How to Build Your Platform
  • Your Biography
  • Your Promotional Photo
  • Your Photo Library
  • Your One Page Information Sheet
  • Your Elevator Pitch
  • Your Social Media Presence
  • Your Solar Fire Compliments Text

3: How to Find Clients

  • Own Your Niche
  • Your Products and Services
  • How Your Natal Chart Attracts Clients
  • Finding clients
  • Your Outer Planet Signature
  • How to Take A Booking

4: Money

  • Your 2nd House Issues – Money and Value
  • Your 8th House Issues – Karma, Debt and Tax
  • How to Set Fees
  • How to Handle Requests for Free Readings
  • Offering Discounts
  • When to Quit Your Day Job
  • Your Office Space and Working Hours
  • Your Assets and Liabilities

5: Daily Time Challenges

  • Your Productive Preparation Time
  • A Day in the Life of an Astrologer
  • 7 Days to a Better Chart Reading
  • 10 Things to Do Before Your Client Arrives
  • 5 Things to do After your Client Leaves
  • 10 Classic Comments Clients Make
  • How to Give an Astrological Referral

6: Your Professional Improvement

  • Your Monthly Progress Checklist
  • Your Annual Astrology Review
  • Peer Review – Is It For You?
  • Be Yourself and Be Your Sun
  • A Successful Astrologer
  • Your Comfort Zone
  • What type of Astrologer are you?
  • Your Creative Writing Time
  • Do You Need Astrological Certification?
  • Astrological certification bodies:
  • How to Become a Certified Astrologer in Canada

7: Your Place in the Astrological Community

  • How to Create an Astrology Study Group
  • Astrology Software
  • Add 12 Hours and Reverse the Signs
  • How to Have Fun at an Astrology Conference
  • Your Relationship With Other Astrologers
  • Support Local Astrology


  • About the author
  • Other books
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Short Form Codes
  • Default Aspect Orbs
  • Recommended Reading and Software

Free Sample PDF download

Not sure if this is for you? You can download a sample of How to Set-up and Run Your Prosperous Astrology Business and check it out with my compliments.



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Aspiring Astrologer Business Kickstart Masterclass – Vancouver

Business Kick Start Master Class-page-001 (2) Business Kickstart Masterclass

Book now for Saturday, March 26th and April 9th, 2016 in downtown Vancouver.

These topics have been carefully chosen because they are the issues faced if you are an aspiring astrologer and want to set-up a micro business.

They are the challenges experienced through the first year of your practice.

What you will learn

Part 1

  • What type of astrologer you are and what type of astrologer should you be.
  • How to set up and manage your astrology business.
  • The importance of your online presence.
  • How to attract clients.
  • Advertising, marketing and promotion of your astrology business.
  • How to take a client booking.

Part 2

  • The wealth potential in your chart and whether you took a vow of poverty.
  • Your first consultation.
  • How to set fees.
  • What your money says about your values.
  • How your chart shows the path for your astrology business.

Masterclass Features

  • Your booking package – When you book a spot you will receive a booking package which includes: A copy of your birth chart, a 12 month graphic ephemeris, a questionnaire designed to bring focus to your business journey (which you complete beforehand and bring to the masterclass) and the address of the venue.
  • Worksheets – For in-class exercises so you can follow along every step of the way and map out your astrology business.
  • Your private consultation – If you book both classes you will receive a special 30 minute private consultation session with Alison which can be scheduled for a future date. This is a $75 value. Your private consultations can be astrological coaching, a review of your business set-up plan, your first client chart preparation or a chart consultation, it’s your private consultation and you choose how it will be used.
  • Your Astrology Business eBook – When you complete both sessions you will receive a copy of the ebook. How to Set up and Run Your Prosperous Astrology Practice by Alison Price. Value $15.ebook 7 COVER-page-001


The desire to start your own Astrology business and practice astrology.

Who should attend

Anyone may apply for a spot on the Aspiring Astrologer Business Kickstart Masterclass 2015.

If you are an engaged astrology student, keen and attentive or are thinking of starting to charge for your readings this is for you.


Aspiring Astrologer Business Kickstart Masterclass

Part 1: March 26th, 2016

Part 2: April 9th, 2016


Howe and Smithe Street area of Vancouver.

The exact location is in your booking package.

Only a few attendee spots available

To maintain an intimate experience and ensure personal attention the space is limited to only a few spots.



Both masterclasses (part 1 and part 2) $85

One class (part 1 only) $60

One class (part 2 only) $60

Date options

All Masterclasses have to be prepaid. Either by PayPal or bank e-transfer.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are accepted up until 7 days beforehand and will attract an administration fee.

Transfers and place donations

If you cannot attend, your booking may be transferred (or donated) to another person at no cost.

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“Ideas” Astrology Newsletter

by Alison Price

Astrology newsletters

It has been my pleasure and privilege to design, edit and publish the newsletter of the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (the CAAE) since January 2015.

Below are the editions for you to download and enjoy. We would love to hear your comments and feedback on all articles we publish. Back in the day this was called your beefs and bouquets but sadly that has gone out of style.


Here are the latest editions of Ideas

Ideas is the quarterly newsletter of the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (the CAAE).

Ideas Winter 2015 COVER-page-001

Ideas Winter 2015

Ideas Autumn 2015 cover-page-001

Ideas Autumn 2015

Ideas Summer 2015 cover-page-001Ideas Summer 2015

Ideas Spring 2015 cover-page-001Ideas Spring 2015

Writers Guidelines and Editorial Calendar

If you would like to contribute to Ideas please let me know.

CAAE Writer’s Guidelines and Editorial Calendar

How Saturn Transits can Improve Your Life

by Alison Price

I recently received this question about Saturn from a reader:

“I always watch where Saturn is transiting for me and I’m beginning to think that Saturn is not as bad as we understand. I have had some of the best things happen for me when Saturn is in a certain house.

Like when it was in my first house I stopped drinking, smoking and lost weight. Now it’s in the second house and I have never earned so much money in my life. I have a lot to pay but the earning is something else!

I think if we are aware we can make it [Saturn by house] work for us. Buckle down to the discipline and so on. We live in terror of Saturn and yet find incredible blessing in its transits.

What do you think Alison?”

Here’s what I think

How exciting that a relative novice at astrology has such insights. That by having even a smattering of information (Saturn in her houses) allows her to understand the complexities of the planetary astrology and how it actually works in her chart.

For a bit of background information, this woman is forty-something and lives a regular life in the suburbs. She and her husband enjoy a fulfilling life where they try to make ends meet at the same time educating their kids and enjoying their family with many dogs.

In fact they are a couple probably just like you or me.

The first house

The first house is about your physical appearance, vitality and how you look. It is the facade you present to others.

Any planet passing through (or transiting) your first house will change you in the nature of the transiting planet.


Saturn is traditionally known as “The Greater Benefic” this means it is the biggest bad boy of the planets.

In case you are wondering Mars has the dubious reputation as “The Lesser Malefic” and on a side note Venus is the “The Lesser Benefic” and Jupiter is “The Greater Benefic” and we’ve got to love the old labels.

Saturn is the planet of control and discipline. It can be cold and hard but it does have its up side. When saturn bestows its gifts they are sometimes difficult to see.

Saturn brings things like:

  • Being able to master something
  • Finding staying power for the long haul
  • Building on a strong foundation

These are old fashioned virtues and don’t fit with the modern world of quick fixes, sound bytes and 7 day miracle diets etc.

Time is of the essence

Saturn takes time but if you do put the time in you will reap benefits from Saturn’s graces.Cousin Violet

I often relate how Saturn works in your life, to the beloved character of Cousin Violet in Downton Abbey.

Here is a woman who is old and crusty, loves traditions but has staying power for the long haul.

The Dowager will prevail.

Reader insights and being self-aware

That our reader has noticed when Saturn recently went through her first house changing her physical appearance by her improved self care of cutting out drinking and smoking and losing some weight is excellent.

Yes, Saturn can change your life and yes, for the better.

Although you may not see it at the time, you will be able to look back and see the improvements that have been made in your life.

Your vitality is as good as your first house. Living every day with destructive habits can be stopped, or at least curtailed, and limited when Saturn passes through your first house. This is a perfect example of Saturnian energy.

Putting your back into your toil can benefit you through more work coming your way or an increase in your hourly rate. This usually means more pay.

You have to work hard but the cash is worth it and so are you.

I have often said that “good income equates to good self-esteem” and this is very much so when Saturn passes through your second house.

Forecast for Saturn in the third house

We can guess what will happen when Saturn enters her third house.

Perhaps she will find the time for her brother and sister, or she could easily take a stand on what is going on in her neighbourhood and perhap build a fence to keep the dogs in or the passers-by out.

Our reader may decide to build on the successes she achieved when Saturn went through her second house of good work and income, and sign up for some more courses.

Maybe she will attend classes for something new that interests her or she could go back over classes she took in the past when Saturn first went through her third house, which would have been about thirty years ago when she was at school.

Perhaps she will make up a personal reading list and decide to get through one book a week for the year and a half that Saturn is in her third house. She could add some beloved classics to the list or try a modern author. Heck, she may even start her own journal, scribe poetry or other make handiwork.

The possibilities are endless.

That we have given some ideas here will set our reader thinking on how best to use the planetary energies as they slowly transform her and she evolves in line with the potentials of her chart.

In reality an astrologer would look deeper into her chart and note the sign on the cusp of each house that Saturn is transiting and also how her natal Saturn is placed and how it contacts the rest of her chart through the dynamic aspects.

Of course there are many parts to a chart reading, and we have only looked at a small section today.

Further thoughts

Do you know which house Saturn is stimulating and transiting in your birth chart today?

Can you find the blessing when it passes by?

If you want to know more about astrology or your chart please contact me.

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How to Create an Electional Chart in Astrology

by Alison Price

tEREUy1vSfuSu8LzTop3_IMG_2538Of all the things you can do with astrology I believe that electional astrology is the best.

When used correctly an electional chart can make your life easier.

Everything has a time and place and this is where electional astrology excels.

It makes sense to go with the flow of the energy in the universe and not against it. This is exactly what electional astrology is all about.

Doing the right thing at the right time makes so much sense.

Why wouldn’t you use it?


Electional astrology is a technique used by astrologers to cast a chart to do something in the future.

An election chart it is set for a time and date in which you have selected, or elected, to do something later on. It could be cast for next week, next month or for several months time.

It has nothing to do with political elections or voting for your candidate.

What would you use an election chart for?

Electional charts (or elections for short)  are excellent charts to use to select a date for marriages and wedding ceremonies. Because you can choose a time when the union is likely to grow and sustain the test of time.

Elections are strong when used to find a time to open a business or register a domain name which you want to flourish. Every new business deserves the chance to last and prevail.

In fact if you can use an election for just about anything in life.

How to set up an election chart

You have to reinforce the house in which the election is found. Astrologically all of the houses cover everything in life and when you choose to do something it will be in one of the houses.

You have to make the planet that rules the activity robust and have it prominent and in good condition.

The houses for elections

  • 1st house – Cosmetic surgery, makeovers and haircuts
  • 2nd house – Buying jewelry, art or financial instruments
  • 3rd house – Short travel and weekends away
  • 4th house – Buying or selling a house
  • 5th house – Parties and conceptions
  • 6th house – Job interviews and getting a new pet
  • 7th house – Marriages and contracts
  • 8th house – Signing your will and doing things you want kept secret
  • 9th house – International travel, starting college and launching an advertising campaign
  • 10th house – Business startups and IPO’s
  • 11th house – Starting a group and mingling at social occasions
  • 12th house – Going off the grid and being incognito

The planets for elections

  • The Sun – Things for your personal benefit
  • The Moon – Family and home related events
  • Mercury – Interviews, exams, and brokering any deals
  • Venus – Marriage, investing or decorating
  • Mars – Surgery, sports events and running a marathon
  • Jupiter – International vacations, starting college and publishing your book
  • Saturn – Any business registration, company start or IPO and watches
  • Uranus – Computers, software, apps and technology
  • Neptune – Rehab, hypnosis and anaesthesia
  • Pluto – Rejuvenation and spa treatments, surgery and donating blood

The list does go on and you can find the correct house and planet for everything in life.

Forecasting with elections

Before you confirm the election chart data for marriages and businesses, check the chart for future potential growth and sustainability with transits and progressions.

Make your move with the help of electional astrology.


Do You Have Enough Money?

by Alison Price
Image Dogancan Ozturan

Image Dogancan Ozturan


Well, do you have enough money?

If you answered no, you are in the majority as most people feel they need more cash.

Whether this is really true or not is debatable, and we will cover this in a later post, but if you do need more lolly where will it come from?

As an astrologer, many of my clients come to me with questions about their finances. They ask questions like, “Where is the money? Why is making ends meet so hard? When will I get a position that pays enough?” and “Will I ever get a find work?”

There are many ways to get more money

You can work for two paychecks, a day job from Monday to Friday and another job as well.

Following on the theme of money and values which we spoke about before here.

Read about how one woman has found a solution to her cash shortage and has made changes in her life to fatten up her kitty.


Bonnie’s story

Bonnie worked in an office shuffling papers from Monday to Friday. Her job did not inspire her much it just paid the rent.

But she had another job.

For three nights a week she worked as a barmaid in a pub/restaurant. Her day job finished at 5pm, then she went round to the restaurant and clocked in at 6:30pm to work an eight hour shift until the place closed at 2:30am early the following morning.

She worked her second job on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night every week.

The bar job was minimum wage and back then, that meant $10.25 an hour, plus tips. And that was what this was all about, the tips.

Bonnie was forty something and looked thirty. She was presentable but there was no doubt she was not a spring chicken. Bonnie was social and liked people and this quality benefitted her in both jobs.

The eight hour shift earned her $84 before tax each night. But the tips she picked up from her clients were better than the other women made and were around $250 each night. The tips (or gratuities) were usually more on a Saturday night.

This is not a job for everyone. Even if it is your only job being a barmaid won’t suit everyone. She could do it because she had no dependent kids and lived alone with her cat.

Bonnie told me she was tired of the jealousy that her day job colleagues had for her, as she took overseas vacations, and put her daughter through university from the tips from the second job.

Bonnie had been disciplined to work hard all her life and she was smart. The restaurant patrons loved her easy going style and relaxed personality. She had lots of life experience to talk to people from all walks. Her boss knew she was good at her job and gave her the best shifts at the restaurant.

She was happy with her earning abilities and felt gratitude towards the universe. Bonnie had “enough”.


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Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana – Birth Chart – May 2, 2015

Image-1The Royal Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

The Royal Princess Charlotte is just born and we can speculate about her life. From an astrological perspective this is what charts were made for, analyzing someone’s chart before we know anything about them, or their lives.


There will be a dreamy look to her and she will prefer watery colors like turquoise, aqua and sea green. She may use her personal impression to fuel her life in the world stage.

She will be very aware of who she is and where she came from and exactly what she is expected to do in this life.

She will rely on her instincts for her grace and to make others feel at ease. This is an indicator for a people’s person as she has empathy for others. She may see herself as a champion for others.

Her mother Kate will be the most influential person n her life and she will be very well cared for and loved. Her self worth and values will be instilled in her mainly by her mother who will want her to be well rounded and down to earth. She has a beautiful mother and we know this already.

She is following the Royal Family’s trend of having Taurus prominent as does Queen Elizabeth and many others with her Sun in Taurus. This is the sign of stability and those who prevail against all weather.

She will be fun loving and happy to take some risks in life. This child will enjoy excitement and games that thrill.

As a teenager this child will rebel about her expected behavior and we can expect some outrageous outbursts at that time. She is likely to be very aware of how her actions are perceived and she will transform herself and her natural reactions and is likely to very composed and not let the side or the Family down.

Her chart suggest she will have many friends and acquaintances and this we know as she will not be short of those who want to know her. She will associate herself with causes and groups who she sees as doing the most good things and she will give her name to those.

Her personal identity and brand will probably be the most powerful and influential at the time. She will grow from strength to strength and will be a strong person on the global stage. There is likely to be some extravagant behavior and she will be a Princess in the spotlight all her life.

We can expect her pick up a strong round of “work” as the royals do, and she will pull her weight when the time comes. She will be much loved by the people and I suspect she will be compared to Diana for her good works.

She will know her place and play it with relish but there will be a very private side as well. She will be the master of discretion where her personal life is concerned will surround herself with staunch allies who defend her at all costs. This chart indicates she will have a place that will be dynamic and gain momentum the older she becomes.




Gardening with Astrology

  by Alison Price
Image Rula Sibai

Image Rula Sibai

Use the power of astrology to improve your outdoor living space

A garden has much to offer and can be a place for rest, rejuvenation, and meditation. You can create a green area to soothe your soul.

To find that relaxing spot in your backyard, here are a few lighthearted suggestions that will allow you to align your outdoor environment with your zodiacal sign.

In astrology, all plants fall under the dominion of the planets. The flowers, shrubs, and trees suggested here are chosen for their association with the zodiacal sign that each planet rules.

If you are not the gardener in your household, get the person who is Mr. or Mrs. Greenfingers, find their sign, and put them to work.

Discover the perfect garden for your home with the help of the ancient art of astrology!

You may choose to read the dominant sign in your chart (usually the Sun-Sign or Ascendant), and some consideration could be given to the condition of your sixth house, which pertains to things you do every day and to small plants



Overheard in the Ram’s garden:

“I am now going to plant the first seedlings.”

“Only now? But you’ve lived here for three years!”

“Yes, now I’m going to start!”

To get things off to a quick start, invest in some help so your garden can appear overnight as if by magic. The Mars-ruled are keen to have annuals, as they make an instant improvement. There is always something new going into the Arian garden, like introducing fresh color combinations each year.

Select flowers and shrubs with red petals or bracts and plant quick-growing climbers like beans and sweet peas. Enjoy hot produce from the vegetable patch for flavor in cooking, like ginger and chili. Arian gardeners should own super-sharp secateurs for pruning, shaping, and cutting back.

Where trees are concerned, a flame or pepper tree will be suitable. Having dogs provides much needed action. Place a fire pit on the patio for use on cool evenings to encourage heated conversations.

Suggested plants for the Aries gardener are; anemone, chives, chilies, capsicum, garlic, lupine, tiger lily, and the hawthorn tree.



Overheard in the Bull’s garden:

“Are you building your garden on clay or sand?”

“Well, it’s all earth, really!”

Strong Taureans will probably enjoy working with the earth, actually getting down into the dirt and crumbling and tilling the soil. They can work their way through the whole garden by double digging and augmenting the earth.

Adding organic matter and then top dressing with mulch are essential in the Taurean garden. Introducing earthworms will improve the soil condition beautifully.

Acquiring a small used-farm plow as a feature will remind the Bull gardener of the land and how it is worked. If there is room, a real beehive where bees can make honey will appeal. This sign likes to have a productive garden.

Taking it slowly and accumulating beautiful plants will bless you blessed with rich abundance in a few years.

Suggested plants for the Taurean garden are; all root vegetables, roses, creeping Jenny, and local plants. Suitable trees are silver birch and elder.



Overheard in the Twin’s garden:

“These two plants look the same.”

“Yes, but just because they look the same doesn’t mean they are.”

Twins may encourage butterflies to visit their garden by introducing certain plants. It is important for Geminis to bring pairs of plants into the garden so they can see them next to each other.

Geminis love labeling species so locals can learn the plant names, too. Third­ sign people like to talk to their plants. It is beneficial both to the plants who like the vibrations and to the Twins, who always have a lot to say.

This is the person who may keep a pigeon coop. What will the neighbors think of Gemini’s yard? You’ll find out when you get together over the fence to discuss it.

The Twins will probably enjoy a corner seat for reading interesting articles about all the things they could be doing in the garden if only they didn’t have to read that book first.

Some ideas for Gemini’s garden are: caraway, hazel, orchids, and any hybrid plants.



Overheard in the lunar garden at dusk:

“I prefer the garden in the moonlight.”


“It’s a New Moon tonight.”

Rubbing shin, “Yes, I see, well, I can’t really see.”

Gardening by the Moon is well documented.

Simply put, plant during the waxing phase and harvest in the waning phase. To sooth the Cancer soul, they could try a circular lawn In the middle of the lot with deep borders all round the edges.

Choosing plant material with white flowers is a good idea, because white petals are visible at dusk and attract moths. It is the classic green and white garden that appeals here. Light colored flowers will reflect moonlight in the evening.

Cancerians will feel good walking around the curve of the lawn enjoying the fragrance of the evening flowers under the beams of the Moon. In the vegetable patch, they can try watermelons and cucumbers, which are water dense, and the fruits are full and round.

Our lunar gardeners will enjoy feeding, seeding, and watering their garden.

Suggested plants for the Moon-ruled garden are; cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, iris, lily, lettuce, some poppies, moonflower, lotus, and white lilac.



Overheard on the Lion’s savanna:

“You have created a lovely garden.”

“Thank you, I did it all myself.”

“What, all that digging in the soil?”

“No, not the dirty work! I told the guy what to do.”

If you are going to make an entrance, then you need a wonderful arch. Place it where Leo can pause when entering the garden. Plant lots of yellow and red flowers and shrubs.

As a special treat in the solar-ruled garden, create a croquet game on the lawn to play with the kids. Of course, it will only be used for a while, then the hoops and mallet can be discreetly tucked away to allow the garden to return to the serene place Leos love.

A lounger for lazing on a sunny afternoon will be appreciated.

To be honest, most Leos would like to have peacocks in their garden. These extravagant birds are very regal. With a well-stocked flower-cutting garden, our Leo gardener has the flair to produce a good supply of fresh flowers for the vase.

All produce from the Sun-ruled garden can be bestowed on friends and family as gifts. Exquisitely wrapped gifts of seeds, cuttings, flowers, and vegetables will be given from the heart, as they are the fruits of Leo’s creation.

Suggested plants for Leo’s garden are: rosemary, marigolds, bay and ash trees, mistletoe, sunflowers, king proteas, and any plant specimens that no one else has.



Overheard in the Virgin’s modest garden:

“Gosh, is that a weed?”

“I’ll just check my cross-referenced plant list, one moment … ah…, the garden design diagram …um, the detailed list, er …”

An herb garden is particularly suitable for a Virgo. These delicate plants are useful, edible, and medicinal. Herbs can be neatly labeled and different varieties of, say, mint can be compared in future taste tests.

Virgo will immerse themselves in the meticulous record-keeping required for herb growing. Virgos will no doubt inform others of the different varieties planted in their formal beds. A traditional herb garden layout with a circle defining planting placements appeals to Virgo.

This sign finds the precision of the structure soothing to the soul.

They can use a record book and keep a journal of all the plants and developments in their garden. The Virgin will look back in years to come and see which plants really work well in which area.

Find a space to build a gazebo and place a table there so you can enjoy your gardening scrapbook work – oops, sorry, record keeping.

Some specimens Virgo can try are; dill, fennel, narcissus, parsley, and hazel.



Overheard while Libra is trimming the topiary:

“Just a bit off the left…” (snip)

“Oh, now a bit off the right…” (snip)

“Hmm, just a trifle on the left…” (snip)

I knew a man once who had a brownfields garden (brand-new home and not a blade of grass, just soil). He wanted to prepare the ground for the lawn, which had been ordered and was to be put down the next day.

Mr. Libra spent the whole day raking the soil back and forth over the garden, endlessly, to reach the perfect level for the purpose of laying sod. It is essential that there be no uneven areas to upset the Libra balance and prevent them from enjoying the rest of the garden.

Installing a bat house at the end of the property will encourage these flying mammals. In the evening, these fascinating creatures can be seen swooping out to search for mosquitoes. It is a conversation point for Librans to test the status quo of their guests at their many soirees.

A teeter-totter or seesaw is a great idea for Libra’s garden, and if anyone needs a hammock, it is Libra. Position it well out of range of a draft where they can gently rock.

A soft wind chime can induce relaxation. They love scented plants, which can be used to make potpourri, and the fragrance helps maintain their delicate equilibrium.

Suggested plants for the Libran garden include; roses, gooseberry, all mints, apple trees, some aloes, and any soft green plants with fragrance.



Overheard in the Scorpion’s secret hideaway garden:


“[more silence]”

Of all the signs, the Scorpio gardener desires a compost heap. Maybe even three, one for this week’s, one for next month’s, and one for next year’s beautiful sweet smelling blend. This friable, black, recycled product can be returned to the earth to add enrichment.

Scorpios are sound in the knowledge that this is part of Mother Earth’s master scheme.
Plan to have a secluded space, perhaps with a bench, so that Scorpio can sit quietly enjoying their outside space without the neighbors looking in.

Scorpio will often bury boxes in the garden. Well-drained soil is required. Create a pool for frogs, toads and a few lizards to enjoy. If the body of water is large enough, they can try adding turtles, too.

When space permits, a bog garden that filters and recycles water from upstream is something all Scorpios will appreciate.

Scorpios desire to have in their secret garden plants like; basil, figs, foxglove (digitalis), cactus, onions, nightshade, carnivorous plants, and any plant whose botanical name includes the name graveolens.



Overheard on the Archer’s prairie:

“In Europe, gardens are going vertical.”

“Oh, yes?”

“Indeed, It’s a growth area, and did you know that trees are the new black…the sky’s the limit!”

Sagittarians will be happy with plantings of blue gladiolus and hollyhocks at the back of the bed. Plant cornflowers at the front of the beds, near the edge. Allow space for a path for strolling if room permits, or maybe lay a small labyrinth using small plants such a box hedge.

This garden would do well with an ornamental bridge crossing from one area to another. Try to find an armillary sphere, or astrolabe, and place it on a large, high column, with the arrow pointing to the sky, so it can be seen from every vantage point in the garden.

Centaurs enjoy having a garden that can be left unattended for a few weeks at a time while they enjoy their travels, so all the plants in their garden will have to be hardy and indigenous.
Trees are preferred, with plants having tall growing spires of green. Strawberry runners that can pop up all along a border will amuse the Archer.

Sagittarians could try growing; any blue flowers or foreign species, borage, carnation, asparagus, sage, wheat, strawberries, maple, chestnut, rushes, oak trees, and all tall, leggy plants and runners.



Overheard in the Sea Goat’s garden:

“Why are you planting a pear tree?”

“Well, the fruit will be ready for the grandchildren.”

“You don’t have any kids.”

“Yes, but, you know – pears for your heirs.”

Now, Saturn-ruled folk are quite happy to plant trees and vines that take ages to come to fruition, such as pear trees, which may take up to twenty-five years to bear. But the attraction for Capricorn is that the produce will be available for the next generation. They seriously consider those that will come after them, so slow-growing plants appeal.

The Saturn ruled appreciate a sundial tucked away in the garden so they can verify that they are in time with nature. For posterity, Sea Goats may bury a time capsule to benefit later generations.

Establishing ivy against a fence, so it can be seen during the cold winter, appeals to the Capricorn gardener. Small trellises here and there will break up the space and give it definition. Perhaps they may build a stonewall to contain a raised bed.

This satisfies two needs; old folks can sit on the wall and weed, and the hard structure will limit and restrict the growth of any invasive plants and rampant root systems.

Container planting is a good idea for this sign, as the plant’s growth can be curtailed by its pot.
Suggested plants for Capricorn’s garden include; barley, spinach, ivy, yew hedges, poplar, elm, quince, angelica, Indian hemp, and any flowers with black petals.



Overheard in the Water Bearer’s garden:

“Plants have rights, too, you know.”


“Yes, especially the triffids.”

In the Aquarian’s garden, place a small weather vane that can be seen from the house. This will allow the Water Bearer to monitor wind direction in the garden.

Growing a variety of tall grasses at the borders will serve two purposes: first, breezes will make their fronds sway in undulating waves, adding a pleasant rustle; second, they will provide nest-building material for wild birds, who can then weave them to use in building their homes In nearby trees.

An abundance of home-building plant material will encourage birds nearly as much as water in the garden.

The Uranus-ruled will find satisfaction watching wild birds. Aquarians are likely to protect our feathered friends from predators such as the cat next door,

Suggested plants for the Aquarian garden are; grasses, olives, some orchids, and any unusual or unique specimens. transonic repellents come in. Water Bearers will appreciate the self-seeding of plants through the action of the blowing wind, creating drifts of textures and colors.



Overheard in the Fishes’ garden:

“Gosh, I can’t imagine where that plant came from.”

“It looks a bit fuzzy.”

“Yes, I could have sworn it wasn’t there last year”

This is the garden with the overgrown look. There is a slightly unkempt overflow of flowers, herbs, and trees that make up a Piscean garden retreat.

A good idea is to mount mirrors among the plantings, against the walls and pillars, to give the impression of more depth. Looking glasses give the illusion of other garden rooms, which can open up all kinds of possibilities.

They will enjoy a fishpond; not just a small shallow one, but a deep pond for Koi, where Neptune-ruled Pisces can peer into the gloom and imagine any number of dreams.

Those with the Sun in this last sign of the zodiac prefer flowers with single petals, such as cosmos, daisies, and the purple coneflower.

The simplicity of the shapes will appeal to the Piscean gardener. A good idea is to photograph the yard at the equinoxes and solstices to have an image for enjoyment.

Watch out for weeds (I use the term loosely) of all kinds.

These gardeners start with a vision of how they want their garden to look, but the plants just seem to get away from them. The glamour in this yard will usually come from the owner herself.

Suggested plants for the Fishes garden include; cosmos, purple coneflower, spruce, opium poppy, tobacco plant. Really, anything goes. Introduce some water lilies, perhaps, in the Koi pond.


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Postnatal Returns of the Outer Planets

by Alison Price
Image - Forrest Cavale

Image – Forrest Cavale


Transits begin to form or fade immediately in the days and weeks after birth. During this delicate time critical contacts from the outer planets can occur. This article looks at the transits of the three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and the conjunctions to their natal positions in the first two years.

Transits are a popular technique and most astrologers are aware of the current planetary placements. When you know a planet’s position you can apply this knowledge to every chart for which you forecast in the next weeks. This information is transferrable which makes transits the most widely used predictive method by astrologers. Transits are powerful enough that many astrologers use only transits for predictive work and no other methods.

The planets are always moving but a birth chart captures a moment in time. Once a chart is cast, transits from the Moon and the faster moving planets will start to form aspects first. Then the chart will receive transits from the slower moving Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and finally the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. It is only as the planets move from their radix position that they start to impact the birth chart and the child’s life.

At first glance it seems there is nothing to consider from the outer planets in the first year of life because they take so long to move through the zodiac. Outer planet movement can be like watching a sapling grow, you know the young tree is alive but the progress is so slow you can’t see it happening. It is easy to dismiss transits from the outers in the first year of life, but let’s take a closer look.

Adult and child charts

When you read charts for the majority of adult clients you address the usual issues of romance, work, health and family matters or other areas that have already developed during their life. They may have a job, be married or separated, have kids, be happy or not, and their life is on a well-established track. An adult knows some dreams will not be fulfilled and they accept they will never be a ballerina or an astronaut. When you read a chart for a newborn baby all possibilities are open. In an infant’s chart, no limitations are placed on their life from decisions taken in their past as they have not made any and no previous choices have been made which affect their future.

Many astrologers feel that there is no point to cast charts for babies and young children as their life holds so much promise and potential that it is difficult to read the chart of one so young. This attitude occurs because of the vast array of life options that the chart can offer, and there is the idea that an astrologer may somehow influence the future of the child by proclaiming a self-fulfilling prophecy. These may be valid arguments.

Planetary Returns

We refer to the time when a planet passes over its natal position as a return. This occurs when a planet goes back to its birth place in the zodiac measured in degrees and minutes. The planet has made a complete pass through 360° and once more assumes its position at birth. This takes place at different times for each planet due to their various orbital periods. The more well-known returns are the solar return, when the Sun reaches its natal position experienced every year near your birthday, and the Saturn return that happens around age twenty-nine as Saturn passes over its natal position in your chart. Pluto and Neptune will not return by orbit because they take more than a lifetime to transit through the whole zodiac. Pluto takes 248 years and Neptune takes 164 years to orbit the Sun. Uranus will make a return for everyone after eighty-four years.

Postnatal planet returns

In the early weeks and months of life the outer planets can go back to their natal position. This may happens in two instances; when an outer planet is retrograde at birth it will at some point station direct and again pass over the natal degree, and when an outer planet is direct and stations retrograde soon after birth thus going back over the birth position when it will station, move direct, and pass once more over the birth degree, in this case the planet makes two contacts to the natal placement.

Although these early outer planets are transiting their natal position, I hesitate to call them a return in the strict sense of the word (as they have not completed a full orbit of the Sun) nevertheless they have gone back to their birth position and for the purposes of this article we will refer to them as returns. Only some people will receive a postnatal outer planetary return. It depends where the planets were in their direct/retrograde cycle when you were born.

This year Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus are passing through the zodiac signs of Capricorn, Pisces, and Aries respectively. The three transpersonal planets will be either moving direct or retrograde. Their retrograde station happens once each year around the time when the angle with the Sun develops towards the waxing trine. If your birthday (in any year) was immediately after a direct station of Pluto, or Pluto is within one degree after the station point in your birth chart, you will not receive any returns from Pluto immediately after birth. For example, anyone born between the date when Pluto station direct September 15, 2015 at 12° 55’ Capricorn and November 9, 2015 will not get a return from Pluto.

If you were born at the Neptune direct station or within two degrees of the station you will not experience a Neptune postnatal return. If your birthday was at a Uranus direct station or within four degrees of the station you will not experience a Uranus postnatal return. It is only during the first two years of life that you may experience a Pluto, Neptune or Uranus return.

What to Look for in Outer Planet Returns

If a planet is retrograde at birth it will station direct and cross back over the natal degree sometime in the first year. However, if the planet is direct at birth you have to crack open the ephemeris or consult a graphic ephemeris to check if it will station retrograde soon after birth and whether it will it move as far back in the sign as the natal placement. If so, you know it will transit back over its birth position at least twice, once retrograde and once direct. Use an orb of 30’ for transits both applying and separating.

Stationary at Birth

If you were born at, or in 30’ orb of, a station of an outer planet then the meaning of that planet will be experienced longer, initially by its position in the birth chart, and by transit as it hovers in orb of the birth position near the station. This is a special case as the transit may not reapply to the birth position it just takes longer to separate from the birth conjunction. Outer planets can linger in orb for various times after birth, Pluto for up to forty-eight days, Neptune for as long as forty-four days and Uranus for a maximum of thirty-one days.

When Forecasting With Transits

Before any forecasting techniques are employed the birth chart needs to be fully understood. It has to be interpreted for both potential and natal promise. If an outer planet does not return soon after birth it is not part of the transit sequence and can be dismissed. There is a cycle to a multi pass transit and in a three or five exact contact transit sequence the influence of the transit typically develops as follows:

First direct pass – Present

As the transiting planet moves towards the exact aspect the situation unfolds in line with the potentials. This is shown by the transiting planet, the natal planet or point being aspected, the area of life suggested by the house and any other aspects to the planet within the chart.

Second retrograde pass – Review

When the transiting planet moves back over the natal degree, the situation or issue that was aired at the first pass is reviewed as new information comes to light. It is during this time that changes and adjustments can still be made. In the retrograde pass the transit suggests that the situation is still being developed and is in flux.

Third and Final Direct Pass – Resolution

During the final direct pass the transit potential has culminated and the issue will fade away as the planet moves out of orb, although changes or shifts in consciousness that occurred during the transit will persist.

Five Pass Transits

Occasionally Pluto and Neptune will make a five-pass transit to a degree in the zodiac. For a five-pass transit the reprocessing of review (first retrograde pass) and resolution (second direct pass) are repeated as passes four (second retrograde pass) and five (third direct pass).

Every chart is different and some planets will have more influence on you than another. If you have Pisces rising then Neptune will be an important planet. Transits from Neptune will have a greater affect than they would have on someone without Pisces prominent in their chart. Not all transit potentials will come into tangible fruition every time a contact occurs. Often they are experienced as a subtle shift in perception.

Below is a selection of possible outcomes, with particular reference to the newborn baby, during the early years of life. Some items or situations on the list below may seem highly unlikely, but in the interest of good astrology, it is best to bear in mind all the planetary meanings so to present a well-rounded forecast. It is best to constantly expand the possible scenarios in forecasting work.

Transiting Pluto Conjunct Natal Pluto

Pluto may cross a zodiac degree up to five times. For example, on March 2, 2015 Pluto will be at 15° Capricorn moving direct. It will station retrograde and cross back over this degree for the second time on June 2, 2015. Pluto again moves forward to transit 15° Capricorn on December 31, 2015 for the third time. It makes its fourth pass on September 8, 2016 and the fifth and final contact to 15° Capricorn will be on October 14, 2016. These are the dates for the exact hits and in reality there will be a period around these dates when Pluto is in orb of the exact conjunction that you will note. This five pass transit pattern provides the potential for a postnatal return from Pluto to occur up to nineteen months after birth for someone born at the first contact to 15° Capricorn on March 2, 2015. Bear in mind that this extended Pluto transit potential will not happen for everyone as it all depends on which day you were born and Pluto’s position in relationship to the Sun in your chart which determines where Pluto is in its direct or retrograde cycle.

When Pluto revisits its birth degree it may be a critical time in the life of a newborn. Pluto transits will be modified depending on its placement in the birth chart. For an example with reference to planetary dignities, Pluto in the natal eighth house is in accidental dignity (its natural house of rulership), and therefore is well-placed by house. This position suggests at the exact conjunction that any recovery or transformation will be great like the phoenix rising from the ashes. A natal Pluto in the second house (its natural house of detriment) may indicate that if something unforeseen does indeed occur at the transit that financial strain may surround the situation. Not all Pluto transits are bad news and there can be an upside through the transformative urges of Pluto, but in the delicate early weeks of life to pay attention to physical shifts in the new baby is key.

Pluto rules the reproductive and eliminatory systems in the body. It also has affinities with toxins and the decomposing function, in other words, the purging reflex of the body when something is not right and food going bad. During a postnatal transiting Pluto conjoining natal Pluto be aware of:

  • The mother’s medications becoming toxic to the child through the breast milk
  • Diarrhea and vomiting (purging)
  • Baby food and milk formula past their sell-by date
  • Using un-boiled or borehole water (found on farms) to make up bottles
  • Sexually transmitted diseases from the mother affecting the new born
  • Colic (the bowels cramping) abating
  • A transformation in the child indicating renewal of health

Transiting Neptune Conjunct Natal Neptune 

Neptune may cross a zodiac degree five times. The time from a first contact (as in the birth chart) to the final conjunction can be several months. On May 9, 2015 Neptune is at 09°30’ Pisces moving direct. Neptune will station retrograde and pass 09°30’ for the second time on July 16, 2015 and then station retrograde and retrace its steps returning to the same zodiacal position of 09°30’ Pisces for the third time on February 29, 2016. Once more stationing retrograde and passing back over 09°30’ on October 19, 2016 to make its final forward pass of 09°30’ on December 20, 2016.

This suggests that a child born during May 2015 can be revisited by transiting Neptune with a conjunction as a postnatal Neptune return when the child is up to nineteen months old.

Any natal conjunction to Neptune will modify the effect of a Neptune transit directly after birth. For an example using aspects, natal Neptune conjunct the Moon may indicate the child’s fluid intake needs monitoring during a transiting Neptune conjunction as the Moon rules bodily fluids. Natal Neptune conjoined with Mars (heat and fever) suggests hot atmospheres, in other words, the child’s room may be too warm and stuffy for comfort at the postnatal Neptune conjunction. Neptune rules all medicines, drugs and anesthesia. In the body it correlates with the feet. It has affinities with being unconscious, sleep, dreams and nightmares. Neptune may make five or three passes, it depends on the birth date. During a postnatal transiting Neptune conjunct natal Neptune be alert to:

  • Administering the correct doses of any medication, be scrupulous with measurement
  • Incubator oxygen levels to high or too low, however unless you are the nurse there is not much you can actually do although you can be present
  • The baby being wrapped up or swaddled too tight or their all-in-one outfit is too small and hampering easy blood flow especially to the feet
  • Sleep apnea
  • A maternal drug habit may can cause withdrawal symptoms in the child
  • The infant finally sleeping through the night

Transiting Uranus Conjunct Natal Uranus

Uranus may make one or three passes through a sign degree in a chart. On very rare occasions it can make five exact contact but is often in orb of the perfection. It again depends on the birth date. On May 24, 2015 Uranus will be at 19° Aries moving direct. It will station retrograde and Uranus will again arrive at 19° Aries on September 29, 2015 to make the final pass to 19° Aries on March 14, 2016. This means that Uranus can potentially take up to ten months after birth to conjoin a specific degree in a natal chart affecting the child with a Uranus conjunct Uranus aspect.

When interpreting a Uranus postnatal return the house in the birth chart will give clues to the area that needs attention. For an example considering house meaning, if the ruler of Aquarius is in the third house (which relates to short journeys) check the car seatbelts holding the baby chair in the vehicle. With Uranus in the fifth house which has an affinity with play carefully look for cracks in plastic play items or torn soft toys. Uranus rules technology, gadgets and widgets. It also has an affinity with the unexpected. In the body Uranus relates to the circulation, synapses (electrical sparks in the brain) and the ankles. At a transit of Uranus to its natal position at the Uranus return pay attention to:

  • Sudden changes in the child’s behavior
  • Clothes too tight cutting off circulation – especially socks
  • Flat batteries in the baby monitor
  • Loose and broken baby car seats
  • Buggies and strollers with no brakes
  • Damaged baby equipment and gadgets
  • Unexpected recovery from any ailments
  • A thriving child

These are just some of the possible scenarios and certainly each chart and every child is different.

The Transiting Conjunction

A conjunction is usually viewed as a positive aspect. It makes a strong statement in any transit chart as the energies of the transiting planet are brought to the natal chart. Post-natal outer transits can contain special potential because they are effectively returns or in other words they reinforce the message the outer planet already has in the natal chart. As the conjunction becomes exact it stimulates all the natal aspects from that planet that are in the natal chart. It is like a recalibrating of the planet’s message for the individual.

Children’s Charts in General

If you regularly work with babies’ and children’s charts then if you like you can apply these ideas. If there is a transit it can be used for both improvement or tension and clearly these interpretations can be applied to both good and difficult situations.

Personal Research on Your Own Chart

Go back to your own chart. if possible ask your mother if you were ill after birth or needed oxygen etc. Check in the ephemeris for your early outer transits and see what your transpersonal planetary returns happened. If you have children or grandchildren check their charts for any post-natal outer transits. This is great research because you will have specific, on-the-spot knowledge as you bore witness to situations that may have arisen in their early weeks and months.

The Visible Planets

You can take this technique a step further and consider the other planets as they will no doubt make their returns in the early days and months of the infant’s life. For Neptune and Pluto the first two years are the only time in life that you may experience an exact conjunction from the two outer planets and there has to be a way to make the most of them.

If you are reading this article then it is too late for you to use this particular narrow focus prediction method on your own chart. You have to look to the soon-to-be-born and those very young children to discover the true potential of these powerful aspects and the changes they may bring to a infants’ chart.

Other Forecasting Techniques

If there are planetary transit returns in the first weeks, it will guide you to look for the same contact from the secondary progressions as the postnatal transit conjunction will make a progressed conjunction to their natal positions later in the child’s early years. A progressed outer planet conjunction to its own place will occur if there was a postnatal transit to its own place. Trends, such as those that developed at the very early postnatal transit, will again be brought forward at the secondary progressed conjunction. When you bring the two dynamic forecast techniques of transits and secondary progressions together you can develop a well-rounded prediction story. Much of that which is discussed here needs to woven into a fuller forecast picture. It is not advisable to focus in on one specific transit to announce a fact. Use all the techniques available when you make your predictions. Take your time and develop a rich forecast story for those critical early years. Most of all keep an open mind.


Your Zodiac Sign and Spending

by Alison Price

imagesYou can learn a lot about your spending habits by looking at your star sign.

Each of the twelve zodiac signs has a different approach to retail therapy. Next time you go shopping with your friends see their spending characteristics at play.

Check out each sign’s buying instincts below and see if you recognize yourself and you can see how to find your wealth potential for more information.


Aries rushes in where angels fear to tread, and in their hurry Rams want to be in and out of the shop. They buy with cash and online so as to grab the new stuff and be wearing the latest colors of the season. This sign likes the challenge of hunting for a bargain and may easily tackle you to the ground at a fire sale.


Taurus takes their time deciding on what to spend their hard earned cash. Bulls prefer to shop in stores, and not online, because they want to touch and feel the goods before buying. After a day of trawling the shops they are just as likely to bank the money and go home empty handed. Sometimes parting with the cash is the quandary.


Gemini likes buying on eBay and sniping the auction at the end. They order books and magazines, apps, games and puzzles. Twins are the best traders in the zodiac and will happily barter for stuff as the real fun is the actual deal. You are more likely to see Gemini selling to you, than buying for themselves.


Cancers like to feather their nest and will splurge on home furnishings and tableware. They like pretty cutlery and plates to match the occasion, whether for a barbecue outside or a Sunday lunch. Every meal is important and this means the props as well. Crabs like home shopping and will spend on friends, family and will remember to take the office a box of chocolates.


Leos buy the best they can afford and that goes for luxury items as well. Lions take pride in their purchases and will enthrall anyone who will listen about what they bought to adoring oohs and aahs. They will shop in groups and make sure each person has a little something to take home. Leo’s are generous and may spring for lunch as well.


Virgo spends in small increments and can driver the shop girl wild with their bag of small change for a fifty dollar purchase. They like to collect and will slowly attain the things they want. Virgo likes things in patchwork, marquetry and paisley patterns. Virgins are more likely to go to the stores several times a day than do one big shop all at once.


Libra spends on themselves as much as their partner because there has to be a fiscal balance in their relationship. Libra men may only buy one big item a year, like a car, but it’s cost will be equal to what their wife spent over the years. Shopping can be agony for Libra as they are not good at deciding and every transaction choice needs to be called.


Scorpio pays cash so there is no paper trail. They like acquiring things and surround themselves with items that mean something. Scorpions will to remove price tags andl hoard some attractive items of value. They like to buy things that others desire and may become a collector of rare books or surgical instruments. .


Sagittarius likes to buy when away from home. They are the ones for whom the souvenir shops were made. Archers seek out things that are difficult to find like a seed pod from a baobab tree or exotic spices from Asia. This sign arrives home and flings the bags in a corner not even opening them, already planning their next excursion to the mall.


Capricorn invests. When the Sea Goat goes shopping the items they buy have to earn their place. Not for them trivial trinkets. Capricorn likes quality and will pay whatever it takes to get items perceived as status pieces. Expensive handbags for the women and watches for men. Over the years they can amass a very respectable wardrobe or collection of goodies.


Aquarius like to buy a variety of goods. They love snapping up music and books online and gadgets. They get bored with their stuff and will move on to the next fad as soon as it takes their fancy. Water Bearers have basements full of old things and should invite Scorpio around to rummage through it all.


Pisces enjoy art and soft and beautiful things. They are happy to tag along the other signs on an outing to the shops. Fish like to buy only what is needed and can be frugal to the extent that they will “do without” when they should be buying things. Fish don’t like the crush of the malls and will shop late in the evening to miss the crowds.


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Why Transits are Different for Everyone

By Alison Price

Image by Maria Carrasco

Forecasting interpretations can get complex. Reading transits quickly become confusing and it may seem like they’re out of focus.

You may start following Jupiter as it transits through your chart and Jupiter will offer growth opportunities as it passes by.

But what happens when it makes an aspect with another planet?

If Jupiter is square Saturn does it play out the same way for us all?

We all have our own charts and this is what makes the difference.

Take Jupiter square Saturn. These two planets bring the concepts of expansion and contraction together.

Whether you will experience expansion or contraction in your life depends on your chart. It matters whether Jupiter or Saturn is stronger in you natal chart.

Is either of them your chart ruler or do you have Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces as your rising sign?

If one planet in a aspect rule your chart they’ll be stronger for you in general and will express themselves in your life in a clear way.

Cycles appear at all times. When you are on an up swing with one planet you may be on a down cycle with another.

The ability to see the difference between a transit from one planet which may or may not be overshadowed by another is the skill of reading transits.

Jupiter square Saturn is different for everyone. Don’t make the mistake of thinking one size fits all but understand what each planet’s energies are about.

Read each transit by itself and follow along with the cycle so you will have a better understanding of how to forecast.

Measuring planetary strength

Apart from the actual aspect involved to understand the strength of the two planets in a combination is the first step.

As the slower moving planets form and release aspects with each other it is good to know which one of the pair is a more important planet for you.

Pluto is important for you if:

  • You have Scorpio rising
  • The Sun is in Scorpio
  • More than three planets are in Scorpio
  • Pluto in the first or eighth house
  • Pluto is your final dispositor

Neptune is important for you if:

  • You have Pisces rising,
  • Neptune in the first or twelfth house
  • The Sun is in Pisces
  • More than three planets are in Pisces
  • Neptune is your final dispositor

Uranus is important for you if:

  • You have Aquarius rising
  • Uranus in the first or eleventh house
  • The Sun is in Aquarius
  • You have more than three planets in Aquarius
  • Uranus is your final dispositor

Saturn is an important planet for you if.

  • You have a Capricorn or Aquarius ascendant
  • The Sun is in Capricorn or Aquarius
  • You have three or more planets in Capricorn or Aquarius
  • Saturn is your final dispositor
  • Saturn is in your first, tenth or eleventh house.

Jupiter is an important planet for you if:

  • You have Sagittarius or Pisces rising
  • Your Sun is in Sagittarius or Pisces
  • You have three or more planets in Sagittarius or Pisces
  • Jupiter is your final dispositor
  • Jupiter is in the first, ninth or twelfth house

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Book review: Venus Signs – Discover Your Erotic Gifts and Secret Desires Through Astrology by Jessica Shepherd

UnknownBook review by Alison Price

This book is about how your Venus placement will express itself through your chart and it is an easy read. There is much thought given to the many facets of Venus which is refreshing.

Venus in your chart is not typically a difficult planet and can be often ignored in favor of understanding more demanding planets like Saturn or Pluto.

Shepherd has brought each Venus sign placement to life and we can all benefit from a more rounded understanding of the brightest planet in the sky. I found my personal Venus in sign beautifully expressed which brought me another dimension to understand this much loved planet.

This is the type of book that you may not read from cover to cover but dip into as and when you need more understanding of the twelve possible Venus sign placements.

My copy was a PDF eBook suitable for an iPad or iPhone. The pages are clearly formatted and it is easy to read.

It is a beginner’s book and could be understood by all. There is a handy list of the Venus placements in the back although if you are over 65 you can’t get your Venus sign here and you will have to search elsewhere.

I recommend it as a Venus specific book for your astrological bookshelf.

* * *

Happy New Year 2015 – Your Starz Horoscopes for Creativity, Love, Money, Wellbeing and Vision by Alison Price

2015 imageWith the tag line of “Astrology with heart” and being a Leo, I write your Starzology horoscopes with a STAR in their heart.

Taking the beauty of a five pointed star (which is the symbolic aspect of creativity) I have balanced each horoscope with one special meaning for each of the five points.

In this way I have developed five unique interpretation which I want to share with you.

These horoscopes and forecasts focus on your five positive areas of

Creativity, Love, Money, Wellbeing and Vision

Read your latest horoscopes below.


The Sun is in Aries from March 21 to April 21, 2015.

The symbol for Aries is the Ram a male sheep. A key phrase is “I am” and this is often said by strong Aries types. The ruling planet is Mars named after the God of war. The zodiac sign of Aries is in the cardinal mode indicating they are leaders, in the fire element suggesting inspiration and of the active polarity so they have an outgoing personality.

Aries people are courageous and self-assertive. They relish new beginnings and are enthusiastic and can be impulsive. Often impatient and headstrong they want to be first. Aries folk look good in the color red. They can be acute, sharp and are dynamic leaders. They are inspirational and can get heated and excited and can be considered an army-of-one.


The year begins with Uranus still in your sign. This continues the mood of unexpected events. It can suggest that what you think you know at the start of 2015 will have changed by the end of the year.


March 21st to April 21st the Sun enters your sign bringing its warmth and light. It is your time to sparkle and shine.

July promises to be your most creative month and you will have some fabulous ideas to put into motion then.


The lunar eclipse in your sign in April will foster an atmosphere of acceptance and you may find yourself bending over backwards for your loved ones. It also suggests that you may not be happy with being manipulated and will resent them later. The point is that if you are aware of who is pulling the strings in April you can choose to bend or resist before the situation gets out of control.

You are still receiving some tension from the planet Pluto (which is in a square with Uranus) and this will effect the middle to late Arians or those with birthdays between 3rd to 20th of April. Taking time to fully assess the situation instead of simply cutting your partner off will be the best plan for you. Strategy is your friend in your love life this year.

From mid September to the first week in October may be a slow period in your love life. If you are single you may simply retire from the dating game and if you are married or in a committed relationship you could just let things be. You will not have the energy for new things in your love life and you will be happy to keep the status quo in your relationships now.


2015 will be a year for tightening your belt as money will be limited. Once you have a handle on your budget the money will flow again. The lesson is restraint and getting spending under control.


The fabulous large planet Jupiter enters your wellbeing zone in August adding support to your diet and health. You will feel great and want to do so much more. You can aim to reach higher goals in your fitness routine from August onwards so in the early part of the year build up towards a health goal. Perhaps you can aim to run a marathon, triathlon or lift your body weight in the gym. Pay attention to a slow growth of health and you will reach your targets.

On the downside you may go overboard if you need medication and this will not be good for you. A simple headache may just mean you are dehydrated and not require three or four pain tablets. Swellings and growths may be an issue as will be your liver and femur general health.


Arians are usually optimistic and this year is no exception. Deciding which way to expend your energy on your visions and life path may be the question this year. In 2015 the ringed planet Saturn enters your vision sector bring some direction to what may have been unabashed chaos of late. Make the most of the discipline it will present and you can achieve mush this year.

alison-page-001 2TAURUS

The Sun is in Taurus from April 21 – May 22, 2015.

The symbol for Taurus is the bull.

A key phrase used by Taurus is “I possess” and many Taureans use this opener or related ones like “I have…” to start their sentences.

Beautiful Venus is the ruling planet.

Taurus is of the fixed mode suggesting that you like stability, the earth element indicating you are in touch with reality and the passive polarity which means you are sensitive and sensuous.

Taurus people are generally patient. You can be possessive and keep things for ever. You like land and what money can buy. You are good at preserving (both relationships and food) and are considered very reliable. Of all the signs you have the most common sense. If you are a bull you are deliberate in your actions and you are generally solid, earthy and good workers.


Jupiter enters your creativity sector in September and will create much expansion in your projects and plans. You will be poised for great things as the year picks up momentum in the latter part.


Back in December 2014 Saturn finally moved out of your partnership area and you can feel some relief as the barriers to love are lifted. If you have recently wanted to get married but for some reason have been putting it off then you can safely set the date for a 2015 wedding. If you are single the solar eclipse on September 13th suggests the beginning of a fun romance for you. For those of you in a relationship the spark may come back and you will appreciate why you fell for your guy in the first place.


In your money life watch out for May to June as Mercury reverses in your financial sector. Prices may fluctuate and price adjusting may be the rule of the day. Items bought at this time will not be of as much value as you first thought. Wait until June to purchase all goods. The exception is property which can be bought all year round.


During mid September to early October you may feel the need to review your vitamin and supplement regime. You may hear of new tonics or an exercise that you can consider bringing into your daily workouts. Any form of verbal or written therapy will benefit you now. This is a time for keeping a health journal that will help you monitor your wellbeing and show you are improving if it is only by baby steps each month. Progress can be slow at times and to have a record of mini successes is a good idea so you can reach your exercise and diet goals.


In 2015 your vision sector is once again dominated by the transformation planet Pluto. This means you will still be rejuvenating your vision and may find your life journey to take a new path which could be quite different to that which you thought a few years ago. It is almost as if your life has many options but you can’t seem to find the one that suits you.

alison-page-001 3GEMINI

The Sun is in Gemini from May 22 to June 22, 2015

The symbol for Gemini is The Twins and this shows up in your dual nature.

A key phrase is “I think…” and many Gemini types say this every day.

Your ruling planet is Mercury the messenger of the Gods.

Gemini is in the mutable mode meaning you are flexible and dexterous, the element is air suggesting that Twins are intellectual and of the active polarity indicating you are confident and outgoing.

Gemini’s are instinctive communicators and want to make connections with others. You are good at associations and are happy just to know your name. Twins are adaptable, restless and crave variety in life. You can have diverse interests. You are inquisitive and want to know things to fill your mental database with lots of information. You are the sign of duality and can multi-task like no other. Gemini makes good jugglers and fare well in pub quizzes.


From May 19 to June 10th Mercury is retrograde in your sign. This means you will experience a slow down and a time to pause and review your life. Take the time to revisit things you have done between May 6th and May 10th. This period is known as the shadow of Mercury. You may think you have been thwarted and indeed people may go back on their word to you. Give every deal or arrangement enough time to develop fully and don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. Be careful of work interviews at this time as there may not actually be a job.


From mid September to the first week in October you will want to take it easy and review where you are in your creative life. This is the time to have a good hard look at what you are doing and where you are going. Inspiration may not easily arrive at this time and you will be better off going back to some unfinished work and revising it to bring it to its glory. This is the time to dust off old manuscripts or half completed paintings and get them finished. This can also be when someone else asks you to review their work or other creative projects and you can offer worthwhile critique now. A fresh pair of eyes is a good thing at this time for Gemini.


Most of the year you may think you can’t achieve much in your marriage but that is a passing thing although you may wish it would just go away. Your significant other will lean on you. Try to support them in any way you can even if you feel the love has cone cold. Single Gemini’s will benefit from meeting potential partners through traditional channels like family and friend introductions.

The lunar eclipse on April 4th is in your area for new love to blossom so make sure you are paying attention to all romantic offers around that week.


2015 will be a steady year financially for Gemini’s. You can expect steady income and expenditure with a burst of activity in July when Mars the planet of action passes through your money sector. You can make hay while the Sun shines and earnings and spending will see more activity in July.


For Gemini’s 2015 is a generally health and diet strong year. You will be mostly on top form throughout the whole year. Between May 13th and June 25th you will feel especially invigorated and be at a good place in your wellness and vitality. This would be a good time to run a marathon. Mercury’s rulership of Gemini governs all body parts that come in pairs like the hands, the brain hemispheres, the lungs and thinking processes. These parts will be where you can develop strength or where there may be weakness at times.


Mercury is retrograde in your vision sector from January 21st to February 11th. this tells us that you need to plan and check things. Don’t start your 2015 vision plan until mid February. Instead spend your time researching and confirming with other people who may be thought leaders in your field. Finding the right groove this year will probably take longer than usual but you can embrace the time early in the year and develop a richer understanding early on in 2015.

alison-page-001 4CANCER

The Sun is in the sign of Cancer from June 22nd to July 24th, 2015.

The symbol is the Crab and their key phrase is “I feel…” which is often their sentence opener.

Cancer is the second cardinal sign which means you are leaders and Cancerians will often lead from behind. You are in the water element which indicates that much intuition is used and you are fluid and in the passive polarity suggesting a reticence for aggression and a more receptive approach to life.

The ruling planet is the Moon which is not really a planet at all but the natural satellite of the Earth. The Moon goes through phases and this is a typical attribute for Cancerians.


Cancer is concerned with feelings and to them family is all. You are protective, sensitive and patriotic. The lunar ruled are safety conscious and aware of the past so much so you can be overly sentimental or spend much time wandering down memory lane. You are steady in a crisis and tenacious. You usually live sheltered lives and strive to provide well for those in your care. Of all the signs Cancer is shy.


You could feel your creativity is being stifled this year but if you continue along the path your have carved out so far you will see results at the end of the year. Get all policies in place and decide on the track you want to peruse this year.


You could meet an older person and just fall in love, or it could be someone who you have known for ages but just not seen as partner material. This is the year you will grow up and aspire towards and grown-up relationship. It is a year to start getting serious about finding a life partner and working towards being in a fair partnership with someone special.


Your finances will continue to grow and this year you may spend as quickly as you earn. Make hay while the sun shines and bank as much as you can. You may feel the pinch later in the year as the planets move to squeeze your incoming funds.


This year Saturn begins a two year stretch through your health sector. This indicates that you can take the time to slowly improve your diet and exercise regime. Taking up yoga or other strength building activities like weight training will be good for Cancerians now. You have enough time to thoroughly bring your body up to optimum health in the next two years. Even if you are older and a bit out of shape 2015 will be the time you start the process of reclaiming your health.


Your vision sector is ruled by two planets Jupiter and Neptune. This indicates that you have a vivid imagination and great breadth of vision. You may take it all for granted but you more than most are able to harness some brilliant ideas and have much inspiration and can visualize things. To this end you should get your vision board in place with exactly what you want in your life and constantly visualize your dream life.

alison-page-001 5LEO

The Sun is in Leo from July 24 to August 24, 2015. Leo’s symbol is the Lion, king of the jungle and this has much to say about Leo.

The key phrase for Leos is “I create” and this is used by strong Leo types.

The Lion is of the fixed mode suggesting they don’t like change, in the element of fire indicating they are inspirational and of the active polarity meaning they are extroverted. The ruling planet is the Sun (yes, we know it is a star, but in astrology circles it is referred to as a planet).

Leos are dignified, have honor and are proud. They can be vain. They are the most creative sign and fun loving. They are honest, warm and loyal. They are organized, strong and can be dramatic. They will delegate to the other signs. They take life on in a wholehearted manner. They have a childlike wonder of the world and detest poverty. Of all the signs they can play their role once they know what it is.


You will have a boon year in 2015. Get on board in January and make the most of the good stars shining on you now. Jupiter is in your sign and will offer you many excellent opportunities until August. Don’t be caught napping for the first half of the year because life may seem so easy. Make the most of situations and believe that you can do it.


This year your creativity can take a more formal place in your life. Getting to grips with your projects will be easier if you can focus and stay the course. Beginning the year ready to go will be a good start and Leos can achieve much in your creative life during 2015. If you have been thinking about starting some special creative project then this is the year to put things into place. Leos are the most creative of the signs but you can often be side tracked by other attractions. Stay the course and make progress this year.


Mercury is retrograde in your partnership sector from January 21st to February 11th. This means that you will have to repeat conversations with loved ones as they have not got your message – yet. You too may not be listening to what they are saying or in other words you choose to ignore the signs. Do yourself a favor and pay close attention to everything you spouse or partner has to say or you will regret it later. Listening to your significant other will be a lesson for 2015.


Leos will spend on expensive and luxury goods for friends and family. From August the money will improve. You may find there is so much coming in that you think the flow will never stop. This is not so, save as much as you can as this is a fleeting financial boost.


In June, July, August and September see the beautiful planet Venus in your sign. This suggests you will be cheerful and you see life as being good. It is a time to feel satisfied about many aspects of yourself and that you will attain many good attributes at this time. Your social life will probably improve as invitations arrive. In August there will be much attention to your general outlook and it could be a time for an attitude reassessment. Being sunny all the time is not realistic but you will try hard to put on a good “front” for your public in this month.


The unusual planet Uranus continues through your vision sector bringing many changes of direction which may be disconcerting to fixed Leos. This is the year when you may have to be flexible and go with the flow even though it goes against you grain. It’s not that you want to be in control but that change is not easy to deal with.

alison-page-001 6VIRGO

The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin and the Sun is in Virgo from August 24th to September 24th in 2015. The key phrase is “I analyze” and this is used by strong Virgo types. The ruling planet is Mercury the fastest planet.

Virgo is of the element of earth suggesting being in touch, the mutable mode indicating you are flexible and can multi-task and the negative polarity which means you may be shy or reticent.

Virgos are particular and this is another word for picky. You like to analyze situations. You may seem to be finding fault but it is just your attention to detail that makes you aware (more than most) of any imperfections in people or situations. You can be self-critical and this may be a problem when you are young. Virgos are discriminating and want perfection in life. You are kind, meticulous, fastidious even, and can be detailed oriented. Virgo is the sign of those who serve and you are good in this role. You are modest and humble and make excellent workers.

There are more Virgo births than any other sign. Those born under the sign of the virgin are the workers of the zodiac and are often placed in supporting roles. You do not like being put on the spot and will resist leadership when it is offered to you. It’s like a bee hive. One queen bee – the Leo and many worker bees – the Virgos.


You will spend the early part of the year almost with you foot on the brake as you finalize all the details for you projects. In August the giving planet Jupiter enters your sign and bestows many gifts upon you. You won’t believe your good luck as things unfold. Use the time until August to prepare for any initiatives you wish to go public or put into place that promote you and your life.


The solar eclipse on September 13th in your sign indicates fabulous new beginnings. All that you have prepared in the first half of the year will now begin to grow.


If you have a person in your love life then the love will probably deepen and even go onto another plane of understanding between you two. If you are single there may be one or two possibilities for love but you may not initially see them for what they are. Don’t dismiss any offers out of hand. Take you time this year and sift through all comers.


If you are sell-employed from September 17th to October 9th you will have to chase up people who should have paid you for work already completed. Get on to late payers straight away and don’t extend more credit to clients at this time as you may struggle to be remunerated later. If you still have debt from last year try to pay it off as 2015 indicates there may be several unexpected bills throughout the year. More so that any other year get your back up money in the kitty and be ready to fearlessly pay your way.


All Virgos (and especially if you were born on August 23rd, 24th or 25th) will experience a brief uplift in your outlook in the last two weeks of July. Whatever unfolds during this fortnight will set the stage for later in the year after October 15th when things will settle down again and you course will be better determined. You won’t have to worry so much and you are likely to be happier in the last part of 2015 as joy, love and money will ease and you won’t have to worry so much about making ends meet.


As a Virgo your ruling planet Mercury is also the planet of your vision so it is intricately woven into your life. During January, May and September, as Mercury goes through its retrograde cycles for 2015, you will be in a position to reflect on where you are in your life path and where you want your life to go. Having vision in life can be cultivated and for Virgos it may be a good source of satisfaction to have a plan in place. Knowing where you are going is often half of the battle for Virgos.

alison-page-001 7LIBRA

Libra is the sign of the Scales and the dates for 2015 (when the Sun is in Libra) are from September 24th to October 24th. A Libran key phrase is “I can relate to that” and many strong Libran types will pepper their sentences with that one. The ruling planet is Venus the brightest body in the sky after the Sun and Moon.

Libra is of the air element meaning you are intellectual and a thinker, of the cardinal mode suggesting leadership qualities and of the positive polarity showing that many Librans are extroverts and go-getters.

Libra loves equality especially in partnerships. You are persuasive and will encourage others to see your point of view. You are balanced and will compromise on occasion. You generally have good manners and are civil, polite and courteous. This is an elegant person with style. You are brilliant negotiators and will step in to mediate and take on a peace-keeping role. You love companionship and enjoy being with one special person. The sign of the Scales rules balance, symmetry and things on the level. You can commit and are focused on your significant other’s needs.


Mercury is retrograde in your sign from September 17th until October 9th suggesting that you will have a time of not moving forwards in your life but there will be much discussion and planning for the future at this time. If you were born between September 24th and October 15th you will experience this deeply.


The lunar eclipse on September 28th is in your sign of the Scales at the north node and suggests this is the time to start your life and recalibrate your personality to be the true you and not be the person others want you to be.

You are strong in expressing your inner truth now and it is the best time for you to stop pretending to be someone whom you are not and be your authentic self.

The lunar eclipse on April 4th is in your sign at the north mode and suggests it will be a period of making way for new things. This is a time to negotiate with others and not a time to go it alone.


The first two weeks of the new year show promise for a new love. The lunar eclipse on September 28th suggests you will reach out to your partner and really attempt to find balance in your relationships.


Your finances may be tight until the end of the year. You will receive exactly what you are worth and not a penny more. This will be the last year for financial austerity form a few years. Lessons learnt this year will stand you in good stead to slowly improve your financial situation over the next seven years.

If in the stock market refrain from trading from January 21st to February 11th. As your risk appetite is weak and technical mistakes can be made. If you must trade, short the communications and AT&T stocks.


Your attitude towards your general wellbeing is slightly off this year and you may be inclined to ignore little indications of unease. This could be because you are just feeling less than on top form or because you don’t want to face the truth about any health issues. In fact you probably won’t even consider things as “issues” at all. Finding the time to get enough rest is important this year and you may have to focus on getting to bed on time and not drifting into the wee hours on a regular basis for no real reason. Habits can become hard to deal with this year and paying attention to the little signals will benefit you all year.


Mercury goes retrograde in your vision sector from May 19th to June 10th. This means you may be feeling a out of sorts on your direction in life. Fear not it will pass and by the start of July you will feel more confident than ever and find your way again.

alison-page-001 8SCORPIO

The symbol for Scorpio is the Scorpion and the Sun will be in Scorpio from October 24th to November 23rd, 2015. The key phrase is “I desire” and strong Scorpio types will use this to express themselves.

Scorpio is of the element of water which mean you are emotional and of the fixed mode indicating you are a bit set in your ways and of the passive polarity suggesting you are receptive to others and may take things in for consideration before responding.

If you are a Scorpio you have two ruling planets the traditional planet of Mars the warrior and the modern planet of Pluto the transformer.

Scorpios are intense, passionate, survivors. You have self-control and are penetrating. You like to delve to the bottom of things. You are sexy, deep but also suspicious. You can be unforgiving. You fare well in a crisis. You are potent and can be jealous. Others think you are intimidating and if you are betrayed will get revenge.


In 2015 there is much relief for Scorpios as the heavy planet Saturn moves out of your sign where it has been for over two years. There should be a lighter feel to life and you will have more options than in recent months.


On March 20th the solar eclipse is in your creativity zone and will spark new ideas. It will be like planting a seed of possibilities that will develop for you in your creative life over the following six months that can eventually be parlayed into a business.


Your love life can be a tricky path to walk. Finding someone to love and who loves you back is a natural desire. Sometimes it is hard for Scorpios to let others in but when you do it is usually worth it. Be kind to yourself this year and welcome a new love into your life.


2015 starts on much the same track as the last few months of last year. Finances can be a worry but only if you give them Your money will start to tighten up at the end of the year. If you think times have been tough then be prepared by saving and cutting back debt in the early part of the year.


Your wellbeing will continue to be somewhat unpredictable this year and one way to allay this is to shore up your health in all the ways you know you should and by reducing stress. This can be easier said than done but by incorporating techniques for relaxation into your busy life will help you deeply in 2015. Taking care of your physical body is an ongoing regime and once Scorpios get it down pat life will become easier. You are born under the sign of transformation and this can be tiring in itself. Change for no reason will sap your energy. Make sure that what you do take into your daily life as wellbeing, diet and fitness goals is not extreme and can be sustained for a long time.


Your ruling planet Mars enters your vision sector during July and this will provide a much needed boost. Where Mars is there is always lots of action activity and as it stimulates each sector of your chart that area of life becomes a focus for action. The best way to use this is to plan and research what you want to explore and put things into action in July. Perhaps you are planning an overseas adventure or pilgrimage and if so then during July will be the best time in 2015 for Scorpios to do something to get them on their true life path.

alison-page-001 9SAGITTARIUS

The symbol for Sagittarius is the Archer and the Sun is in Sagittarius from November 23rd to December 23rd, 2015.

A Sagittarian key phrase is “I seek.” Your ruling planet is Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system. If you are a Sagittarian then you are in the fire element suggesting you are inspirational and can make a spark you are of the mutable mode and this makes you changeable and adaptable you are of the positive polarity providing you an outgoing personality.

Archers are outgoing, cosmopolitan and love anything international. You are open and have a breadth of vision. You are a seeker and are keen to explore the world. You are optimistic and like to live life large. You are forgiving. You can be tactless and plunge in like a large puppy being excited but at the same time it can be disturbing for others. You are the sign of the upwardly mobile and you can being ethical principles to your life. You have an extensive reach which you may use to gather life’s abundance,. You see the horizon as an opportunity to explore. You have a strong faith and a positive spirit. You can be philosophical and will search far and wide for your truth.


Saturn enters you sign on December 24th 2014 for the first time in thirty years. This will bring structure and the ability to master yourself and your situation.


2015 continues the theme of change in you creativity as the past years have shown. You are at a crossroads and can chop and change you plans for projects and all creative endeavors this year. Find the differences in what you do compared to others and you will have discovered your true creative gems. Don’t go with the herd but break out and grasp you own unique expressions. Be a fearless trailblazer.


Mercury retrogrades in your romance sector in May and June and this could lead to miscommunications with loved ones.


Sagittarians are frequently very effective earners and savers but from a casual observer you seem to never have enough. You do understand the need to give some of you bounty to the less fortunate but this year make sure you donate to those who will make effective use of your offerings. You may be asked to financially sponsor someone who is trying to turn their life around and this will benefit you as the process of supporting others will help develop you own cash/credit understanding.


This year you can get to grips with your wellbeing and build your health. You will have the strength to construct a good base or foundation for improved health and wellness. If you are so inclined you can get a check up in January as a benchmark for overall improvement through 2015. Colds and chills are likely and skin dryness may be a problem. This is the year to start lifting weights and weight training. A slow but steady increase is the way to go in 2015.


The year starts off with your very own planet Jupiter boldly going through your vision sector. This is a double whammy for insights as the greatest planet also rules this area of the natural chart and it is very much at home here. Make the most of ideas and life choices you select and be in line with your core understandings now. Seek out and find you own philosophy on life and be true to yourself this year. Archers have a good opportunity to broaden their vision and life path options now.

alison-page-001 10CAPRICORN

The Sun is in the sign of Capricorn the Sea Goat from January 1st to January 21st and from December 21st 2015 to December 31st, 2015,.

A sea goat has a goat upper body and a fish tail much like a mermaid.

Your key phrase is “I aspire…” and many strong Capricornians will use it to start their sentences.

Your ruling planet is the ringed planet Saturn. The Sea Goat is in the earth element suggesting you are practical and steady, the cardinal mode indicating you are a leader and of the feminine polarity which means you are receptive and happy to absorb others ideas and thoughts.


Pluto remains in your sign bringing the gift of digging deep in your life. You have experienced much transformational lessons these past few years and 2015 will see the end of some of the tension in the your planets.

If you are a Capricorn you are well-formed, persistent and ambitious in the traditional sense. You can easily become an authority in their field. You enjoy structure, shapes and boundaries. You are responsible, reliable and because of this you can achieve your goals. You have backbone and will respect rank. You admire status and wish to attain it yourself. Of all the signs you can measure concrete results in a mature and serious fashion.


Capricorns have the beautiful planet Venus as your creative planet. In a way it is a different level of expression when you get your creative hat on. Being able to make exquisite art, music, writing or craft is your underlying way to release some energy which youmay have simple thrown at your rise in life. Having a creative side and using it to the fully extent is how Capricorns can sustain themselves through the real life where paying the rent and putting food on the table can often take over. Be kind to yourself and let the creative expression which is clearly in every on of you blossom this year.


Your love life is one which often goes in phases where things are really good for months and the a kind of sadness can set in. Being able to withstand the less than romantic everydayness in you relationships can be a skill. If you are single you can expect to meet many new people this year but being selective will save much heartache later on. If already in a relationship learn how your own feelings can color your view of your partner. Life’s natural ebb and flow affects Capricorns more than other signs in the love and romance department. Your best times for romantic connections are in the week from the first quarter Moon until the full Moon every month.


This year be prepared to be asked for loans from friends and family. You may be overextended and this will probable reduce after August. The first half of the year may be spent trying to hold off on borrowing any more and wrestling the credit cards back down to manageable amounts. Mercury is retrograde in you financial sector from January 21st to February 11th 2015. This means you will get incorrect information about your income and from your bank. Check all statements now.


This year your wellbeing will continue to be regenerative as in the past couple of years. If your do feel weak you will have the capacity to overcome most niggling ailments or physical weaknesses and this can be a powerful expression of your self regenerative abilities. It is almost that you can reinvent yourself from the inside out.


Most Capricorns will be familiar with finding a life path and over the years you probably have had many routes that you have been walking. In 2015 you will get a great boost around August as Jupiter enters your vision sector and bring many opportunities. You will feel buoyant and have a positive view on your future as you are eager to plan out a life path for yourself. This is the year you will seek to satisfy the longing of feeling lost. You will decide where you are going and how you will behave along the way. It will be an extremely uplifting period in your life.

alison-page-001 11AQUARIUS

The Water Bearer is the symbol for Aquarius and the Sun is in your sign from January 21st to February 21st 2015. Your key phrase is “I understand” and many Aquarians say this. Your ruling planets are Saturn, the traditional ruler, and Uranus the modern ruler.

If you are an Aquarian you are of the air element meaning you are a thinker, and of the fixed mode indicating you are inflexible and like things to remain and the positive polarity suggesting you are outgoing and generally upbeat.

If you are an Aquarian you are concerned with equality and the brotherhood of man. You are generally humanitarian and humane. You are detached and can be objective. At times you are aloof and only seem friendly. You are independent, willful and happy to be unconventional. You are socially aware, progressive and support activism as a catalyst for change/


Mercury is retrograde in your sign from January 21st for three weeks. This means that for Aquarians born between January 21st to February 7th you will experience an intense time during this period. Mercury will create reviews and so on for you.


Mercury retrogrades in your creativity sector in May and June making it the best firms for writing revisions and restarts. Put time aside for reading and writing then. It is a natural cycle in life.


Your love life receives a boost for the first half of the year. You will have many opportunities to find romance and even find a partner for life. In May June you may be stood up if single but it really is them and not you. Be wary of blind dates between May 19th and June 10th as meeting new people will be a disappointment. During June to the end of September there will be much activity in your love life and in your partnerships. If you are thinking of getting married these will be good months except July 24th to September 5th.


There may be times in your life when you think that money does not mean anything and that we can all get along if the money of the world was evened out amongst everyone. This may be true, but for all Aquarians reading this you live in paradise as in the Phil Collin’s song “Another day in paradise.” This gives you a chance to do the right thing with your money and any other funds you have control over. Do not simply give your money away but make sure that what you have does the best it can for yourself, your family, your friends and those around you. You are of the sign that takes “Think global but act local” to new heights. Remember you have to look after your own before you can help others and this goes for money as well. In 2015 you can make a difference to other’s lives but watch out that it is not at the expense of your own.


Over the past few years you may have had lingering ailments which never amount to much. This not on top of the world feeling will get better in 2015. In a way learning to live with some weakness in your health will encourage you be scrupulous in your diet and exercise regime. Make sure that any label you give yourself about your health is warranted and not just something that has hung on from days gone by. See yourself as strong and vibrant and your outlook on life will improve.


2015 will be a good year for your vision and finding a life path. During mid September to early October take it easy as you will not be a top form and things preying on your mind may keep you awake at night. This broken sleep will probably be overflow stimulation from your day and it is a time when little things may bug you more. It will pass but shows in your astrology for 2015. This can be a time when you can’t make good choices and you will be better off waiting on big decisions until mid October when clarity will return.

alison-page-001 12PISCES

Pisces is the sign of the Fish. It symbol is two fish tethered together each swimming in the opposite direction. The Sun is in Pisces from February 21st to March 21st 2015.

Your key phrase is “I believe…” and many strong Pisces types use this to begin conversations.

You have two ruling planets; Jupiter your traditional ruler and Neptune your modern ruler.

If you are born under the sign of the Fish it means you fall under the fluid and flowing element of water, the quality of mutablity which suggests you are flexible and the passive polarity indicating you will take in and absorb things more than most. This can mean you empathize with others.

If you are Pisces you will make sacrifices and are understanding. You will blend well with others and can be arty. You may drift a bit in life but you have compassion. You are idealistic and can become disillusioned at times. You may be glamourous. You can be vague, kind and will be happy to surrender. You may retreat near the sea and you are spiritual and devoted.


Your home and family may demand extra expenditure in May and June.


The solar eclipse on March 20th is in you sign right at the very end of Pisces almost as an afterthought. This suggests it is a good time to start new things which at have come to you through dreams or messages that may have simply been a hunch. If your birthday is on March 19th, 20th or 21st this eclipse is the astrological event of your year. If born on the other 362 days  continue as usual. Statistics show that one in 365 will have the same birthday so that is three in one thousand people will have the same birthday as yourself.


Romance can ebb and flow over the course of one year and typically you are not falling in love every month. So to look at the year as a whole from a love life point of view gives you some months that are just better for romance than others and there will be some dry spots as well.

For Pisces the hot times for romance are June 24th to August 8th. If you are single that is the time to go on dates. If you are already in a committed relationship then the period from November 23rd to the end of the year will bring a spark back to flagging marriages.

Your love life will improve from August onwards as the planets bestow many opportunities for finding a mate. Those in a stable relationship will find much joy in being together. You may be pleasantly surprised how your love can grow this year.

The solar eclipse on September 13th suggests the beginning of a romance.


Debts may be a worry around mid September to early October and you may believe you can never pay your bills. This is a passing phase but a necessary one to keep you alert to crushing committments. Take the feeling of these three weeks and remember it later when the money is flowing again. Having a realistic relationship between what you earn and what you owe can have good repercussions on your total outlook on life. If you don’t have a written budget now would be a good time to start.


This year your wellbeing can be a source of strength as you are more healthy that for many years. You feel good most days and this brightens you outlook. By paying attention to addictive behavior like smoking or drinking you can find a balance this year. Taking care of yourself is a sacrifice you can afford to make in 2015. Sleep is you natural way to defend yourself and you will do well to get adequate naps to build up your resistance in 2015.


Most Pisces are blessed with great vision. You can drum up images of where your life could go and dream of fabulous lives you could live if only… If only, can be the problem for Pisces finding your path in life. By comparing yourself to others you often see yourself as lacking in some way, either lacking in brains, style or of being financially inferior to others. This deep feeling can stymie your vision in its tracks. Try to be realistic and see life for what it really is. Sweep away any confusion and take it one step at a time.


My Gift to You – Two Astrology Sessions for Less Than the Price of One

78c8dff1Our growing Starzology community of enlightened seekers have shared wonderful experiences through personal exploration and evolution in 2014.

As you begin your journey towards astrology you start to get a sense of being a part of something bigger.

Belonging to a community of like-mined folk feels good.

I feel this too and appreciate your support. I could not have done it without you.

Each year I find a way to give you something special and this year is no exception.

Let me tell you about a reflective incentive I have created to give to you this New Year.

Experience tells me that whilst having one astrological session may be good it is always better to have a sequence of several sessions through which more of your chart can be explored.

It is unrealistic to believe that we can cover all your life in one hour. I know from past sessions with many clients that a sequenced consultation schedule works better and is more meaningful for you.

On that note I have created something special which I believe you will find very exciting.

As I truly appreciate your support this is for you.

It is part of my giving back belief as in my “It’s not what you have, it’s what you have to give” philosophy.

A Sequenced Consultation Offer

Your New Year Special Offer is in two parts.

  • Part 2 – Your free bonus one hour reflection session six months later.

There are 12 important benefits you can get from a reading with me.

2 Sessions for 1 low price

So, it’s like having two full astrological consultations for less than the price of one. Perfect!

You can choose to have your One Hour Astrological Consultation and bonus Reflection Session in-person in Vancouver or by Skype.

Your New Year Special Sequenced Consultation Offer of a one hour astrological consultation to be prepaid by the Winter Solstice on December 21st, 2014.

This can be scheduled for January, February or later in 2015.

Your first One Hour Consultation will be in the New Year with your bonus Reflection Session six months later.

This offer is valued at over $300 but you can get it for only $150.

There is more information on what to expect at an astrological reading and how your can contact me.

Having a career as an astrologer is truly a wonderful job. I enjoy each day I work with you to explore and share my insights on your life through astrology.


There is much more that astrology can offer you.

For a deeper picture of your personal astrology why not get an On-the-Spot mini reading from me or even a full one hour consultation?

Email me at [email protected] and we can talk.

by Alison Price

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The Astrology of Black Friday 2015 – What to Buy and When to Buy

by Alison Price

Black Friday – November 27, 2015

The day after the American Thanksgiving Thursday is known as Black Friday.

This year Blblack friday-page-001 (1)ack Friday falls on November 27th, 2015 .

Black Friday follows the Thursday of the American Thanksgiving which is always on the third Thursday in November.

This is always different to the Canadian Thanksgiving which happens earlier in the year and usually on a Monday in October.

Being In the black

In days gone by when you had a typed bank statement if you had a credit balance it was typed in black ink, and if you had a negative balance in the bank it was typed in red ink.

Being in the red meant owing the bank and being in the black meant you had funds.

Black Friday has been the best shopping day of the year (since 2005) and is the date when retailers go from being in the red, or running at a loss, to being in the black and finally making a profit.

Up until Black Friday stores would not have made any profit for the year.

As the last major holiday of Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday signals the start of the Christmas shopping season, which is when the most money is spent.

Stores have different strategies to attract customers and they:

  • Open earlier than usual and some at midnight or 00:00am on Black Friday.
  • Have special discounts in the first hour only.
  • Advertise “Door crasher” free gifts for the first 100 shoppers through the door.
  • Offer great deals on some merchandise.
  • Stay open later.
  • Give longer return policies usually until after Christmas.
  • Bring in special items for the sale.
  • Have more staff on the floor to serve you.

This year most major departmental stores in Vancouver are opening their doors earlier than the usual 10am now at 7am this is even before the crack of dawn at around 7:47am.

To see how this year’s Black Friday will benefit you let’s have a look at the chart.

Tips for shoppers:

  • Be on time for the opening and this will give you the best deals.
  • Many bargains are to be had.
  • Reading up on the store flyers beforehand will help you to zoom in on exactly what you want to buy.



The Black Friday chart 2015


Saturn rises on the ascendant showing that time is important today. Be on time or line up before the shops open and don’t dawdle about. Make your initial purchase in the first hour.

The ascendant is Scorpio and suggests that people may shop till they drop or keep going until the death.


With Mercury prominent those who will do good will have done their research on prices and know exactly what they want. If you drift around the stores you may buy more than you thought as you get caught up in the frenzy.

Paying cash will be quicker as money changes hands.


This Black Friday is not for the faint-hearted as Mars rules and competition for goods is high. Expect some push and shove to snatch the best bargains. You will probably make some impulse buys but that is to be expected.

Scorpio rulers Mars and Pluto are both in the second house of shopping in our chart. It should be a good day for customers who will be happy with what they bought 

Younger men will be a big presence this year.

The Sun is always in Scorpio or Sagittarius on Black Friday and this year it is the Archer. This indicates that you can enjoy the adventurous day in the scramble where your heart rates goes up in anticipation of some great shopping.

Venus – final dispositor

The beautiful planet Venus ends up the charge and in this placement suggests that having a break for tea and cake or a chocolate donut will sustain you for the spree. Be aware of how you look, your clothes and wear comfortable shoes.

What to buy and when to buy

  • 7:45 – Buy things that you want for yourself of a personal nature like clothes. Buy children’s clothes, toys and dress-up outfits. Buy gold now both jewelry and stocks.
  • 7:50 – Buy watches, clocks, diaries, 25 year whisky, calendars, men’s suits, ties, formal wear, winter coats and dress shoes in the first fifteen minutes.
  • 8:15 – Buy books, CD’s, DVD’s, tech items, iPads, phones, TV’s, puzzles and games. Buy services as gift cards like manicures and pedicures. Buy classes as gifts such as cooking classes, horse riding classes, driving lessons, skating classes etc.
  • 9:15 – Buy women’s gifts, cosmetics, perfume, jewelry, handbags, scarves and sweet things like cake, chocolates, plum puddings, sherry, jams and biscuits. Also buy gift cards now.
  • 10:45 The best items will have gone and the hard core shoppers go home.
  • 1:00 – If you still have some energy for the second shift buy liqueurs, art, art supplies, music, sheet music, musical instruments, shoes and boots. Also buy drinking glasses and crystal.
  • 2:15 – If you’re still going this is the time to discover an unexpected gem in amongst what is left on the shelves. I can’t say what it will be but you will know it when you see it.
  • 3:20 – By now customers and staff will be exhausted. But press on. Now buy men’s goods, men’s casual clothes, golf clubs, sports and gym equipment and leather goods like wallets and briefcases.
  • 6:00 – Treat yourself with something for later like a bubble bath sachet, then get your gifts wrapped, buy, gift baskets, gift tags, bows and wrapping paper.

Have a great day shopping. 

Last post for Black Friday

This is my last post about Black Friday as I face a shift towards better money management, living simply, buying less and consuming less. I am looking at the 100 Things Challenge and I plan to live simpler in 2016 and beyond. Astrologically this shift is due to the planet of purging and transformation being stimulated in my chart.




There is much more that astrology can offer you. I hope you find some understanding of the sign combinations from my quick guide.

For a deeper picture of your personal astrology why not get an On-the-Spot mini reading from me or even a full one hour consultation?


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Astrological Talk: “Your Oriental Planet” by Alison Price – 7:30pm, November 13, 2014 in Vancouver

Your Oriental Planet

Astrological insights into perception and vocation

A workshop presented by Alison Price

Hashtag #YOPAPrice14


Expand your astrological interpretation techniques with an in-depth look at Your Oriental Planet. This lesser used chart feature (which is in each and every chart) can show a new way of analyzing how you are announced and offers insights into your vocation.

This original research by Alison Price is presented in an easy to understand way and you will benefit from this lecture with practical tips you can immediately use in your practice.

This workshop is at the intermediate level. Please bring your chart.

Find Out Your Oriental Planet Beforehand

If you would like to discover your oriental planet before the lecture please email [email protected] with your birth time, birth date and birth place and Alison will print your chart including your oriental planet and bring it to the lecture for you.

Workshop outline

How to determine the oriental planet in a chart

Two theories on oriental planetary interpretations

The Sun’s aspects to the Oriental Planet

Each planet when found to be oriental

— Short break —

The Oriental Planet through the houses

Forecasting techniques with the oriental planet

Sample charts

Time: 7:30pm

Date: Thursday, November 13, 2014

Place: Unit 201 – 317 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC, V3L 1A7, Canada

If you have any questions about this workshop please email me at [email protected]

Read testimonials from people like you on my speaking engagements:

IMG_0328It was so nice of you and appreciated more than words can say! On behalf of Astrology Toronto, a warm thank you for being our speaker today and bringing new insights into a popular and complex subject. ~ Sincerely, Anne-Marie MacDonell, Treasurer, Astrology Toronto. March 2014.

“Dear Alison! Your Fantastic Presentation of Relationships Was Outstanding! Thank You very much!” ~ Andrew Mehreider – March 2014.

“Alison is a knowledgeable, professional and exceedingly competent astrologer. As a teacher/presenter she is thorough, clear and easy to follow. Here writings reflect the abilities she demonstrates in on-on-one encounters and when speaking to a large audience. Alison is always a pleasure to work with and in all other interactions.” ~ J. B. March 2013

“Alison is a skilled astrologer and a wonderful lecturer who can capture an audience’s attention. I highly recommend Alison for either a reading or to present a workshop for your organisation.” ~ F. M. 2013

“The class you gave was fabulous – I loved it! I’d love to see a class on the dispositor tree….and now you have it… to go about interpreting it more…” ~ SOTA 2011 H. P.

“Alison gave a terrific talk on the Oriental Planet for Astrology Toronto…” Wendy G.

“I did indeed enjoy your workshop on Saturday particularly your calling-card concept… ‘Tis informative and fun.” ~ Bette

* * *

Find Love With Astrology

UnknownYou have probably heard of being astrologically compatible (or not) with other people.

If you compare your planets with another persons it can show attraction and maybe your chart and their chart have something in common.

Sun Signs

Everyone has a Sun in a sign like Libra or Capricorn and that is what we are looking at here.

If you know her Sun sign and you know his Sun sign you can check for astrological compatibility.

Here are my quick rules you can apply to see if he or she could be the one and you can check out my heart chart as well for a visual.

If both Suns are in the same sign

This is good for easy love and friendship. It can be a competition as both the good and the tough things in each sign can be present. But you do get each other and can spend time together with easy silence and enjoy just being with each other.

If your Suns are one sign apart

This combination can be annoying and irritating. You both want to beat your own drum and although it may be music to your ears it grates on theirs The same goes the other way and what they find fascinating makes you yawn.

Signs that are one signs apart are:

Aries/Taurus, Taurus/Gemini, Gemini/Cancer, Cancer/Leo, Leo/Virgo, Virgo/Libra, Libra/Scorpio, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Sagittarius/Capricorn, Capricorn/Aquarius, Aquarius/Pisces and Pisces/Aries.

If your Suns are two signs apart

This is it is good for love friendship and can offer excellent enduring romantic connections.

Signs that are two signs apart are:

Aries/Gemini, Taurus/Cancer, Gemini/Leo, Cancer/Virgo, Leo/Libra, Virgo/Scorpio, Libra/Sagittarius, Scorpio/Capricorn, Sagittarius/Aquarius, Capricorn/Pisces, Aquarius/Aries and Pisces/Taurus.

If your Suns are three signs apart

With this combination there is competition between each if you. Both want to be in charge. This combination is good for challenging situations and can be excellent for business partnerships.

Signs that are three signs apart are:

Aries/Cancer, Taurus/Leo, Gemini/Virgo, Cancer/Libra, Leo/Scorpio, Virgo/Sagittarius, Libra/Capricorn, Scorpio/Aquarius, Sagittarius/Pisces, Capricorn/Aries, Aquarius/Taurus, and Pisces/Gemini.

If your Suns are four signs apart

This is an excellent combination and good for easy love and friendship. You can forgive each other and can be together easily without tension. You each can be yourself with this combination.

Signs that are four signs apart are:

Aries/Leo, Taurus/Virgo, Gemini/Libra, Cancer/Scorpio, Leo/Sagittarius, Virgo/Capricorn, Libra/Aquarius, Scorpio/Pisces, Sagittarius/Aries, Capricorn/Taurus, Aquarius/Gemini and Pisces/Cancer.

If your Suns are five signs apart

This can be annoying to say the least. One will want to boss the other and you may take turns in this role. You have to constantly making allowances for the other person and this can wear down any love over time. It can become tedious and annoying.

Signs that are five signs apart are:

Aries/Virgo, Taurus/Libra, Gemini/Scorpio, Cancer/Sagittarius, Leo/Capricorn, Virgo/Aquarius, Libra/Pisces, Scorpio/Aries, Sagittarius/Taurus, Capricorn/Gemini, Aquarius/Cancer and Pisces/Leo.

If Your Suns are six signs apart

if can be good for true love, soul mates and friendship. Other people cannot see what you see in each other but it just works. This is truly a good combination as the other will stretch you as a person and make you a better person in the end of your journey.

Signs that are six signs apart are:

Aries/Libra, Taurus/Scorpio, Gemini/Sagittarius, Cancer/Capricorn, Leo/Aquarius and Virgo/Pisces.

Heart monitor-page-001

Girls in pink across the top – boys in blue down the side.


There is much, much more that astrology can offer you. I hope you find some understanding of the sign combinations from my quick guide.

For a deeper picture of your personal astrology why not get an On-the-Spot mini reading from me or even a full one hour consultation?

Email me at [email protected] and we can talk.

by Alison Price

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The Astrology of Autumn

by Alison Price
Image by Michal Kubisek

Image by Michal Kubisek


The Four Seasons

There are four seasons each year; spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The seasons start when the Sun enters one of the four cardinal signs which are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

These seasonal ingresses are the time markers for the year and the basis for calculating the tropical zodiac, which is the one used on my site, and that references time not space.

The Sun spends three months, or one quarter of the year, in each season.

Autumn or Fall

As the Sun leaves Virgo and enters Libra the third season of the year Autumn begins.

During its passage of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius the autumn season develops and the beginning is very different to the end.

Mild temperatures at the start of Libra lead through to cooling and far crisper weather at the end of Sagittarius.

The Harvest

Autumn is the time to gather in the crops and store grains to sustain animals and us over the long winter and into the early spring.

We who live in the developed world and reside in major cities may be slightly out of touch with the sequence of growth and harvest for food.

We just pop into the local deli or bakery and pick up a fresh loaf of bread, baked and sliced that morning.

Rural dweller on farms and small-holdings do notice the changing year more closely.


Venus rules Libra and she also rules sugar and the fructose in all fruits and berries.

During the Libra part of autumn the late fruit is harvested (the early fruit harvest starts at Lammas on August 1st).

Typically at this stage the food plants have their sugars fully developed even in crops like onions and potatoes.

Plants are ripe and juicy.


As the Sun enters Scorpio the leaves fall profusely and annual plants start to decompose to provide nutrients for the next year’s trees and crops.

This is the transformation period of plant’s decay and part of the cycle of nature.

It is reflected in astrology by the Sun being disposed by Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio.

In many plants the seeds for the next year are being created in pods and flower heads and they wait for the Sagittarian breezes to blow them hither and thither.

Seed distribution is a process of autumn and can be spread over the whole three months.


The last sign of autumn is Sagittarius.

By now all the leaves have fallen and bare branches abound and this allows the wind to whisk through the branches.

Jupiter’s influence as the planet of Sagittarius now disposes the Sun and we can see much further through the trees and our horizons are broadened at this time.

The late crops are now in and the animals have grown in their thicker coats ready for the cold ahead.

The final migrations have finished and long journeys by birds and herds have come to an end.

Did you notice? Really?

Did you notice all this going on?


Neither did I.

But I live in Vancouver city where I can see the changing seasons by the trees in the streets being stripped bare and the varying colours throughout the city’s parks.

This year I hope to pay more attention, will you?

by Alison Price

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